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Delve Into Darkness: adidas Launch The “Dark Spark” Boot Pack.

Forget about neon pinks, luminous greens or deepset blues that currently flood pitches in swathes at the UEFA EURO 2024 and Copa America, it’s all about embracing the understated blackout boots from adi that favour a stripped back aesthetic to ignite a spark in the dark.

Introducing the latest adidas F50, Predator 24 and Copa Pure II football boots from the “adidas Dark Spark Pack” that opt for a cleaner, less “out there” aesthetic that hits the mark!

adidas Predator ’24

Adidas certainly has a knack for infusing nostalgia into their Predator lineup, don’t they?

Earlier this year, they captivated us with the reintroduction of the iconic “Fold Over Tongue”, a feature that is steeped in 90s nostalgia.

This design element transports us back to the golden era of football, when legends like Zinedine Zidane and David Beckham were at the peak of their careers, sporting the iconic “Predator Accelerator” boots. These new releases draw their inspiration directly from those legendary boots.

adidas Predator 24 from the "Dark Spark" Boot Pack. Available at Lovell Soccer

The “Spark” in the Predator lineup seems to have been reignited with the introduction of the “Core Black/Carbon/Gold Metallic” colourway. This sleek and stylish iteration could arguably be their most impressive yet.

Close up of adidas Predator 24 heel from the "Dark Spark" Boot Pack. Available at Lovell Soccer

Maintaining the same technology as the previous version, including features like the Hybrid Touch 2.0 Upper, Control Frame 2.0 outsole, 2-piece PRIMEKNIT collar, and strategically positioned Strikeskin rubber fins, it’s clear that Adidas has achieved a level of perfection that seems hard to surpass…

Close up of adidas grip textures from the "Dark Spark" Boot Pack. Available at Lovell Soccer

However, when we delve into the detail, it’s evident that Adidas has pushed the boundaries even further. The golden lettering of “PREDATOR” adorns the tongue-strap and sock-liner, while the inscription “EST. 2024” on the tongue adds a unique touch to the aesthetic.

Close up of adidas Predator strap as part of the "Dark Spark" Boot Pack. Available at Lovell Soccer

The soleplate is not left behind in this design evolution. Adidas has added a golden shine to the overlay structures on the toe and lateral side towards the heel. The word “PREDATOR” is boldly displayed in matte gold, creating a breathtaking visual effect.

Close up of adidas Predator 24 soleplate from the "Dark Spark" Boot Pack. Available at Lovell Soccer

adidas F50

Just a glance at the boot packs that Adidas has rolled out this year, including the “Advancement Pack” and “Messi Trifuno Dorado,” is enough to appreciate the F50’s special place in the three-stripe giant’s lineup.

The F50, first released in 2004 just before the Euros, quickly gained global admiration among players before it was discontinued in 2015 to make way for the adidas X range.

The most notable among them is Argentine Forward Lionel Messi, who became the face of the F50 range, wearing it throughout the majority of his early career.

adidas F50 football boots in black & gold from the adidas Dark Spark pack.

Now, as Adidas turns its focus to 2024, the F50 is being released in the latest “Core Black/Iron Metallic/Gold Metallic” colourway. With its dark silk finish and subtle gold accents, the F50 has never looked more sleek and is one of the most stylish boots on the market.

Adidas has incorporated gold elements into the upper part of the boot, surrounding the “Fibertouch” technology. This technology ensures a super lightweight, supportive form-factor that feels like a second skin, thanks to its Compression Fit Tunnel Tongue. Working in harmony with the Sprintweb 3D texture, it ensures the ball stays glued to your feet.

Continuing from the upper design, Adidas extends its attention to detail to the soleplate, known as the “Sprintframe 360”. Here, Adidas has strategically placed torsion bars through the middle of the plate.

These bars, in striking gold accents, contrast beautifully against the deep navy blue backdrop with hints of “Iron Metallic”.

The result is a look that exudes cleanliness, sophistication, and class, truly embodying the spirit of the F50 range. 

adidas Copa Pure II

Wrapping up the “Dark Spark” boot pack, the adidas Copa Pure II stands out in its lavish splendor. It boasts a sleek profile that radiates elegance, thanks to its “Core Black/Carbon/Gold Metallic” colourway. This could very well be one of the most pristine designs we’ve seen for a control boot this year!

This boot is brimming with innovative technology. From its quilted leather upper to its Fusionskin technology, every detail is diligently crafted.

The Fusionskin technology not only enhances the durability of the upper leather but also improves its water resistance.

adidas Copa Pure II Football Boots from the adidas Dark Spark pack. Available to purchase at Lovell Soccer.

Additionally, the boot features 3D haptic textures for an advanced touch, and a high-spec soleplate.

The adidas Copa Pure II is a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity, offering the best of both worlds. It’s a testament to how far football boot technology has come, while still respecting the classic elements that make the sport unique.

ake note of the golden detailing that outlines the three-stripes on the side of the boot, with the “COPA” and “Fusionskin” tech highlighted in gold. On the soleplate, adidas positions golden accents against a backdrop of dark blue, creating an elegant aesthetic that ignites the “Dark Spark” effortlessly.

Like what you see?

Starting from Monday, 1st June, the latest adidas “Dark Spark” pack will be available at Lovell Soccer. Offering both Takedown and Elite versions, you’ll have the opportunity to bring the “Dark Spark” to life on the pitch, all without stretching your budget.

Don’t miss the chance to step up your game!

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