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adidas Unveil the Limited Edition Lionel Messi F50 Triunfo Dorado

Picture this… You’re stepping into the boots of Messi. But these aren’t just any boots with Messi’s initials tacked on. These are a special breed, tailor-made to the unique specifications that only Leo Messi himself uses.

Meet the F50 Triunfo Dorado – the first football boot in history to feature tech specs that are all Messi, all the time. And the best part? For the first time ever, you -yes, you – can actually own a pair. 

Argentine Forward, Lionel Messi, holding the adidas F50 Triunfo Dorado Football Boots.

“Tailor-Made” – For the Fans

Just when you thought Lionel Messi’s illustrious career, adorned with 44 trophies, had reached its zenith, he surprises us yet again.

His accolades, including the Ballon d’Or, Best FIFA Men’s Player, UEFA Best Player in Europe, World Cup winner and numerous top goal scorer awards, already cement his status as one of the greatest football players of all time.

Messi wearing his Argentina Kit, while sitting next to the adidas F50 Triunfo Dorado Football Boots in Gold.

However, Messi is not one to rest on his laurels. In a delightful twist, the Argenine forward has teamed up with adidas and is now offering his dedicated fans a chance to walk in his shoes, quite literally, with a golden boot that radiates glory.

This gesture allows fans to experience a taste of his football journey, making his legacy even more tangible and inspiring.

The question is, are you ready to step into his shoes and be the best at your game?

An ode to F50 Excellence

Following the return of the F50 franchise that looks to cast a shadow on the highly-successfuly adidas X range, the three-stripe giant is back to shake things up with their exclusive Triunfo Dorado boots, that draws inspiration from one of the franchise’s most iconic boots – the F50 Prime.

Originally released during the 2014/15 football season, the F50 Prime belonged to an era when Messi won the League, Cup and UEFA Champions League Treble, all while breaking the record for securing the most goals scored in the Spanish top division, marking a whopping 43 goals in 38 apperances, with 21 sensational assists.

adidas F50 Triunfo Dorado, available at Lovell Soccer.

Now looking to pay homage to his earth-shattering achievements on the International stage with Argentina, the F50 Triunfo Dorado is resplendent in its all golden glory to honour his status as the current champion of both the World and the Americas.

With all eyes on fixed on the Argentine forward, Messi will undoubtedly look to build on those accolades with his nation once again this Summer, where he is set to break the record for the most appearances at a tournament.

For The Elite Players You

For the first time ever, the F50 Triunfo Dorado Pack incorporates some of the exact, unique design specifications that Leo chooses for his own on-pitch footwear.

This allows you, the fans, to get closer than ever to the feeling of emulating the GOAT on the pitch, presenting a unique opportunity for you to experience the game just like your idol.

Close up of the adidas F50 Triunfo Dorado Football Boots in Gold & Black.
Available to purchase at

‘Burrito’ Style Tongue

Making a return to the F50 series after the launch of the highly-coveted ‘Advancement Pack‘, the ‘burrito’ style tongue makes a return, this time it has been adapted to Leo’s preferred fit, and engineered with a premium knit material for a comfortable fit that is truly in a league of its own. (This is Messi we’re talking about!)

Burrito Style Tongue of the Messi Triunfo Dorado Football Boots.

‘Hybrid Touch’ Upper

Whoever said you can’t improve upon perfection might want to take a leaf out of Messi’s book, after all, there’s a reason he’s considered the one of the greatest football players to have ever lived

Introducing an exclusive upgrade to the recent inline F50 with a synthetic suede and foil material that with soft haptic ridges for heightened stability and comfort when touching the ball at high speed.

Hybrid Touch Upper of the Messi Triunfo Dorado Football Boots.

‘Sprintframe 360’ Soleplate

When it comes to the soleplate, adidas sticks to what they know with their F50 line. The boot’s upper is perched on a Sprintframe 360 soleplate that’s all about giving you top-notch stability and traction when you really need it.

How does it pull this off?

Sprintframe360 Outsole.

The heel counter on the soleplate teams up with a mix of rounded and bladed studs. This combo gives you rock-solid stability when you’re pushing off from Firm Ground surfaces. Every part of the boot works together to help you reach impressive multidirectional speed and acceleration

Cool, right?

Looking to Purchase the adidas F50 Triunfo Dorado?

Look no further than Lovell Soccer!

For a limited time only, the Lionel Messi F50 Triunfo Dorado Elite FG Football Boots will be available to purchase from the 20th June for £260.

Messi's number 10 shirt illuminated with bright light next to the F50 Triunfo Dorado Boots sitting underneath.

What are you waiting for? The pitch is calling…

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