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Eclipse the Pitch with the Puma ‘Eclipse’ Pack for 2024

Following in the footsteps of adidas and their newly released “Dark Spark” pack, it seems that blackout boots are set to be the trend for the coming weeks as players step away from the sunset orange of the “Forever.Faster” pack, for a stripped back design that is set to eclipse the pitch.

With the Puma Eclipse Pack for 2024 set to showcase the latest Puma Future, Ultra and King, we can’t wait to see how these bad boys perform under the spotlight of the Euros and Copa Americas.

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#1. Puma Future

#2. Puma Ultra

Step into the Puma Future 7!

As the Euro group stages recede into the past and anticipation mounts for the Round of 16 qualifiers, Puma’s timing couldn’t be more perfect. They’ve eclipsed their previous release, the Sunset Glow Future, with a colourway that embodies sophistication and elegance.

The latest release retains the same features as its predecessor, the Puma Future 7 Ultimate. It incorporates a dual PWRTAPE application on the upper for superior lockdown, coupled with a FUZIONFIT360 upper for a flexible fit. This combination ensures an unprecedented level of 360-degree freedom of movement.

Moreover, it showcases a dynamic motion outsole with a sophisticated stud configuration for explosive agility and superior traction. It’s evident that when it comes to perfection, there’s no room for improvement!

Puma Future 7 Football Boots from the Puma Eclipse Pack. Available to purchase at Lovell Soccer.

Already boasting all the characteristics of a robust silo, the colourway is truly captivating. The signature “FTR” (Future) branding is accentuated amidst a sea of silver that flows and fluctuates into the PWRPRINT grip textures. It also adorns the Puma logo at the toe box and heel, resulting in a finish that is both clean and striking.

Perhaps the most notable feature is the iridescent effect, whose gradient changes depending on how the light strikes the boot.

This is a breathtaking interpretation of the Eclipse series, and we eagerly await its debut on the pitches in the coming weeks!

The New Puma Ultra 5 Ultimate!

Revving up from the engineering prowess of Puma Motorsport, the Puma Ultra 5 Ultimate is set to hit the ground running. This finely-tuned marvel, akin to having a high-performance machine at your feet, is ready to set the pitch ablaze.

The boot is equipped with a revolutionary SPEEDSYSTEM outsole and a trailblazing FastTrax stud design. These features are precision-engineered to catapult you from the starting whistle to the euphoria of a goal, faster than the blink of an eye.

In this relentless pursuit of stability, Puma introduces “PWRTAPE SQD”. This innovation incorporates a support frame towards the heel, ensuring that agility and freedom of movement are in no way compromised. It’s like having the best of both worlds – stability and speed.

Puma Ultra 5 Football Boots from the Puma Eclipse Pack. Available to purchase at Lovell Soccer.

Now, imagine a springy carbon fiber plate under your feet. That’s what the SPEEDSYSTEM outsole offers. It provides a bounce that is a whopping 32% springier than the previous generation Ultra, coupled with an innovative stud setup for rapid acceleration.

And then there are the FastTrax studs. A first in the industry, they redefine the concept of multi-directional movement and traction. They leave their predecessor far behind, ensuring there’s no room for slip-ups on the pitch!

This brand new iteration of the Puma Ultra 5 Ultimate is more than just a boot; it’s a game-changer. It’s set to create ripples in the world of football, and we can’t wait to see it in action! Get ready to witness a revolution in football boot technology. 

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