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Laced vs. Laceless Football Boots: Which Should You Choose?

Navigating the boot market is not always easy, especially when it comes to deciding which type of football boots are best suited for your game.

Luckily, at On The Line, we’re here to help make it easier! So, whether you’re looking to lace-up or go laceless, we break down the differences between laced & laceless football boots to help you find the right boot for you.

Let’s get to it!

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#1. What is a “Laceless” Football Boot?

#2. When were Laceless Football Boots Invented?

#3. How do Laceless Football Boots work?

#4. Do Pro Players wear Laceless Football Boots?

#5. Laced vs Laceless – The Pros (+) and Cons (-)

#6. The Verdict

#7. The Top 3 Laceless Football Boots of 2024

#1. What is a “Laceless” football boot?

Okay, you’re probably wondering why we even bothered addressing the question, but sometimes navigating the complex world of football boots and the nifty neologisms assigned to the “innovative” boot tech of some of the world’s biggest sporting brands can leave us all a bit blue in the face.

adidas Preadator 24 Elite Laceless in White, Blue & Red from the adidas Advancement Pack

But for once, what you see is what you get. A Laceless Football boot is, well, it’s just that! A Football Boots with no laces…

Take the latest Laceless Pred from the adidas Advancement Pack as an example. The streamlined profile and uninterrupted upper is a sight to behold and really enhances the “pop” of the boot’s colours.

#2. When were Laceless Football Boots invented?

In 2006, the Italian boot maker, Lotto, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the boot industry.

Their goal was not just to enhance ball control and improve fit, but also to create a more streamlined finish, and it all started with their “Zhero Gravity” range in 2006.

The first ever laceless football boots distrubuted to the global market - the Lotto Zhero Gravity Football Boots in White & Gold.

This pursuit of limitless possibilities and a drive towards the unconventional sparked an exciting wave of innovation in the world of football boots.

The prospect of redefining the game was truly exhilarating and the Italian brand kickstarted the revolution!

#3. How do laceless football boots actually work?

You might be scratching your head, thinking, “No laces? How on earth do laceless football boots stay put?”

Well, it’s all in the design. Laceless football boots are ingeniously engineered to envelop your foot in a snug, sock-like fit. The secret lies in the upper part of the boots, which is typically made of a flexible and elastic material that adapts to the contours of your foot, creating a glove-like sensation.

adidas Predator Laceless in Blue, White & Red from the adidas Advancement Pack

The magic doesn’t stop there. The compression fit upper not only offers a customised fit but also minimises the risk of slippage, empowering players to make bold and aggressive moves on the field with confidence.

And the cherry on top? The absence of laces (of course!). This gives the boots a sleek, streamlined look and feel, making ball control and striking as clean and effortless as a breeze.

Now, isn’t that exciting? Lace up… or rather, laceless up!

#4. Do pros wear laceless football boots?

Absolutely, they do!

The transition to laceless boots has been wholeheartedly adopted by numerous professional players. The unparalleled comfort and effortless wearability these boots offer have been a game-changer, providing players with a sensation akin to playing barefoot, a feeling that traditional laced boots simply can’t match!

Lamine Yamal sporting the latest Laceless adidas F50 Boots from the adidas Advancement Pack

Over time, we’ve seen a host of respected players donning laceless boots.

From Andrei Shevchenko and Luca Toni, who were pioneers in wearing the first-ever laceless Lotto Zhero Gravity boots, to modern-day maestros like Pedri, Paulo Dybala and Lamine Yamal, who sport the latest laceless Predators & F50s with pride and panache.

The laceless revolution is here, and it’s transforming the game!

#5. Are Laceless Football Boots better than Laced?

This is where the lines get a little blurred, with both Laced and Laceless football boots having their advantages and disadvantages, but to make it easy for you, we’ve listed our personal Pros & Cons of Laced & Laceless Football Boots.

Laceless Football Boots

adidas F50 Elite Laceless Football Boot from the adidas Advancement Pack

The Pros (+)

+ Smooth, refined and unintterupted, laceless football boots are without a doubt one of the cleanest looking boot profiles out.

+ Thanks to the sock-like fit, players wearing laceless boots are given a better “barefoot sensation”, that comes into its own when dribbling, striking of passing the ball.

+ Slip on & Slip Off is seamless, and saves time faffing with laces. (What’s not to love?).

The Cons (-)

– “One Size Fits All” approach doesn’t always guarantee a seamless fit, and so may not be ideal for those with especially wide or flatter feet.

– Over time, laceless boots can lose their elasticity and that “snug” fit may not fit so snugly anymore…

– Tend to be more expensive than laced versions (not always), but is especially true at the takedown level.

Laced Football Boots

adidas F50 Elite Laced Football Boot from the adidas Advancement Pack

The Pros (+)

+ Laced Football Boots allow for greater flexibility, enabling players to tweak the exact fit & feel of their boots and the preferred level of lockdown preferred.

+ Straight out of the box, you can feel rest-assured that your boots will fit (unless you’ve got the wrong size of course!), thanks to the tightening laces provide.

The Cons(-)

– Due to an interrupted strike zone as a result of laces, laced football boots are not as effective in ensuring optimal power transfer when striking the boot.

– Laces can, at times, be uncomfortable and annoy players when pressing down too tightly, but hey, they’ve been around for decades now and still going strong!

-We’re being really lazy here, but you have to tie them up! And in ideal world if this was just once per game that would be fine, but sometimes it takes a few gos to get the right fit.

#6. The Verdict?

When it comes to choosing between laced and laceless football boots, it’s a personal decision that hinges on your unique foot shape and playing style.

Laced boots might be the right choice if you have wide or flat feet, as laces can provide a better fit for these foot types.

They are also a good option if you prefer a traditional style, as laced boots have been a staple in the game for many years. Additionally, if you’re looking for a secure fit, laces offer an ultra-secure lockdown feel, ensuring your boots stay firmly in place during the game.

Mizuno Football boots from the Mizuno Mungen Pack.

On the other hand, laceless boots could be more to your liking if you appreciate sleek, clean lines, as they offer a smooth, uninterrupted design.

If you enjoy a sock-like feel when you’re on the ball, laceless boots can provide a closer touch and a more direct feel on the ball.

Furthermore, if you’re after a unique style, the modern and distinctive look of laceless boots will certainly make you stand out on the pitch.

Ultimately, the best way to determine which type is right for you is to try them on. Consider factors such as comfort, performance, and personal style when making your decision.

Now, let’s explore some options that might appeal to you…

Our Top 3 Laceless Football Boots of 2024

adidas F50 Elite Laceless Football Boot from the adidas Advancement Pack

Quite possibly one of the hottest football boots going at the moment (aside from the laced fold-over tongue model of course), the adidas Predator Elite laceless is dressed to impress.

adidas Predator Elite Laceless Football Boot from the adidas Advancement Pack

Packed with innovative tech from a HybridTouch 2.0 laceless upper that ensures a seamless fit to a ControlFrame 2.0 outsole with external heel counter for dynamic traction and stability that keeps you in control of the game, this boot has it all.

Let’s also not forget the strategically placed Strikeskin rubber fins that add a depth of curvature to the ball that continues to build upon the legacy of the Predator Accelerator of 1998.

Find out more below now!

adidas F50 Laceless

Adidas is absolutely nailing it in 2024. The comeback of the F50 has been so impressive that it’s overshadowed its predecessor, the highly acclaimed adidas X Crazyfast.

adidas F50 Laceless in all-black, with golden accents. Part of the latest adidas Dark Spark Football Boot Pack

The F50 laceless is now making a splash as part of the latest adidas Dark Spark pack. It’s fully loaded with tech that’s already being sported by pros from Messi to Ivan Toney, Luis Diaz, and Darwin Núñez.

Featuring a lightweight Fibertouch Upper, Sprintweb 3D textures, and a PRIMEKNIT collar, along with a carbon propulsion system for explosive speed, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Brace yourselves, this boot is ready to take your game to the next level.

New Balance Tekela V4+

The New Balance Tekela V4+ Laceless football boots are more than just a pretty face on the pitch.

These boots are a testament to the latest advancements in boot technology. They feature a Hypoknit upper that not only stretches but also provides support, making them a favourite among players with wide feet.

New Balance Tekela V4+ Football Boots, Laceless, in White & Black.

The raised 3D detailing on the mid-foot enhances the strike zone, while the 3D Molded FuelCell insole works in harmony with the nylon outsole to provide an unparalleled fit.

When it comes to superior grip, stability, and agility on the field, the Tekela V4+ Laceless boots stand unrivalled. Experience the power and precision of these boots for yourself today.

Like what you see?

There’s plenty more where that came from!

Check out Lovell Soccer’s boot room for one of the largest Laceless Football Boot collections in the UK.

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