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What Boots are Players Wearing at The UEFA Euro 2024?

As the anticipation for the UEFA Euro 2024 builds, the question on everyone’s lips is – who will rise to the occasion, dominate the tournament, and claim the prestigious Henri Delaunay Cup along with the prize money?

While the spotlight often shines on the players and their performance, it’s crucial to remember that these esteemed athletes wouldn’t be where they are without their trusty boots. These boots, often overlooked, play a pivotal role in the game.

That’s why we welcome you to ‘On The Line’, your definitive source for the latest updates on the football boots that are set to make waves at UEFA Euro 2024.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the detail!

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#1. Nike

#2. adidas

#3. Puma

#4. New Balance


Kickstarting our list is the infamous Swoosh brand – Nike.

Making waves for 2024, and set to dominate the pitch in floods of pink at the upcoming Euros, the latest “Mad Brilliance Pack” is dressed to impress, with a refreshing blend of contrasting pinks and diamond detailing for a look that dares to be bold.

Featuring the iconic Mercurial, Phantom GX & Nike Tiempo, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Nike Phantom GX II

Leading the lineup is the Nike Phantom GX II, a football boot brimming with cutting-edge technology. It’s designed to echo the legendary Mercurial range, creating a fusion of elegance and engineering prowess.

The GX II is the result of a visionary decision to merge the robust features of the previous year’s Phantom GX and Phantom Luna. This blend aims to offer the best of both models, packing a punch with state-of-the-art technology to augment control and precision in striking like never before.

Key features include an upgraded Nike GripKnit texture for superior grip in all weather conditions and Nike’s groundbreaking Cyclone360 Soleplate for rapid acceleration and fluid turns.

Given these enhancements, it’s no surprise that they’re the chosen footwear of some of the world’s most respected footballers, including Kevin De Bruyne, Phil Foden, Gavi, and Haaland.

Nike Mercurial

Stepping into the spotlight next is a boot that needs no preamble – The iconic Nike Mercurial.

Renowned for its illustrious lineage, the Mercurial has been sported by football legends such as Ronaldo (CR7), Mbappe, Hazard, Ibrahimović, Thierry Henry, and Drogba. It’s undeniable that the Mercurial has been a constant companion to some of the most celebrated players in football history.

As we gear up for the 2024 Euros, the Mercurial is making a comeback in its signature style. Nike has left no stone unturned to ensure their creation takes center stage, adorned in a captivating two-tone pink gradient, offset by contrasting blacks and the distinctive “AIR” branding that is quintessentially Mercurial.

Beneath the surface, Nike’s latest iteration, the Mad Brilliance Mercurial, is brimming with cutting-edge technology. It features a Vaporposite + Upper for superior ball control and shape retention, and their hallmark AIR Zoom x Tri Stud soleplate that imbues your strides with a natural bounce, mirroring the dynamic motion of the ball.

As these striking boots make their way onto the pitch, we anticipate Ronaldo (naturally) making his record-breaking sixth appearance at the EUROs. Alongside him, we can expect to see Mbappe, Fernandes, Sané, and Lewandowski sporting these sunset pink Mercurials in the imminent matches.

Nike Tiempo

Wrapping up the “Mad Brilliance” collection, here comes the show-stopping Tiempo – hands down, one of the most flexible football boots ever since it first hit the football scene at the World Cup in 1994. It’s a real all-rounder on the pitch, thanks to its mix of old-school design and cutting-edge innovation.

Football greats from Ronaldinho to Puyol, Fabregas, and Aguero have all had a soft spot for the Tiempo. Its influence on the game? Huge! And guess what? It’s making a comeback at the upcoming Euros, ready to shake things up with its bold pink look and unique vibe.

The latest Tiempo 10 isn’t one to hide in the shadows. It’s packed with features like a FlyTouch Plus Upper that feels just like real leather, micro dots for that perfect barefoot feel, and an Anti-Clog Traction soleplate that keeps you light on your feet as you make a beeline for the goal.

With big names like Musiala, Alisson, Courtois, and van Dijk set to rock a pair of Tiempos at the Euros, you can bet the Tiempo is ready to turn heads!


Let’s turn our attention to the iconic brand, distinguished by its three stripes, which has been making remarkable progress in the football boot industry throughout 2024.

Their most recent release, the “Advancement Pack”, has been causing quite a stir, signifying the triumphant comeback of the legendary F50, a boot that dominated football pitches globally from 2004 to 2015.

The pack doesn’t stop at the F50. It also features the highly praised Predator 24, recognized for its unique fold-over tongue. Completing the collection is the stylish and exceptionally comfortable adidas Copa Pure II. 

adidas Predator ’24

The adidas Predator 24 is, without a doubt, one of the most in-demand football boots of the past decade. It’s where adidas cleverly spins a modern twist on their classic designs, harking back to the golden age of 90s Preds, especially the Predator Accelerator of ’98 with its standout wraparound striping and fold-over tongue.

Not just a pretty face, but also a technical powerhouse, the Predator 24 is all set to turn heads at this year’s EUROs.

Watch out for the likes of Bellingham, Alexander Arnold, Pedri, and Ramsdale as they strut their stuff in these sleek boots, showing off what they can do on the pitch in the weeks to come.

The Predator 24 comes with a Fold Over Tongue for that extra oomph in your strike and a touch of personal flair. Plus, it’s got a fresh Hybrid Touch 2.0 upper that promises a softer, thinner, and less bulky feel inside the boot, giving players an unbeatable touch on the ball.

Moving to the soleplate, adidas ditches their split-soleplate design that’s been a staple in several Predator versions over the years, making room for a new plate, the “Control Frame 2.0”.

But it’s not just about feeling in “Control” of your game, as the marketing spiel might have you believe. The soleplate, along with an external heel counter, offers top-notch lockdown, while also helping to shave off weight, making it the lightest Predator to date.

adidas F50

The F50 holds a special place in the hearts of both fans and players. Many will recall the adi marketing campaigns that garnered support from football stars such as Ashley Cole and Djibril Cisse. However, the boot’s most significant association is with the legendary Argentine forward, Lionel Messi.

The F50, resplendent in its “White/Solar Red/Lucid Blue” colourway, doesn’t merely represent the concept of speed in its design. It serves as a tribute to the F50 legacy, reminding players and fans alike that the F50 has always been, and will continue to be, a boot engineered for speed.

From its super-light Fibertouch upper that offers a moulded fit to provide support at high speeds, to its Sprintweb 3D Texture that keeps the ball glued to your feet during quick sprints, the F50 strikes the perfect balance between control, speed, and comfort where it’s needed most.

Most notably, it’s the Sprintframe 360 Outsole that steals the show, with torsion bars strategically placed throughout the middle of the plate to provide stability and flexibility at key contact points. This results in a finely-tuned feel and suspension that is agile and highly responsive. This is the F50 – a tribute to speed, control, and legacy.

Making its way onto the feet of several players at this year’s Euros, you can be sure to see the likes of Messi, Jota, Leão, Diaz and many others sporting the F50 within over the next few weeks.

adidas Copa Pure II

The adidas Copa Pure II, a beacon of comfort on the football field, is a modern-day tribute to timeless design, seamlessly blending the old with the new. Poised to be the boot of choice for top adidas players, this shoe encapsulates both heritage and innovation.

The boot features a one-piece upper adorned with dark blue stripes and subtle red accents. This upper is crafted from “Fusionskin” leather, providing an unrivaled boot-to-ball feel by striking the perfect balance between firmness and cushioning at key contact points.

Despite its contemporary features, the Copa Pure II retains a traditional silhouette, nodding to the design genius of the ’90s. The Torsion Frame outsole, attached to the soleplate, is both lightweight and rigid, armed with sharp semi-circular studs that provide exceptional traction on firm-ground pitches, enabling effortless locking and detaching in response to fast-paced movement.

A Primeknit collar, a lightweight and flexible addition, fits like a sock, seamlessly wrapping around the ankle for an unparalleled locked-in feel.

In the coming weeks, keep an eye out for players like Declan Rice, Bernardo Silva, and Mac Allister as they grace the field in the Copa Pure II. This boot is set to make waves, standing as a modern interpretation of classic design with comfort at its cornerstone


As the UEFA Euro 2024 approaches, Puma sets the pitch aflame with the radiant glow of sunset, marking significant progress with their star-studded array of top-tier football boots. This not only signifies the sunset of one season but also heralds the dawn of the next, seamlessly transitioning between the two.

With the Puma Future, Ultra & King leading the charge as part of the latest Puma “Forever.Faster” boot pack, the sports giant is set to impress as their flagship silos are put to the test in the upcoming group stages.

PUMA Future 7

Since Puma kicked off the Future series with the Future Z 1.1 back in January 2021, they’ve been making some serious waves in fine-tuning their Future range. Fast forward to today, and what you’ve got is a boot that’s not just a snug fit, but one of the comfiest rides in the game.

Packed with top-tier tech, from a FUZIONFIT360 Upper that’s all about using a dual mesh and stretchy knit material for a fit that adapts and supports, to PWRTAPE tech that locks it down where other boots let it slip, it’s safe to say the Puma Future is in a league of its own…

Straight out of the box, these boots are all about comfort. Add in some 3D Grip textures on the sides and toe-box, and every touch, whether you’re dribbling, striking or passing, adds grip to your game.

Laces or no laces, the Future series is a standout in a world where versatile boots are becoming a rarity. So, it’s no surprise they’re up there with the best of the best (just ask Neymar Jr).

When it’s time to hit the international stage, keep an eye out for the likes of Grealish, Neymar, Maddison, Havertz and Aleixandri, all rocking the iconic Future 7.

PUMA Ultra

The Puma Ultra is a dream come true for speed enthusiasts!

Positioned as Puma’s premier speed boot, it draws from the brand’s track and field legacy to create a boot that can rival the likes of Nike’s Superfly and adidas’ F50 (pun intended!).

Puma has introduced their cutting-edge ULTRAWEAVE Technology, pushing the boundaries to offer what is considered one of the lightest and most durable materials in a speed boot. It features an ultra-lightweight woven upper, fortified with PWRPRINT technology.

This technology embeds micro-dots within the boot’s liner, ensuring optimal lockdown and support for unmatched stability.

This is complemented by the innovative SPEEDPLATE outsole, paving the way for superior traction. The result is a more explosive plate and a more responsive toe box, delivering coveted propulsion and energy retention.

In the coming weeks, anticipate seeing football stars like Antoine Griezmann sporting these sleek boots, with more endorsements yet to be announced.


Long may the King reign!

For countless seasons, the world’s most illustrious players have graced the field in a pair of Puma Kings. Icons like Pele, Maradona, Gascoigne, and Thierry Henry (just to name a few) have all sported these legendary boots.

Fast forward to 2024, and with the Euro tournament on the horizon, the Puma King is making a triumphant comeback. Eschewing the traditional black leather for a vibrant sunset hue, it heralds a new epoch of excellence, paving the way for the next King of the pitch.

Featuring a K-Better upper that boasts “0% Leather. 110% King”, Puma ingeniously engineers a synthetic leather that replicates the properties of genuine leather. This innovative approach aims to lessen environmental impact without sacrificing quality.

The boot’s forefront is designed for flexibility, offering a lightweight sensation. The integrated stability spine and external heel counter work in unison to provide superior support, ensuring players remain secure during high-intensity gameplay. Meanwhile, the moulded conical studs guarantee optimal traction on firm ground surfaces.

Whether you’re weaving past defenders or aiming to score the decisive goal, you can rely on the King to elevate your game.

Stay tuned, as Xavi Simons is slated to sport the King at the Euros!

New Balance

Since 1984, when Bryan Robson of Manchester United was chosen as the face of New Balance, the brand has made significant strides in the football boot market. Their exclusive range has been competing head-to-head with industry heavyweights such as Nike, Adidas, and Puma.

New Balance boots have been worn by many iconic players over the years, including Sadio Mane, Raheem Sterling, Bukayo Saka, and Aaron Ramsey. This has helped the brand gain considerable recognition in the sport.

With the release of their latest Tekela V4+ and Furon V7+ boots, New Balance is ready to make an impact on the pitch, just in time for the Euros. The excitement is building as we look forward to seeing these boots in action.

New Balance Furon V7+

Say hello to the boots Saka swears by – the New Balance Furon V7+ Pro.

Engineered for rapid acceleration and lightning-fast movements on the pitch, every step ignites explosive power and agility thanks to its specialised form-fitting tech-fit collar and accentauated lace closure system for quick and secure adjustments that keeps you focused on what matters – the game.

Complete with 3D tognue for an enhanced strike zone and added grip, you really can’t go wrong with having a pair of these beauties in your kitbag!

Keep your eyes peeled as we expect Saka and many others to don the Furon V7+ at this year’s Euros.

Let’s be honest, they’ll be hard to miss in this neon green colourway!

New Balance Tekela V4+

Introducing the New Balance Tekela V4+ in its newest Green/Black variant, mirroring the lethal prowess of the players who wear them.

Beyond their good looks, the Tekela V4+ is a powerhouse on the pitch, crafted with an innovative Hypoknit upper that stretches and supports seamlessly for an accomdating fit that is a favourite amongst the wide-footed.

Through utilising a lightweight upper casing, every touch of the ball is responsive, and is complemented by the raised 3D detailing situated within the midfoot.

New Balance has truly outdone themselves with the soleplate design, featuring a unique 3D Molded FuelCell insole that works seamlessly with the nylon outsole.

This combination provides a dynamic, propulsive feel with every step, enhanced by conical and angled rim studs for superior grip, stability, and agility on the field.

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After all, performance need not always come at a cost!

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