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adidas Launch the X Crazyfast Messi “Spark Gen10s” Football Boots

Introducing the Messi ‘Spark Gen 10’s, the latest iteration of the iconic adidas X Crazyfast, inspired by Leo’s love of his national team and the history that runs through the Albiceleste.

adidas Spark Gen10s Football Boots. Available to purchase at

Messi: A Journey from Prodigy to Legend

Imagine a young football prodigy, barely 18, named Leo Messi stepping onto the global stage, his heart pulsating with the promise of greatness.

With the world at his feet, he skillfully guides Argentina to victory in the U-20 World Cup, etching an unforgettable chapter into the annals of football.

Fast forward to August 2005, Messi’s international debut against Hungary sends shockwaves across the footballing world. His impact is immediate and profound. He swiftly ascends to become the linchpin of the Argentine national team, his name synonymous with their footballing prowess.

As time progresses, Messi’s journey transforms into a glittering array of victories. He clinches Olympic gold with Argentina on the hallowed grounds of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, hoists the Copa America trophy in 2021, and crowns his illustrious career with the ultimate honor: winning the prestigious Fifa World Cup of 2022.

LUSAIL CITY, QATAR - DECEMBER 18: Lionel Messi of Argentina lifts trophy wearing a Bisht - traditional Arab robed as he lifts the world cup trophy surrounded by team mates uring the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Final match between Argentina and France at Lusail Stadium on December 18, 2022 in Lusail City, Qatar. (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images)

From a promising youngster to a footballing legend, Messi’s journey has inspired millions worldwide. The ‘Messi X Spark Gen10s’ boot pack now stands as a tribute to his extraordinary career.

A Splash of colour, a ‘Spark’ of History

Presented in a deep, lucid blue, contrasted against a brilliant white upper that rises from the Aeroplate soleplate, these boots are a tribute to the victories of the Argentine forward and the Argentina national team.

The gold detailing that runs through the trim on both the lateral and medial sides of the boot is a testament to adidas’ unmatched attention to detail, all while paying homage to Argentina’s greatest achievements. Indeed, no stud has been overlooked in their efforts to commemorate these victories.

adidas Messi Gen10s X Crazyfast Close up of heel.

Then there are the subtle touches, the kind that only true aficionados notice.

Three simple “III” marks, quietly etched onto the toe box and nestled within the insole, pay homage to Argentina’s three crowning moments on the world stage: 1978, 1986, and the unforgettable 2022 triumph.

Sole of adidas Gen10s X Crazyfast, featuring 3 markings shaped into an 'M' to commemorate Messi.

But perhaps the most captivating detail of all is the intricate graphic detailing forming the letter ‘M’, a subtle nod to Messi’s irreplaceable influence. Without his brilliance, Argentina’s third World Cup victory might have remained a dream.

Close up of Messi Gen10s Football Boot toe box.

Good work adidas!

Looks to Lead the Latest Kit!

The newly unveiled adidas X Crazyfast 2024 Messi ‘Spark Gen10s’ boots are a sight to behold. They mirror the hues of the adidas Argentina 2024 away kit, creating a seamless blend of style and patriotism. But there’s more to these boots than meets the eye.

They also stir up nostalgia, harking back to the limited edition X Crazyfast ‘Las Estrellas’ boot that was released in September 2023. This special edition was a tribute to Messi’s triumphant 2022 World Cup journey with Argentina. 

Soleplate of Messi Gen10s Football Boot toe box.

Continuing in the same spirit, adidas has a history of infusing Messi’s signature style into their designs. This was evident in the Argentina 2022 home kit, which was inspired by Messi’s signature boots, and it seems they are set to repeat this trend in 2024.

A distinctive feature of these boots is the Messi text logo, strategically placed on the heel. This unique sign-off is a design element that adidas has previously incorporated in the X Crazyfast ‘Messi Infinito’ Pack, adding a personal touch to each pair.

Close up of Messi Gen10s Football Boot Heel.

These boots are not just a piece of sports equipment, but a symbol of Messi’s enduring impact on the game. They serve as a testament to his genius, sparking inspiration in every stride.

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