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Kylian Mbappe’s Signature Nike Mercurial Timeline

From the electrifying ‘Bondy Dreams’ to the manga-inspired ‘Baltic’ bootdrop, explore how Mbappe’s signature boots redefine style and performance on the pitch!

#1. Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 ‘Bondy Dreams’ (December, 2019)

Alright, let’s jump back to 2019 when Nike dropped something seriously special – the Mbappe x Mercurial campaign with those jaw-dropping ‘Bondy Dreams’ boots.

Imagine a crazy mix of dark and light greens, subtle greys, and pops of vibrant lime green, all crafted with love to celebrate the rise of a young superstar, that was the promise of the ‘Bondy Dreams’ boot pack.

Nike didn’t just slap some colours together. Oh no, they carefully stitched style, innovation, and Kylian Mbappe’s footballing history into every inch.

At just 20 years old, Mbappe made history as the youngest player ever to get his own Nike collab. And guess what? He proudly rocked the very first pair like no other French player before him (quite literally).

But these boots were more than leather and rubber; they were a shout-out to Mbappe’s roots in Bondy, a chill suburb of Paris. The ‘Cold Greys’ screamed city life, while the lime greens whispered tales of the countryside.

Not your usual boot story, right?

Every little detail was thought through – the colours weren’t random. They were a nod to Mbappe’s hometown, a personal touch that made these boots more than just another boot model to be placed on the shelf. They were a statement, not just about his game but about where he came from. It was like mixing style, history, and the essence of football in one perfect blend.

And oh, let’s not forget the attention to detail!

The Nike swoosh had this classy ‘NIKE X MBAPPE X BONDY’ etched in gold, a nod to the collab. Plus, there were French flags inside and the number ’93’ stamped on the toe – a shout-out to Bondy’s zip code.

But wait, there’s more! The heel rocked the classic Mercurial logo, tweaked to spell out ‘Mbappe’ in that cool Mercurial font.

Neat work from Nike!

#2. Mbappe Superly Rosa Pink Panther (August, 2020)

Now, here’s a boot that screams passion, dedication, and the unwavering spirit of a true football enthusiast.

In the grand tradition of Nike’s signature boots, each pair comes with a story, and the tale of the “Superfly Rosa Pink Panther” is nothing short of a dream realised.

Picture this: a young Mbappe, eyes wide with admiration, pleading with his parents for the same pink boots his idol, Franck Ribery, once wore – the iconic 2008 Nike Mercurial Vapor Rosa.

But like anything in life, Mbappe was made to work for his pair, and set up an agreement with his parents that if he continued to work hard at school then they would reward him with the boots of his dreams. And sure enough, the stalwart player came to realise his desires, and has since become a boot he holds dear to his heart.

Unsurprisingly then, the release of the Mbappe edition 12 years later took direct inspiration from the original Vapor Rosa of 2008, and served to remind Mbappe of the life he led before his rise to stardom.

Sporting a vibrant and audacious colour palette, the redesigned Rosa model drew inspiration from Mbappe’s remarkable speed on the field, boasting a contemporary design as electrifying as his gameplay.

Featuring a sleek chrome soleplate, understated accents on the upper, and personalised touches like the initials KM and the iconic Mercurial logo, one can easily imagine Mbappe’s sheer delight upon slipping his feet into these boots for the very first time.

#3. Mbappe X Lebron Mecurial Superfly ‘Chosen 2’ (January, 2021)

There’s much to admire in a player who can partner with the sports giant Nike, but teaming up with the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, LeBron James, takes it to a whole new level.

Dubbed the ‘Chosen 2’, this exceptional collaboration brought together the worlds of basketball and football, resulting in the launch of a special edition Mercurial Superfly and LeBron James 18 shoes.

First debuted to the world on the feet of Mbappe in Mauricio Pochettino’s first game in charge, these boots played a pivotal role in the PSG’s goal equaliser, as if they were destined for greatness from the start.

Every stitch carefully placed, no detail spared – the ‘Chosen 2’ Mercurial proudly showcased a distinctive KM x LBJ pattern adorning its two-toned upper. A subtle silvery sheen emerged through the grooves, creating a sleek iridescent finish that gleamed under the bright floodlights of the pitch.

Complete with the ‘Chosen One’ logo found on the toebox, alongside the 3D KM and LBJ logos on the heel, Nike signs off for a distinct look that truly sets itself apart from previous Mercurial iterations.

#4. Mecurial ‘Mbappe Flames’ Superfly VIII (September, 2021)

Inspired by the emerging talents in the football world, Kylian Mbappe proudly unveiled the ‘Mbappe Flames’ Superfly VIII in Septmeber, 2021.

This extraordinary design effortlessly blended the hues of Light Thistle, Metallic Silver, and Bright Crimson on a mesmerizing lilac base, to pay homage to his rich French heritage while exuding unmatched style and sophistication in every stitch.

These colours intricately weaved and flowed from the toe box, gradually ascending towards the sock-liner, creating a seamless transition that was captivating to the eye.

A striking flames graphic in white graces the design, symbolizing Mbappe’s blazing speed and unmatched passion for the game. This ensemble not only represents his heritage but also embodies his unstoppable spirit, burning brightly on the field with every touch, pass, kick and dribble he makes.

Complete with bold-black detailing donning the Swoosh, alongside the signature ‘KM’ initials placed on the heel and insole, Nike truly went all out with this one!

#5. Air Zoom Mercurial x Mbappe

Marking Mbappe’s fifth chapter in the Mercurial saga, the release of the ‘Air Zoom Mercurial x Mbappe’ drew inspiration from the iconic Jordan 7’s sleek silhoutte, with splashes of Parisian afropop culture expressed through the intricate graphical detailing.

As the first player-specific iteration of the all-new ‘Air Zoom’ Mercurial range, it was only right for it to pack a punch, and it certainly lived up to expectations with its “Dark Beetroot/University Blue/Metallic Vivid Gold’ colourway.

In true Mbappe fashion, the Swoosh embodied a personalised touch from the young football prodigy, as the initial ‘M’ made a feature, to signify Mbappe making waves within the world of football.

With the intials ‘KM’ also featuring on the collar, alongside the insteps signature ‘Air’ branding and the bold contrast of the heel’s prominent shades of blue against the purple background, with red acccents, there was no denying who this boot belonged to!

Through combining a fusion of technological innovation, with a revamped style and engrained cultural influences, Nike signed off for a personalised look that promised unparalleled performance.

#6. Kylian Mbappe ‘Baltic’ Mercurial (August, 2023)

Inspired by the comic books of the Japanese manga series, “Whistle!”, the Baltic Mecurial were truly a sight to behold upon their initial release in August of this year.

The Baltic Mercurial, a visual masterpiece, sported attention-grabbing details: a vibrant yellow Swoosh, reminiscent of lightning, and the prominent ‘Zoom’ dominating the boot’s side.

More than mere technology, ‘Zoom’ was a tribute not just to impact absorption but to Mbappe’s unparalleled speed, transforming these boots into a homage to lightning-fast brilliance on the pitch, with a comic-boot style twist.

Not only did the boots promise exceptional performance,but kickstarted the narrative for Mbappe’s next chapter on the pitch, combining his passions for football and Manga into one that is was nothing short of exceptional!

Like what you see? Let us know in the comments your thoughts and opinions on which Mbappe boot is your favourite!

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