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The Phantom GX Nike Blast Boot Pack

This one’s for the prolific playmakers, the sensational strikers and the downright determined. The Nike Phantom GX blast boot pack is here.


Who could forget when Brazilian Forward, Neymar Jr, debuted the Nike Hypervenom Phantom for the first time back in 2013 with his sleek orange/black colourway design? We certainly haven’t.

Ten years on, the Phantom has since graced the feet of many legendary players, with the likes of Rooney, Ibrahimovic, Kane, Morgan and many others making it their preferred boot of choice.

Now kicking off the New Year in style, Nike presents their all-new Phantom GX boot pack with a captivating display of Baltic Blue, Pink Blast and brilliant White following the success of their Pink/White colourway option that made its debut at the 2022 World Cup.

Nike Phantom GX Football Boot – £235 at

In a bid to generate hype around the boot, Nike’s new silo has already graced the feet of Grealish, Kane, Foden, Rodrygo, Tagliafico and Mount at the World Cup, with many more soon set to take up the silo for a test-drive.

Nike’s New GripKnit

When it comes to boot tech, nobody quite anticipated the unveiling of Nike’s Flyknit in 2012 would live up to its name and fly high in the regard of players and athletes from all areas of the sporting world.

Fast-forward to 2023-Nike continues to embark on cementing its legacy as an industry-leading sports brand with the implementation of Nike’s GripKnit material in the all-new Nike Phantom GX football boot.

Nike Phantom GX Football Boot – £235 at

Designed with precision in mind, the nifty NikeGrip combines knitted yarn with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) to provide an exceptional close-to-the-ball feel. The textured fingerprint-like grip also promotes better accuracy and control, whilst the added water resistance of the fabric keeps your feet dry when it matters.

What better way to show off the new tech than to pair them with the release of the stunning GX football boot?

Ghost Lacing System

Arriving in both a low-cut and collared boot option, Nike’s GX silo offers the player a choice between stability and speed.

Designed to provide better stability and superior ankle support, the collared version of the boot incorporates Nike’s latest boot technology, the Ghost Lacing System, to help the wearer tighten their laces with a single pull while helping to keep the laces hidden.

Neat right? We thought so!

The purpose? To provide a cleaner and more sophisticated style than traditional boots and one that improves the contact zone to enhance player accuracy and precision on the pitch.

Nike Phantom GX Football Boot – £235 at

The low-cut version, more tailored toward helping players aiming to reach top speeds, allow for better manoeuvrability on the pitch and become the ideal pairing for professionals. While Nike’s Ghost Lacing System also features on these cleats, only two laces are covered toward the toe box.

Players De Bruyne, Grealish and Kimich are the first to be named to take the Nike Phantom GX out onto the field for a test drive.

As the game continues to evolve, could Nike’s Phantom GX lead the way in revolutionizing the game?

Time will tell, but we can certainly say it’s great to see Nike fine-tune these technologies in such an exciting new form factor.


Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the new GX– the all-new agility soleplate.

Sporting a total of 13 studs (yes, 13!), 5 of which are ‘Tri Star‘ in shape, Nike unveil their second Phantom GX boot to feature the highest stud variation of any Nike boot on the market.

Nike Phantom GX Football Boot – £235 at

Multidirectional movement becomes a breeze thanks to the unique stud configuration allowing players to effortlessly lock and detach from Firm-Ground grass.

Sizing & Comfort

Adopting a very similar texture to that of the Nike Ultra Venom and sporting a similar shape to the Phantom GT, the Nike GX becomes the ideal pairing for wide-footed players.

Nike Phantom GX Football Boot – £235 at

Where players might sometimes find narrow boots, such as Nike’s Mercurial Blast Pack, can pinch and create unwanted pressure points, these GX’s offer exceptional lockdown thanks to their flexible material. Asymmetry in the collar and heel provides additional comfort.


Set to hit the high street at £235 for the Low-Cut boot option and £250 for the DF, the Nike Phantom GX offers a similar price point to rival adidas’s latest £200 Copa Pure .1 and the Copa Pure + at £250.

The Puma Future Ultimate Supercharge boot pack however undercuts the sports giants’ latest lineups by a considerable margin and sits at a comfortable £195, making the Nike Phantom GX the pricier option.

Could the Nike Phantom GX be but a splash in the ocean for what is yet to come from the sport’s giant?

We will have to wait and see, but one thing’s for sure, the colourway is a masterpiece, the GripKnit technology is revolutionary, and the 13-stud configuration could set the bar in becoming the standard for football boots in the years to come.

We can’t wait to see these put to the test!

Like what you see? You can grab a pair of your very own Nike Phantom Gx below from

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