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The Best Kits for 2022/23 (So Far…)

Rejoice! The new football season is almost upon us. Here are our top picks for the new footie uniforms.

Manchester United Home:

The collar is back. A nostalgic nod to the nineties sees adidas do their thing for the Red Devils. Available with long and short sleeves, the shirt has an ultra-retro feel to it, with triangular graphics on the button collar and a shield around the club crest. Soaring shirt sales should help to bolster the club’s budget for strengthening the squad in the new Ten Hag era.

adidas Manchester United FC Home Authentic Shirt 2022/2023 – NOW £80
(Was £99.99) at

Barcelona Home:

Spotify graces the much sought-after space across the front of the famous bicolour jersey. This time there are two shades of blue; light and dark, to complement the red stripes. By the looks of their transfer activity, they’ll have plenty of new players to flaunt the new kit.

Nike Barcelona Home Shirt 2022-2023.

Bayern Munich Away:

German giants of football and sportswear come together yet again to produce an instant classic. While the home shirt isn’t bad, there’s no denying this white away shirt is levels above. It’s as clean as they come. Simple and effective, adidas have jazzed up a regal uniform with gold as the secondary colour, reflecting the Bavarian behemoth’s occupation of the Bundesliga throne.

adidas Bayern Munich Away Jersey – NOW £58 (Was £69.99) at

Arsenal Home:

It’s the Gunners again. Who can resist a chunky collar? We can’t, especially when it’s edged with lightning bolts. Adidas have incorporated a single button too, adding a suave formal air to the Gunner’s attire. Three stripes decorate the shirt’s shoulders.

adidas Arsenal FC Home Authentic Shirt 2022/2023 NOW £70 (Was £99.99) at

Southampton Away:

Wowza, bravo Hummel. The Danish footballing OG’s have crafted a truly mesmerising display with this jersey. Resembling more of a rugby NRL jersey than a Premier League footie shirt, the sleek and sublime design blends teal and aqua tones in a wave-like pattern to truly capture the imagination of the Saints in hopes of securing a win this coming season. With gold details accentuating both the front print and the navy-cuffed sleeves, the quirky yet elegant decoration pays homage to the docks of the city and the Solent straight it sits on.

Hummel Southampton Away Shirt 2022/2023 -NOW £48 (Was £59.99) at

Liverpool Away:

When it comes to Home and Away, it can certainly feel like night and day with some of the kits on offer this season and the LFC away kit is no exception. Featuring a white base colour with rich blacks for the logos and sleeve cuffs, it’s not exactly the sponsor, brand or club that grabs your attention with this one… No, it’s the warped marble-like pattern with its minimal hues of blue, red and green that effortlessly blend into each other to form an elegant pattern that really draws you in. It’s hard to know where the pattern begins and ends with this one, but it’s truly a contender for the shirt of the season for us.

Nike Liverpool Authentic Away Shirt 2022/2023 -NOW £92(Was £114.99) at

Inter Milan Home:

We’ve all had some time to process the tragic loss of football’s most iconic kit partnership. For 26 years Pirelli’s logo graced the blue and black striped shirt, as worn down the years by legends Zanetti, Sneijder and Ronaldo for the Nerazzurri. Now, a new logo straddles the front, and is a welcome visual improvement to last season’s somewhat snake-like sentiment. The new Nike template, used for many new kits, seamlessly blends a black horizontal stripe to the upper torso and down the sleeves to complete yet another iconic look.

Nike Inter Milan Home Shirt 2022/2023 NOW £60 (Was £74.99) at

Inter Milan Away:

I’m rooted in one city, but I open my arms to the whole world.

Sorry Chelsea fans, but Romelu Lukaku really suits this absolute worldie of a jersey. Then again, you’d be pretty hard pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t…

Inspired by an inclusive initiative for celebrating fans of the iconic club worldwide, Inter’s 22/23 away is a peach.

“FC Internazionale Milano is born out of rebellion, fighting the status quo. Including welcoming players from all over the world. And all over the world, our family grows, and our brothers and sisters share the same values. It doesn’t matter where they are or where they come from.”

– Inter Milano

An aqua-blue world map design sits on a white base and covers the entire garment. The designers have cleverly worked the map so that the club’s turquoise-tinged badge sits on the city’s location.

If you’re a keen cartographer with taste, look no further. Map nerds have never looked this good. To our eyes, this is hands down Nike’s best new kit and most likely the best we’ll see all season. Going by the release photos, the shirts will be available to buy without the sponsor, too. Even better!

Nike Inter Milan Away Shirt 2022/2023 NOW £60 (Was £74.99) at

Spurs Away:

Centred badges are all the rage once again and Nike has implemented the throwback look into the new away kit. A deep blue colour known as Lapis covers the majority of the jersey, while the shoulder panels are black with Volt yellow accents to the collar and sleeve hems. A seriously bold move here from the Spurs!

Nike Tottenham Hotspur Authentic Away Shirt-NOW £92 (Was £114.99) at

Juventus Home:

After a disappointing 21/22 campaign, Juve can kick off their new season with a fresh look with their revamped home strip. Gone is the tweak to the sponsor from the last kit. Jeep now symbolises its commitment to going electric by adding blue lightning bolts inside the logo’s lettering. Coupled with illusional black stripes composed of lots of tiny geometric triangles, the future for Juventus looks to be electrifying!

adidas Juventus 2022/2023 Home Match Jersey– NOW £80 (Was £99.99) at

The Others…

Disagree with our choices? Of course you do!

If your favourite team didn’t quite make the cut this season, why not browse the range of Premier League 2022/23 shirts for the teams we missed by following the links below and let us know which kit is your favourite.

We’d love to hear from you!

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