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The Tantalizing Tiempo makes a Triumphant Return for 2023

Introducing the all-new Nike Tiempo 10 – the 10th iteration of the world’s most iconic football boot.

The Tiempo’s Legacy

Since 1984, the Nike Tiempo boot has been the unfaltering symbol of performance, prestige and innovation. Gracing the world stage time and time again on the feet of the world’s most prolific players, from Ronaldinho to Pirlo, Ramos & Pique, it’s safe to say the Tiempo belongs to a long lineage of football’s finest.

Fast forward to 2023, and Van Dijk, Courtois and Allison now carry the torch of the Tiempo, and will be set to showcase the enhanced performance of the all-new 10 series in the coming months.

But while it’s easy to get caught up in what makes these players stand apart from the competition, let’s get down to what makes the Tiempo 10 a boot in its class.

The end of K-leather?

In a move towards creating a more sustainable future, Nike has recently announced that they will stop making products with kangaroo leather by the end of 2023, and the Nike Tiempo 10 is here to kickstart the movement.

With K-leather sales restricted in certain parts of the world due to its unethical practice and links to animal cruelty, Nike follows in the footsteps of rivals Puma & adidas with its latest Tiempo 10 – a boot entirely made from calf leather, known as ‘Fly Touch Plus’.

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite FG Firm Ground Boots – £230 at

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time the Tiempo has been made of materials other than their classic ‘K-leather’ – the first being the Tiempo Legend 3 Elite of 2009.

Fly Touch Plus

Say hello to ‘Fly Touch Plus’ – Nike’s answer towards creating a more sustainable future.

Set to replace the tried and tested K-leather upper of the Tiempo of old, Nike’s ‘Fly Touch Plus’ consists of a calf leather material that is characteristically softer than natural leather – a feature you can’t help but notice straight out of the box!

But while soft boots are great for an enhanced fit and feel, FlyTouch Plus goes the extra mile with its increased durability and unwavering performance in varying weather conditions.

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite FG Firm Ground Boots – £230 at

Where natural leather tends to become heavy when wet, the synthetic material of the upper of the Tiempo 10 offers excellent water resistance that guarantees to see you through the full 90 minutes and then some!

But the features don’t stop there. Thanks to its unique construction, the upper will not overstretch once it has formed to your foot.

With exceptional water resistance, rugged durability and an enhanced fit, it goes without saying that the Nike Tiempo 10 is the lightest Tiempo ever released!

Fit and Comfort

Commonly referred to as ‘one of the most comfortable boots on the market’, the Nike Tiempo is known best among players for its optimal fit, cushioned feel and exceptional breathability.

When it comes to the Nike Tiempo 10, no stone is left unturned, and the legacy of the world’s most infamous boots remains intact all thanks to Nike’s incorporation of their signature Fly Knit material.

Striking the perfect balance between exceptional lockdown and comfort, the Tiempo 10 allows for natural movement while still maintaining stability and support in the mid and forefoot.

Not only this, but the Tiempo 10 also has one of the best break-in periods that we here at On The Line, have ever experienced. This is due to how quickly the FlyTouch upper moulds to the shape of your foot, whilst the innovative cut-out in the heel prevents players from succumbing to nasty blisters or irritation they’re like to experience during the gruelling breaking-in period.

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite FG Firm Ground Boots – £230 at

For players looking to step into a pair of the latest Tiempo 10, we recommend you stay true to size, and if you’re basing your size off of a past Tiempo, stick to that sizing!


Famed for its exceptional touch and pin-point precision in those crucial moments of the game, the Tiempo 10 maintains its legacy, with the FlyTouch upper adding a noticeable amount of grip to its construction that makes dribbling, passing and shooting a breeze.

But Nike’s dedication to being the leader of innovation doesn’t stop there.

Micro-dots make a welcome return (seen previously on the Legend 9) but with a different configuration to its predecessor. In what can be described as a “tapered-down version” of their foam pods, players can get even closer to the ball, re-instating the Tiempo as the boot tailored towards extraordinary control.

Engineered to amplify key touch zones associated with shooting, dribbling, and passing, the Tiempo 10 delivers that much-desired close-foot-to-ball feeling – A true contender in becoming one of the most comfortable boots on the market!


To the outsole, Nike pays homage to the highly successful Legend 9 series with its stud configuration, but with one slight difference to the shape of the top 6 studs, making them conical.

Where the Legend 9 featured six studs that were almost rounded, the Tiempo 10 goes the extra mile to make the studs fully conical for enhanced manoeuvrability.

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite FG Firm Ground Boots – £230 at

To accommodate this slight increase in weight, Nike has taken some weight out of the middle to promote the perfect balance, and has instead incorporated ‘pressure plates’ into their design to relieve the pressure of the studs on hard, firm-ground surfaces.

A fantastic feat of innovation from Nike!

If you’d like to get your hands on the latest Nike Tiempo 10 you can purchase a pair from In the meantime, stay in the loop with the latest Football News, Guides & Boot Launches at On The Line.

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