The Top 10 adidas Football Boots of All Time

Passionate about adidas boots? You’re in for a treat. We’ve curated our roster of the Top 10 best adidas football boots of all time, and believe us, it wasn’t a simple task!

From a plethora of boots showcasing decades of adidas ingenuity, we delved deep into the archives. So, without delay, let’s dive right in!

#10. adidas adiPURE 11 Pro Samba (’14)

Starting off our countdown at #10 is the iconic adidas adiPure 11 Pro from the “Samba Pack” in 2014.

Adidas introduced these boots ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, building upon the success of the original 11 Pro model. But they didn’t just focus on aesthetics.

Crafted with a premium quilted upper made from Taurus leather, these boots were exceptionally soft and lightweight, ready to wear straight out of the box.

adidas adiPURE 11 Pro Samba football boots from 2014

Significant improvements were made from the previous model, including a redesigned outsole with a comfort frame for better pressure distribution, and smaller stud configurations for improved grip and acceleration on natural firm ground surfaces.

Let’s not overlook the exceptional Memory Foam used in the 11 Pro, providing unparalleled custom fit for wearers at the time.

These boots graced the feet of celebrated players like Philipp Lahm, Frank Lampard, and Asier Illarramendi, making numerous appearances on some of the world’s most renowned players during the World Cup tournament.

Tech Specs

  • Quilted Taurus Upper was undeniably premium, delivering an ultra-soft and ultra-lightweight fit and feel for ennhanced performance.
  • Comfort Frame Outsole allowed for optimal pressure distribution underfoot.
  • Memory Foam built into the boot made for an exceptional fit without compromising on comfort.
  • Smaller Stud Configuration resulted in maximum grip and acceleration on FG surfaces.

#9. adidas F50 Adizero (’10)

Regarded as a literal “game-changer,” the F50 Adizero, launched in 2010, revolutionized the world of football boots, leaving a lasting legacy that resonated with both players and fans alike.

Tipping the scales at a mere 165 grams, the F50 Adizero held the title of the lightest boot of its era. This featherweight design enhanced players’ speed and agility on the pitch, making them feel lighter and faster.

adidas F50 Adizero from 2010

The F50 Adizero didn’t just break the mold, it shattered it. It offered a sleek, speedy alternative to the bulkier “Power Boot” Predators, redefining expectations. But it didn’t stop at aesthetics; the F50 Adizero was also synonymous with exceptional comfort.

Even after grueling 90-minute matches, players would leave the pitch without a blister in sight. This combination of style, performance, and comfort truly set the F50 Adizero apart.

The boot’s lacing system was another standout feature. The wide channel for laces allowed players to adjust the fit without worrying about creating an uneven surface—a concern that has become less significant by 2024.

What truly set the F50 Adizero apart and made it iconic was its simplicity. At its core, it was a speed boot in its rawest form, devoid of power-enhancing technology, swerve zones, or protection. This simplicity appealed to many players, further cementing the F50 Adizero’s status as a game-changer in football boots.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that these were the go to boots of Lionel Messi, Arjen Robben, Dani Alves and David Villa?

A start studded lineup if ever there was one!

Tech Specs:

  • Weighs 165 grams, making the F50 Adizero one of the lightest boots on the market of the time.
  • Sprintskin Upper utilised a high-tech microfiber material that reduced weight to deliver a natural, barefoot feel of the ball.
  • Sprint Frame outsole offered exceptional balance at high speeds.
  • Asymmetric parallel lacing system moves off-centre for a cleaner striking surface.

#8. adidas Predator Pulse (’04)

Worn by some of the best midfielders in the world during the 2004/05 season, including the likes of David Beckham, Stevan Gerrard and Micahel Ballack, the adidas Predator Pulse embodies a boot design that is as classic as they come!

They even helped former professional football player Deco earn the prestigous Man of the Match during the 2004 UEFA Champions League Final when Porto beat AS monaco 3-0.

adidas Predator Pulse from 2004
Credit: The Boot Chamber

What made these boots so iconic, you ask? Beyond their aesthetic appeal, the Predator Pulse was packed with innovative features that set them apart.

At the heart of its design was the groundbreaking “PowerPulse” technology. This innovation aimed to shift 40 grams of the boot’s weight towards the front. It achieved this through a specially designed sock-liner, which moved the boot’s centre of gravity closer to the point of impact.

The result? An enhanced power transfer, increasing the force of each kick by 3%.

adidas Predator Pulse release marketing campaign.

But the innovation didn’t stop there. The boots also boasted PowerSwerve Zones, a feature designed to amplify power and swerve during shooting.

This concept was inspired by Craig Johnston’s observation of the spin and curvature a table tennis bat imparts on the ball upon impact. Johnston sought to incorporate this principle into the Predator range since its inception in 1994, and it certainly left its mark on the 2004 Predator Pulse.

Tech Specs:

  • PowerPulse unit relocated 40 grams of the boots’ weight towards the front of the boot to shift the center of gravity closer to the point of impact.
  • PowerSwerve Zones enhanced power and swerve during shooting.
  • Synthetic upper offered improved durability.

#7. adidas F50 (’04)

Launched just before the Euro 2004 Championship, the F50 quickly became a favourite among football players worldwide. It was sported by big names like Ashley Cole, Robin van Persie, Arjen Robben, and a young Lionel Messi.

The F50’s lightweight design gave players a significant edge over their opponents. Its innovative features, such as a speed lace cover and an X-Traxion outsole, marked the beginning of its journey to becoming a major player in the speed boots market.

adidas F50 from 2004 in Black & Yellow

The F50’s large striking area, which used adidas’ “FusionFrame system” for a “1 skin with 3 chasis” construction, allowed players to customise their football boots for the exact feel and performance they wanted.

Let’s also not overlook how the large striking area also enabled players to instantly benefit from a more controlled touch than any adidas silo before.

What’s not to love?

Tech Specs

  • FusionFrame system utilised a “1 skin with 3 chasis” construction for optimal fine-tuning.
  • Interchangeable studs made it a breeze to adapt the boots to the conditions of the playing surface.
  • X-Traxion soleplate provided macimum ground penetration with minimal stud pressure for enhanced on-pitch comfort.

#6. adidas Predator Precision (’00)

The “Precision” boot, a pivotal player in the EURO 2000 Championship, was favored by football legends such as Patrick Kluivert, David Trezeguet, Zinedine Zidane, and David Beckham.

Its name wasn’t just symbolic; it promised and delivered a new level of accuracy, setting a benchmark in the sport.

Adidas, with its enlarged tongue and the inclusion of Velcro, was dedicated to ensuring that every strike provided the coveted sensation of being intimately connected to the ball.

adidas Predator Precision World Player boots of 2000 from the adidas archives.

Inspired by the rubber components of Adidas’ 1998 Accelerator, the design of the Predator was refined into a more streamlined, fin-like shape, reducing its coverage of the forefoot.

Despite this reduction, Adidas ensured that the Predator maintained its renowned power and precision by optimizing the use of materials.

An intriguing fact: The Predator Precision marked the introduction of interchangeable Traxion studs in the Predator line, allowing players to tailor their performance to different pitch conditions and playing positions.

Tech Specs

  • Rubber Fins were refined to thinner, more frequent ribs which increased the spin that could be placed on the ball.
  • Velcro Tongue covered the laces, while offering enhanced adjustability.
  • Exhangeable Traxion Studs allowed players to customise their boots for different surface types.

#5. adidas F50 Adizero (’14)

Originally belonging to the adidas “Battle Pack” in celebration of the 2014 World Cup, the F50 Adizero were worn some of the tournmanet’s stand-out players including the likes of James Rodriguez, Luis Suarez, Thomas Muller, and of course, Lionel Messi.

Daring to be bold with its unique colourway, the pack featured a disruptive black and white pattern that was inspired by the warpaint of native warriors and the iconic Mescopotamian pavements patterns found on Copacabana beach.

To top it off, the famous adi three-stripes executed a fiery gold colour to represent the ultimate pirze of the Fifa World Cup trophy resonating with fans and players alike.

adidas F50 Adizero 2014 from the adidas "Battle Pack"

Under the hood, the F50 Adizero boasted an incredibly lightweight design, tipping the scales at just 150g, making it approximately 14 grams lighter than the F50 Adizero TRX from 2013.

The upper was semi-transperant towards the back of the boot, placing emphasis on the revolutionary material known as “SPEEDFOIL” that combined being lightweight, softness and durability for a comfortable, yet locked down heel fit.

Other features included a super soft adidas HybridTouch forefoot that incorporated all of the benefits of leather in a strong, yet lightweight synthetic material with excellent long-term shape retention.

Dribbletex also sought to revolutionise the use of 3D grip textures on the surface of the forefoot to promote increased ball control and speed when dribbling in the wet or dry and worked to help stabilise the upper.

Signing off, the SpeedTraxion outsole was a game-changer and pushed players speed limits to their max promising 14% increased traction for maximium acceleration and 3% reduced turning forces for quicker turns and directional changes.

Tech Specs

  • Extremely light profile at just 150g.
  • SPEEDFOIL material on the upper delivered a comfortable, yet locked down heel fit.
  • HybridTouch forefoot provided excellent long-term shape retention.
  • Dribbletex offered 3D textured grip on the surface of the forefoot for increased ball control & speed.
  • SprintFrame outsole with SpeedTraxion stud configuration enabled maximum acceleration and ease of quick turns.

#4. adidas Predator 24 (’24)

Celebrating 30 years of excellence on the pitch, adidas has truly raised the bar in 2024 with the introduction of the Predator ’24. This boot is a perfect blend of nostalgia and innovation.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic 90s Predator designs, the Predator Elite showcases a sleek black base, punctuated with vibrant pops of orange and electric yellow. The aesthetic is undeniably one of the most refined we’ve seen in recent years!

adidas Predator Elite 2024 from the adidas Solar Energy Pack. Available at Lovell Soccer.

The boot features a traditional fold-over tongue that enhances the strike zone on the state-of-the-art HybridTouch 2.0 Upper. Additionally, the rubber fins have been refined to provide enhanced swerve and spin on the ball.

One of the most significant upgrades is the fully revamped “Control Frame 2.0” soleplate. Moving away from the split soleplate design found in models like the Predator Accuracy, adidas has opted for a new design.

It features triangular studs with two bars running through the centre of the soleplate. This enhancement provides increased stability and responsiveness, particularly in the mid and forefoot areas, making it effortless to lock and detach from firm ground surfaces. 

With the likes of Jude Bellingham, Gabriel Jesus, Emiliano Martinez, and Trent Alexander-Arnold already sporting the Predator on their feet, it’s evident that this iconic boot is here to stay!

Tech Specs

  • HybridTouch 2.0 Upper works to partically recreate the sensation of a leather boot.
  • Two-piece PRIMEKNIT collar delivers a sock-like fit and comforms effortlessly to the shape of your foot for a secure fit.
  • Fold Over Tongue delivers enhanced strike-zone, a feature we haven’t seen since the Predator X in 2009.
  • Controlframe 2.0 FG Outsole offers exceptional energy retention & comfort underfoot.
  • The lightest Predator ever at just 215g for a UK Size 8.

#3. adidas Copa Mundial

Launched in 1979 and making its grand appearance at the 1982 World Cup in Spain, the Copa Mundial set the stage for a new era of globally acclaimed and top-selling football boots.

The Mundial, with its classic design, boasted a construction of Kangaroo Leather that was supple, adaptable, and extraordinarily comfortable.

It catered to players across all roles, from Goalkeepers to Defenders, and even Strikers, earning the admiration of football legends like Zinedine Zidane, Franz Beckenbauer, and Diego Maradona.

adidas Copa Mundial on Pitch.

Even in 2024, the Copa Mundial continues to enjoy immense popularity, thanks to its timeless charm. It is particularly appreciated for its excellent fit for those with wide feet.

The combination of high-quality materials, technical features, and a classic design makes it a preferred choice for both amateur and professional players.

With a legacy spanning 45 years, it’s safe to say that the Copa Mundial is truly in a league of its own!

Tech Specs

  • Kangaroo Leather upper provides exceptional comfort and molds seamlessly to the foot.
  • EVA (Ethylene-Vinly Acetate) midsole and removable insole provides optimal cushioning.
  • Weighs 352 grams.
  • Lace-up closure system ensures optimal lockdown.

#2. adidas Predator Accelerator (’98)

Launched in 1998, adidas continued to enhance their Predator line with the introduction of the Predator Accelerator, a boot that revolutionized the game.

Featuring a brand-new Traxion soleplate with specialized bladed studs and a groundbreaking asymmetrical lacing system, this boot was a game-changer.

adidas Predator Accelerator from 1998 in Black, Red & White

Gone were the days of traditional centered lacing; instead, adidas introduced a cleaner, asymmetrical lacing system. This innovative approach provided players with a larger and more refined striking area, elevating both ball control and shooting precision.

The rubberized elements, reminiscent of the Predator Touch, were notably reduced in the Predator Accelerator, resulting in a more streamlined silhouette. This adjustment allowed the textured elements to seamlessly integrate with the kangaroo leather upper, delivering a harmonious blend of comfort and performance.

Moreover, adidas boldly showcased their iconic three stripes, which adorned the boot in a striking wraparound design, incorporating more of the Predator’s signature red color. This radical aesthetic captured attention on the global stage.

The release of the Predator Accelerator coincided with the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France, where it gained widespread acclaim. Zinedine Zidane, the face of the new Accelerator, cemented its reputation by scoring two goals in the final while wearing these boots.

This marked the beginning of the Predator Accelerator’s journey to becoming one of the world’s most beloved and top-selling football boots.

Tech Specs

  • Asymmetrical Loop Lacing provided larger, cleaner kicking surface, and by tucking the laces away, it improved the striking area on the top of the boots.
  • Redesigned Rubber Vamps were made less pronounced to provide an enlarged surface area for striking the ball.
  • Anatomically Sound Outsole held the foot more firmly and significantly improved player movement.

#1. adidas Predator Mania (’02)

This is the moment of truth – The legendary adidas Predator Mania, the boot that revolutionised football and forever altered our perception of football footwear!

Eternally etched in memory with just one strike from Zinedine Zidane’s left foot, the French maestro contributed to the creation of a sporting icon when he unleashed a magnificent goal against Bayer Leverkusen in the 2002 Champions League final, adorned in these very boots!

adidas Predator Mania featuring Zinedine Zidane.

Considered the pinnacle of footwear in what was once a straightforward market, where high-cut options, limited editions, anti-clog features, and elite-level releases were non-existent, possessing a pair of Manias in your kit meant having the finest boots available, no arguments.

Crafted from K-Leather, the Mania provided unparalleled comfort and ball control, featuring a fold-over tongue equipped with a new strap to address issues encountered with the Velcro closure of the Predator Precision, which often faltered due to dirt accumulation.

Continual improvements included adidas’ enhancements to the “swerve elements“, integrating rubber components in a pattern conducive to generating spin, transforming this boot into not just a physical asset but also a psychological weapon.

Embraced by luminaries such as Beckham, Raul, and Del Piero, the Mania made its global debut during the 2002 World Cup, featuring a blue colourway inspired by Japanese culture, and remained in the spotlight until the conclusion of Euro 2004.

adidas revisited history by reintroducing the Predator Mania in 2022, honoring these beloved boots of all time. Zidane returned to spearhead the adi campaign, faithfully recreating the iconic photoshoot from 2002.

Tech Specs

  • Kangaroo Leather construction offered exceptional duraility and a supple feel for enhanced comfort & ball control.
  • Fold-over tongue with strap to secure in place allowed for greater efficiency and precision when striking the ball.
  • Swerve Elements improved spin and enhanced ball manipulation

Honourable Mentions:

When we said it was hard creating our list of the Top 10 adidas Football Boots of all time, we weren’t lying!

There were some boots that didn’t quite make it to the top 10, but we believe they are still extraordinary. Take a look at our honourable mentions below!

adidas Ace 16+ PureControl (’16)

Inspired by players’ desire to minimize the impact of laces on their ball control and striking ability, adidas embarked on a daring endeavor. Responding to this feedback, they pioneered one of the first lace-free high-performance football boots!

Endorsed by football luminaries like Mesut Ozil and Ivan Rakitic, whose valuable input helped shape the ACE16+, these boots marked the dawn of a laceless revolution.

adidas Ace 16+ PureControl football boots from 2016

Loaded with state-of-the-art technology, the ACE16+ features a “Primeknit” upper that seamlessly wraps around the foot, offering a snug fit that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and touch.

Augmenting this innovation is the renowned Sprintframe 2.0 soleplate, renowned for its exceptional strength and agility, providing the necessary support and responsiveness for elite-level performance.

Tech Specs:

  • Laceless Design provided a clean surface for striking & controlling.
  • Primeknit Upper delivered a snug fit, with the perfect balance of touch & comfort.
  • 3D Layer on Primeknit Upper offered enhanced grip & control.
  • Internal Knit Support System delivered next-level anchorage & stability.
  • Sprintframe 2.0 Soleplate offered improved functionality over the F50 Adizero with more rounded studs.

adidas Predator Mutator (’20)

In a continuous journey of evolution and refinement, the Predator Mutator marked a significant milestone in Adidas’ legacy.

This wasn’t just a testament to Adidas’ unwavering commitment to innovation, but also a respectful nod to the iconic rubber elements that have defined the Predator series since its inception in 1994.

adidas Predator Mutator from 2020 housing DEMONSKIN technology.

The Predator Mutator, unveiled in 2020, breathed new life into these elements with the introduction of the groundbreaking DEMONSKIN Technology.

This iteration was adorned with 406 carefully crafted miniature spikes across the Demonskin upper, infusing Adidas’ design ethos with a fresh dynamism.

These spikes, the result of years of data-driven research and rigorous testing, were strategically aligned to key contact points with the ball. This alignment fostered enhanced control, touch, and spin when striking, offering players an elevated level of interaction with the ball.

For the first time, players were presented with the novel choice between High or Low-Cut versions. The high-cut variant stood out, boasting an exclusive signature PRIMEKNIT collar. This provided exceptional lockdown and support, catering to players seeking the pinnacle of performance.

The boot also incorporated Hybrid studs, amplifying the level of rotation and traction. These features, combined with the innovative design, made the Predator Mutator a standout release in 2020.

Tech Specs

  • DEMONSKIN Technology features on the upper in the formof 406 spikes which together as a textured layer.
  • Power Element adds a rubber component on the upper to enhance rebound when striking shots.
  • High Ankle Cut extends up and over the Achilles to improve comfort, creating a locked-in fit higher up the boot.
  • Weighs approximately 232 grams.

adidas adipure 11 Pro (’13)

Introducing the adidas adipure 11 Pro from 2013 – a masterpiece of minimalist design!

Blending contemporary aesthetics with timeless elements, adidas aimed to create a boot that appealed to a broad spectrum of players by seamlessly merging modernity with tradition.

adidas adipure 11 Pro in White & Blue from 2013

While its predecessors in the ‘adipure’ series were crafted from K-Leather, the 2013 iteration broke convention by introducing a “Taurus Leather” variant, utilizing calf leather for superior durability and water resistance.

Right out of the box, the adipure 11 Pro boasted a luxuriously soft feel, and adidas ensured optimal comfort by strategically incorporating Memory Foam inserts beneath both the instep and tongue for added support.

Throughout its tenure, the adipure 11 Pro amassed a staggering 100,000 5-star reviews online, earning admiration from football luminaries such as Toni Kroos, Xabi Alonso, David Silva, Frank Lampard, Philip Lahm, and Hernanes.

Toni Kroos on-pitch sporting the adidas adipure 11 pro

Tech Specs:

  • Taurus Leather Upper promoted enhanced water retention & durability.
  • Dual Cushioning studs with internal anti-shock tubes and triangular TRAXION 2.0 configuration worked to improve speed and ground penetration.
  • Comfortframe soleplate utilised more support bars than previous AdiPure boots that ran across the sole of the boot for enhanced stability.

adidas X 16+ PureChaos (’16)

Reimagining the timeless elements that characterise adidas’ line of football boots, the X 16+ Purechaos introduced a fresh perspective upon its unveiling in 2016, incorporating a host of innovative features that injected a new dynamism into Adidas’ design philosophy.

At the forefront was the Techfit Compression Upper, a groundbreaking feature that delivered an immediate snug fit, molding seamlessly to the contours of the player’s foot for instant comfort and a natural feel.

adidas X 16+ PureChaos from 2016 in red.

Adding to the boot’s allure was the Non-Stop Grip (NSG) Texture, a distinct texture applied to the upper to enhance grip, ensuring superior ball control regardless of weather conditions.

Furthermore, the Purecut Sock System and Lace Cover provided a clean surface for striking the ball, offering enhanced control—a feature highly valued by players seeking precision in their gameplay.

Complementing these innovations was the Lightweight Sprintframe Outsole, contributing to the boot’s agility and speed, empowering players to reach new levels of performance on the pitch.

Notably, the high-cut variant of the X 16+ Purechaos showcased the Purechaos Heel Lining, guaranteeing unmatched lockdown and support, catering to players’ quest for optimal performance.

Tech Specs

  • Dynamic Techfit Compression offered a perfectly molded fit straight out of the box, eliminating break-in time.
  • Non-Stop Grip (NSG) Technology worked to add a thin layer of raised dots on the upper, aiding control in all weather conditions.
  • Purecut Sock System aids the near laceless design for a perfect fit & exceptional comfort.
  • Sprintframe Outsole is reminiscent of the F50 boots, assiting with traction when making sharp cuts and turns.
  • External Heel Counter provides added protection & stability.

adidas F50.9 TUNIT (’09)

Continuing to honour the legacy of the F50 range, the year of 2009 ushered in the iconic adidas F50.9 TUNIT, marking the latest boot in the succesful line of the F50 football boots.

Quickly gaining traction due to its adaptable design, the TUNIT allowed players to personalize their boots based on their playing style. It retained the beloved interchangeable studs and chassis, empowering players to tailor their footwear for various pitch conditions such as soft-ground, firm-ground, or Artificial Grass.

adidas F50 from 2009 in Blue

By introducing additional synthetic materials and CLIMACOOL uppers, athletes could select the upper that best matched their comfort and performance requirements.

The customisable sockliner also featured an exchangeable TUNIT Standard Insock for premium support and cushioning.

SIgning off, the boot also utlitlised a transparent “AllesKlar” (All Clear) element that was not only functional, but attractive, delivering optimal stability and flexibility.

Spearheaded by adidas endorsements from high-profile footballers Ashley Cole and Djibril Cisse were used in the marketing campaigns which further bolstered the boot’s popularity.

Tech Specs

  • Interchangeable Studs & Chasis meant players could ajdust their boots to suit different pitch conditions.
  • Synthetic and CLIMACOOL uppers enabled players to pick and choose the material best suited for their performance needs.
  • Customisable Sockliner featured an exhangeable pre-molded TUNIT Standard INsock for premium support & cushioning.
  • AllesKlar Element was functional and extraordinarily attractive, delivering enhanced stability & flexibility.

adidas Ace 15.1 (’15)

Introduced in 2015 as part of adidas’s campaign to revamp their lineup of football boots, the Ace 15.1 dared to be different…

Appreciated first and foremost for its beauty and simplicity, the shape and build was undeniably solid, comfortable and most importantly, reliable.

Exceedingly comfortable straight out of the box, the Ace15.1 housed a unique “control web” on the upper that upon first impression looked like rigid plastic, but to our surprise was exceedingly soft and moulded seamlessly to the shape of the foot from first wear.

adidas Ace 15.1 from 2015 in Black & Blue

Once you’d laced up in these bad boys, the boot fit was truly exceptional, and is still revered as one of the most accomodating boots on the market, catering to both the wide and narrow footed.

When taken to the pitch, these boots were all about delivering ultimate control, providing a soft touch on the ball whether dribbling, passing or striking.

Paired with a layer of “NSG” (Non-stop grip) acroess the upper, these boots performed well in all conditions and utlised accentuated 3D dots for enhanced friction between the boot and ball.

Notably, these boots were the go to choice of players such as Mesut Özil, Xabi Alonso, Casillas, Neuer, Hummels, James Rodríguez and Ivan Rakitic.

Tech Specs

  • 3D Control Web System significantly aided ball handling, allowing for more friction between the ball and foot.
  • TotalSkin material was made of three-layer synthetic compound combined with a grippy EVA to provide an unbeatable first touch.
  • Non Stop Grip (NSG) featured across the upper offering enhanced control in all weather conditions.

adidas X Speedflow (’21)

Ever wondered about the story behind a name? Well, with the adidas X Speedflow, it’s pretty straightforward…

Tailored for speed demons, the adidas X Speedflow was the go-to choice for some of the fastest players out there, like Lionel Messi, Mohamed Salah, Lindsey Horan, Karim Benzema, and Heung-Min Son (just to drop a few names).

adidas X Speedflow from 2021, laceless variant in red.

Packed with tech upgrades, adidas went all out to create the ultimate speed boot.

From a revamped Primknit Skin Upper that offered a lightweight and supremely adaptive fit experience to an engineered Agility Cage that provided maximum support during explosive changes of direction, the X Speedflow had it all.

But the features didn’t end there. An ultra lightweight construction with Carbitex Carbon Fibre inserted into the forefront of the boot allowed for explosive propulsion and more efficient power transfer when accelerating.

Available at the time in both a laced or laceless configuration adidas left players spoilt for choice in helping them to find their perfect fit and feel dependent on how they like to play.

Tech Specs

  • New Primknit Skin Upper provided an adaptive fit that enacted a second skin, while being lightweight in design.
  • Engineered Agility Cage housed in the interior of the boot provided maximum support during multi-directional movement.
  • Carbon Fibre Speedframe utlised Carbitex Carbon Fibre in the forefoot for explosive populsion and more efficient power transmission when accelerating.
  • Laced or Laceless offering allowed players to pick and choose which boot type benefited their playing style/position most.

adidas F50 + (’05)

In 2005, the F50+ was introduced as an upgrade to what was already hailed as one of the best football boots ever. This new design aimed to redefine the limits of football boot design.

The F50+ was remarkable for its use of cutting-edge materials. The upper part of the boot was crafted from a lightweight yet robust synthetic material. This not only increased the boot’s durability but also enabled quick movements on the pitch, providing players with a competitive advantage.

adidas F50+ Football Boots from 2005

Another standout feature was the removable insole. This allowed players to tailor the fit to their comfort, a concept that was quite groundbreaking at the time. This degree of customization meant that each player could fine-tune the boot for peak performance, reflecting Adidas’ dedication to catering to individual player requirements.

The user-friendly lacing system was a notable upgrade from its predecessor. It ensured a snug fit and improved ball control, further boosting the boot’s performance attributes.

The F50+ was also distinguished by its unique design. The spidering pattern on the sides and the forward-facing striking zone gave it a distinctive appearance.

The range of colour options added to its allure, making it a popular choice among both players and fans.

Tech Specs

  • Lightweight Synthetic Material looked to enhance durability and lightness, allowing for quick movements in decisive moments.
  • User-Friendly Lacing Sytem was a significant improvement over its predecessor, providing a secure fit & better ball control.
  • Detachable Outsole allowed players to customise the fit to their liking offering a level of personalisation that was innovative at the time.

adidas Messi X Speedportal Leyenda

They don’t get more iconic than this!

Inspired by the adidas F30 boots that Messi donned during the 2006 World Cup, adidas went above and beyond to honor the Argentine’s legacy ahead of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Dubbed “Leyenda” (which translates to “Legend” in Spanish), the unveiling of this X Speedportal model meant more than just a mere boot; it was a homage to a career that aimed to continue inspiring the next generation.

adidas Messi X Speedportal Leyenda World Cup Football Boots
Credit: adidas

This sentiment was particularly fitting considering Messi’s eventual triumph in winning the World Cup!

Bringing together Gold Metallic, Cloud White, and Pulse Blue, every element of the boot paid homage to Messi’s plethora of awards and accomplishments, alongside his unwavering dedication to both club and country.

In terms of performance, these boots exceeded all expectations. Packed with cutting-edge technology, they were tailor-made for legends.

From an ultralight Carbon Fibre Speedframe ensuring swift movements and efficient energy transfer during acceleration or sprinting, to a PRIMEKNIT collar and carbon heel lock providing superior lockdown, and a midfoot support cage offering unparalleled stability, adidas left no detail overlooked in crafting this truly exceptional boot.

Embraced by the footballing community, the Leyaenda hit shelves at £300, quickly becoming a hot commodity on the resale market, with fortunate buyers fetching a premium for their prized pairs.

Tech Specs

  • The Ultralight Carbon Fibre Speedframe provides unrestricted acceleration and optimal energy return.
  • The PRIMEKNIT collar ensures enhanced lockdown. This feature works in conjunction with the Carbon heel lock and midfoot support cage for superior stability.
  • The upper of the boot is environmentally friendly, containing at least 50% recycled content.

Did your favourite adi boot make the list?

Let us know in the comments which boots you consider to be the best of all time and why. We’d love to hear from you!

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