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Step Up Your Game: Own Now with New Balance’s Latest Boot Pack

Get ready to own the moment. The New Balance ‘Own Now’ boot pack has landed to make waves in time for the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

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#1. Women’s Impact on Football

#2. Furon


#4. 442

New Balance 'Own Now' Boot Pack from

Recognising Women’s Impact on Football

Since its inception in 2002, women’s football has soared to become the leading sport for women and girls in England. Propelled by unforgettable moments such as the 2005 UEFA Women’s Championships and the electrifying 2012 London Olympics, the sport has experienced unprecedented growth and captured the hearts of countless individuals.

As we fast forward to 2023, the Football Association (FA) reveals astounding figures: 3.4 million female players in England and a staggering 26.6 million worldwide. With the highly anticipated Women’s World Cup on the horizon, these numbers serve as a testament to the captivating power of women’s football and its ability to inspire a new generation of athletes around the globe.

Leading the charge, New Balance enters the game with their groundbreaking ‘Own Now’ Boot Pack with an enigmatic display of unique colourways and industry-leading boot tech, that’s guaranteed to improve your game.

Furon – “Be the Threat”

“It’s not just how fast you move; it’s how fast you think.” – The New Balance Furon has landed.

Forged for explosive speed and attacking play, get ready to embrace the allure of the Furon as it takes on a captivating silver colourway, adorned with striking orange accents that gracefully envelop the heel, before effortlessly extending towards the toe box.

Embodying the legacy of football’s finest, from Saka to Sterling, and Mane, this extraordinary piece of sleek Furon silverware is set to make its grand appearance for the first time on the feet of female players at the Women’s World Cup.

At the core of its unrivaled performance lies the revolutionary Hypoknit Upper and Dynamic Fit sock, working in perfect harmony to provide unparalleled lockdown and support. But that’s just the beginning.

The accentuated lacing system takes it a step further, ensuring a secure fit that keeps you in control with every move. And as your grip and control reach new heights, courtesy of the debossed detailing, you’ll experience a level of dominance on the pitch like never before.

Stepping into the iconic Furon boots, we have an exceptional trio comprising Tatiana Pinto of Levante, Michelle Cooper from KC Current, and Claudia Zornoza representing Real Madrid. Together, they will unveil the unparalleled prowess of the Furon on the grand stage of this year’s World Cup, captivating audiences with their skill and determination.

Get ready to witness the extraordinary as these talented athletes unleash the power of the Furon.

Tekela – ‘See it Different’

“Control the ball to command the game. Enjoy an enhanced feel to let you execute your vision to perfection. Because you see what others can’t.”

Feast your eyes on the Tekela as it captivates with its sleek copper colourway, accentuated by the iconic Tekela branding and intricate graphical detailing rising from the heel that evokes a sense of power and precision.

Optimised for the female footballer who wants to elevate their playmaking on the pitch, the Tekela delivers unparalleled zonal support and dynamic feedback to bring players closer to the action.

With advanced technological features, including a Hypoknit upper, laceless construction, accentuated lines, aswell as bladed and conical studs, the Tekela is a force to be reckoned with on the pitch.

With Atletico Madrid’s Sheila Garcia set to don the all-new Tekela, anticipation is building to witness the performance and durability of this remarkable boot in the weeks to come. Stay tuned as the Tekela takes the stage and showcases its unparalleled abilities on the pitch

442- “Timeless/Flawless”

“The perfect balance of innovation and aesthetics. An enduring boot that takes what’s always worked and reimagines it for today’s players.”

Since its debut in 2019, the New Balance 442 has firmly established itself as a go-to choice for professional ballers seeking both style and performance. Seamlessly blending durability and stunning aesthetics into a compact form factor, New Balance is back with their latest iteration of the iconic 442 boot.

Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, the 442 V2 Pro FG boot epitomizes excellence. Its premium leather upper exudes quality and durability, while the elite nylon plate ensures unmatched performance.

Like what you see? Let us know in the comments your thoughts and opinions on the latest ‘Own Now’ boot pack from New Balance. In the meantime, be sure to stay in the loop with the latest Football News, Guides & Boot drops at On The Line.

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