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The adidas Predator Accuracy

A flawless dedication to design and one that pays homage to the Predators of old- The adidas Predator has landed.

Aesthetically Accurate

Displaying unrelenting dedication to their craft, adidas has paid homage to tradition with their latest Accuracy silo, blending the design of their ‘98 World Cup Predator with the Precision Euro of 2000 for a modern take on an iconic classic.

adidas Predator Accuracy + FG Football Boots – £250 at

Arriving in a compelling Core Black / Cloud White / Team Shock Pink , adidas have dared to be bold with the colourway option for their silo this year.

Whilst it’s not necessarily a combination of colours normally used by adidas, who usually opt for red and black, we feel they have pulled out all the stops to ensure their Predator packs a punch for 2023- providing players with the perfect balance between evoking class, whilst delivering on colour.

A Brief History of the Predator

Since 2018, adidas have left a lot to be desired in the design of their Predator boot.

Often found to be refining and tweaking areas from the soleplate to a sharpened sock-liner, we felt adidas were losing sight of what made their boot so brilliant. That is, until now…

Honing in on heritage, adidas have brought back a sophisticated silo that doesn’t need to exaggerate its features to stand out. The placement of their logo in particular, sees a welcomed return to the back of the boot, a design we haven’t seen since the Predator adipower of 2011.

adidas Predator Accuracy + FG Football Boots – £250 at

As well as this, the signature three stripes are back and wraps under the boot to seamlessly blend into its curvature- a look we haven’t seen adidas use since the 1998 Predator Accelerator.

Simply stunning!

Goal Scoring Sensation

When it comes to dominating the boot game, it’s no surprise that adidas continue to re-instate their Predator boot as THE goal-scoring silo.

With Brazil’s Gabriel Jesus and Borussia’s Jude Bellingham set to be paving the way forward in a pair of Predators we can’t wait to see how the boots perform out on the pitch, especially for players situated higher up the field.

As it currently stands, for players who wear adidas boots, the X range stands as the most favoured silo, adorned by 64% of users, followed by 22% preferring the Predator and a final 14% the Copa range.

But, with the release of the Predator Accuracy is this all about to change?

adidas Predator Accuracy + FG Football Boots – £250 at

We think so! Over the coming months, we will be expecting to see these percentages shift in a big way as the Predator makes its way to the feet of the pros.

Accuracy in Lightness

Bearing the Striker in mind, the Predator has shed some substantial weight to ensure the boot lives up to its name, ‘Accuracy‘.

Enforcing a considerable weight reduction, the + and .1 Mid boot models have seen a significant 25 grams shaved off, whilst the .1 low still sees a very generous 20-gram reduction.

This is thanks to adidas replacing the notorious fins we saw on the Edge model with a welcomed refinement of lighter individual rubber elements.

Hybrid Touch

Patented ‘Hybrid Touch‘, adidas have created a coated microfiber material to deliver the player a softer and more moldable fit than last year’s Predator Edge that offered a considerably bulky feel with a high toe box that compromised lockdown.

adidas Predator Accuracy + FG Football Boots – £250 at

Not only does the Hybrid Touch provide an exceptionally tailored feel, but the introduction of the latest boot tech on the Predator sees a combination of a high-definition grip technology with a Hybrid Touch base to evoke a re-vamped softness for a close-to-the-ball-feel.

High Definition Grip, Kick Zone & Lateral Dribbling Zone

It’s easy to get lost in the past and whilst we love what adidas have done to re-introduce the Predator of old, we’d be lying if we didn’t like a bit of innovation here and there…

Showcasing an all-new high-definition grip, the Predator Accuracy sees a welcome evolution of the Zoneskin technology previously introduced on the Edge of last year.

adidas Predator Accuracy + FG Football Boots – £250 at

Delivering a complete overhaul in design, the Accuracy eliminates those pesky rubber fins around the boot that were placed on the Edge to bring the player closer to the ball.

Strategically placed rubber elements on the forefoot occupy what adidas brands ‘the kicking zone‘ and are designed to specifically enhance the player’s grip on the ball when striking, whilst maintaining a cushioned feel for the player upon impact.

Fit & Comfort

Thanks to a roomy toe box and padding in the heel of the boot that has remained unchanged since the Predator Edge, the Predator Accuracy offers a true-to-size fit and is a great option for the wide-footed player.

adidas have done well here to deliver innovation, whilst ensuring the space and feel within the boot aren’t compromised.


If you’re looking to get your hands on a pair of Predator Accuracy football boots, the Accuracy + model will set you back £250, while the laced .1 model comes in £50 cheaper at £200.

Where can I buy the Predator Accuracy?

If you are in the market for a pair of adidas Predator Accuracy boots, you can get your hands on a pair below at

Like what you see? Let us know in the comments what you think of the new Predator Accuracy– we’d love to hear from you!

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