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The Best Football Boots for Wide Feet 2023

Flat-footed friends, this one’s for you. Here at On the Line, we’ve rounded up some of the best Football Boots around to fit the wide footed.

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#1. adidas

#2. Puma

#3. Mizuno

#4. New Balance

#5. Nike

#1. adidas

adidas Copa Mundial

A timeless classic from ’79- the Copa Mundial needs no introduction.

Crafted from premium soft leather, with centered lacing and accentuated folded tongue, the Copa Mundial is a serious contender in becoming the perfect pairing for players with wide feet.

Ever heard of the saying ‘Old is better’?, well the Mundial’s certainly live up to this one…

adidas Copa Mundial FG Football Boots– NOW £120 (Was £150) at

The Mundial provides the player with an old-school style fitting, offering a wealth of width toward the middle and forefoot of the boot and is capable of stretching more than its modern counterparts due to the leather material- which will stretch over time and mold to the foot.

adidas Copa Mundial FG Football Boots– NOW £120 (Was £150) at

Gracing the feet of legendary footballers players, Diego Maradona, David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Gary Neville and even Gary Lineker to name just a few, one thing’s for certain, when it comes to the Copa’s, the silo is here to stay.

adidas Predator

It’s been 28 years since the adidas Predator took the football world by storm.

Donning what was a never-before-seen rubber striping toward the upper of the boot, adidas embarked on a mission to provide the player with more power, greater control and effortless movement on the pitch.

The best part? They were designed with wide-footed players in mind…

28 years on and the adidas Predator has since graced the likes of Paul Pogba, Alessandro del Piero, Steven Gerrard, Raul, Kaka, Xavi, Beckham, Zidane and now England squad’s Jude Bellingham. (Only a small list…).

adidas Predator Accuracy + FG Football Boots – NOW £200 (Was £249.99) at

Snug when worn true to size, the anatomically designed heel adapts to the shape of the foot to provide the player with an exceptional close-to-the-ball feel, whilst the two-piece sock construction enables players to effortlessly slip in and out of the boots with ease.

adidas Predator Accuracy + FG Football Boots – NOW £200 (Was £249.99) at

Complete with PRIMEKNIT technology that uses fused yarn to provide a sock-like fit, the material wraps seamlessly around the foot to offer cushioned support, whilst an adaptive fit supplies the ultimate lockdown.

For wide-footed players, we recommend you select a size up from your usual!

#2. Puma

Puma Future Ultra Ultimate

Yep you guessed it. You’re probably wondering what on earth a speed boot silo is doing anywhere near the term ‘Wide Feet’ and we don’t blame you…

Ever heard of the saying, “Looks can be deceiving”?

At On the Line, we’d usually recommend players stay away from a Speed boot when it comes to wide feet, but the Puma Ultra Ultimate is a rare exception thanks to its unique design and boot technology.

Taking centre stage as one of the more affordable top-end football boots and weighing just 160g, the Ultra Ultimate becomes one of the lightest boots on the market for wide-footed fellows.

Puma Ultra Ultimates.1 Firm Ground Football Boots – £200 at

Housing patented FUZIONFIT360 technology, the Ultra Ultimate’s are designed with a unique woven upper to gently form around the foot and provide the player with exceptional comfort, whilst bringing them closer to the ball.

Deceptively slim looking, the Ultra Ultimate’s become ideal for wide-footed players thanks to their reactive Kevlar and Carbon yarns that provide excellent support and flexibility for the player.

Puma Ultra Ultimates.1 Firm Ground Football Boots – £200 at

Top this off with the Ultra Ultimate’s signature PWRTAPE and Nano Grip technology and you’re locked in.

Complete with Engineered Pebax SpeedUnit outsoles, the Ultra Ultimate’s provide rapid acceleration on the pitch.

Worn by the likes of Cody Gakpo, Janik Haberer and Gylfi Sigurdsson, the Ultra Ultimate is without doubt the best boot in its class.

#3. Mizuno

Mizuno Morelia Neo IV

We recommend you go true to size with these ones…

Crafted for the Japanese foot, which tends to be generally wider and flatter than the average European’s, the Neo’s become the fantastic boot of choice for the wide footed.

Mizuno Made In Japan Neo IV Firm Ground Football Boots Adults – NOW £235 (Was £294.99) at

Housing a slightly wider toe box than previously seen on the Neo III’s, you can expect a spacious, yet enhanced fit thanks to Mizuno’s lightweight high-quality synthetic leather.

Delivering an advanced stud placement and better orientation than the Neo III’s, the Neo IV’s instead offer optimal traction and stability on the pitch that leaves traditional speed cleats in the dust.

Mizuno Made In Japan Neo IV Firm Ground Football Boots Adults – NOW £235 (Was £294.99) at

A snug fit, with elasticated inserts towards the heel also offer exceptional flexibility.

Worn by the likes of Sergio Ramos, it’s safe to say the boot is made for the serious baller…

#4. New Balance

New Balance Furon V7 Pro

First making their debut into the world of football in 2015 with their Visaro and Furon football boots, New Balance has since become the first sportswear brand in years to significantly rival the likes of Nike, adidas and Puma.

New Balance Furon V7 Pro FG Football Boots – £210 at

When it comes to football boots, the Furon is fast…seriously fast. Offering a highly responsive soleplate that situates comfort at the forefront of its design, the boot will leave you wondering why you ever wore anything else.

Unlike other speedboot silos where the upper can make you feel like your foot is being suffocated, the knitted upper instead cushions nicely against the foot to offer superb control. Oh… and by the way, now might be a good time to say that New Balance are also one of the few brands who cater specifically for wide feet! Rejoice!

New Balance Furon V7 Pro FG Football Boots – £210 at

Thanks to its hypo-knit upper, inner mesh lining and off-set cored out canopy, the Furon V7 Pro provides the ultimate lockdown for your foot, enabling an increased strike zone.

Raheem Sterling, Bukayo Saka and Sadio Mané  have been seen strutting their stuff wearing these!

We recommend you go up 1 size wearing these!

#5. Nike

Nike Premier 3

They’re Premier for a reason…

A modernized take on an iconic classic, the Nike Premier 3’s stripped back and minimalistic design provides that sweet old school charm, whilst delivering unbeatable performance on the pitch.

Nike Premier 3 Firm Ground Football Boots – £100 at

As is the case with the majority of leather boots, the Kangaroo leather upper will stretch and expand over time to mold to your feet, whilst the soleplate provides enough width to support your feet comfortably.

Nike Premier 3 Firm Ground Football Boots – £100 at

Tired of your boots not lasting as long you’d like them to? Look no further. The durability of the Premier 3’s is excellent and once you’ve taken them for a test drive on the turf you’ll wonder why you never tried them before.

A strong competitor to the adidas Copa Mundial. Whilst not necessarily the most striking to the eye, the Premier 3’s become an excellent option for players who are looking for a fantastic fit , but don’t want to break the bank.

A fantastic choice at only £100 – what a steal!

Nike Phantom GX

Recently copped yourself a pair of Nike Mercurials only to find the boots are too narrow for your feet? Don’t worry, you’re not alone…

Incorporating a single layer of Gripknit technology, the Phantom GX, such as the Elite version below, works to help wider-footed players get closer to the ball by offering a barefoot feel with every touch and tap.

Nike Phantom Elite GX Firm Ground Football Boots – £235 at

Although formed of synthetic material that won’t stretch as easily as leather, over time the boot will soften to enable a highly comfortable and adaptable fit.

Paired with a semi-split soleplate design, space is freed up towards the arch to enable even the widest footed player to plant their foot seamlessly into this boot.

Nike Phantom Elite GX Firm Ground Football Boots – £235 at

Nike Tiempo

Since its debut into the football world at the ’94 World Cup, the Nike Tiempo has come a long way to finesse what many consider to be one of the finest football boots ever produced.

Where slim silos such as Nike’s Vapor and Superfly fail to cater for the wide-footed, the Tiempo’s spacious toe box, coupled with patented NIKE GRIP insoles and Flywire cables in the midfoot, provide the player with the perfect balance by offering space, whilst keeping the player’s foot locked down when it really matters.

Oh… and did we mention how the Tiempos are also one of the most comfortable boots on the market?

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite FG Firm Ground Boots – £230 at

Memory foam touch pods embedded within the K-leather upper offers a premium feel whilst delivering cushioned contact with the ball.

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite FG Firm Ground Boots – £230 at

When it comes to sizing up your boots, we recommend you stay true to size with the Tiempo!

It’s hard to fault this one…

Like what you see? Check out our full range of football boots for wide feet here. In the meantime, be sure to stay in the loop with the latest Football News, Guides & Boot Launches with On The Line.

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