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The Top 5 Football Boots for Wide Feet in 2024

Rejoice, our wide-footed friends! Your search for comfort ends here. Bid farewell to discomfort and embrace the next level of fit and performance. Let’s dive in!

#5. adidas Predator Elite ’24 (Laced)

For over three decades, the adidas Predator has stood in a league of its own. Its innovative design, swerve power, exceptional accuracy, comfortable fit, and unique style have set it apart.

Fast forward to 2024, the Predator Elite 24’ marks its triumphant return.

Drawing inspiration from the original Predator, this iteration feels like a homecoming for adidas. The familiar profile of the reconstructed Predator is designed to evoke a strong sense of nostalgia among fans and players alike.

adidas Predator Elite Laced 2024. Available at

But nostalgia isn’t the only thing the Predator brings to the table. It wouldn’t have made our list if it didn’t cater exceptionally well to wide-footed players. So, if that’s you, rejoice!

The 2024 Predator departs from the Predator Accuracy profile, which, while a great fit, lacked the performance capabilities of the Predator ’24. The new model retains the wide midfoot but introduces a slightly narrower toe box, ensuring a snug fit for the user.

Another advantage of the Predator is its tongue-through construction, which offers excellent adjustability in the midfoot. Coupled with the Hybridtouch 2.0 that provides a nice stretch, wide-footed players are in for a treat.

#4. Puma Future 7 Ultimate

Securing the 4th spot, we introduce the newest addition to the Puma family – the Puma Future 7 Ultimate.

Since its debut in the sporting world in 2017, the Future series has been engineered with a strong emphasis on adaptability and accommodation.

It has gained recognition for its versatility, offering players the option to either lace up or go laceless, thereby providing a broad range of accommodation for various foot widths.

Puma Future 7 Ultimate Football Boots. Available at

When combined with the boot’s FUZIONFIT360 upper, the boot can stretch to ergonomically fit your foot, while the re-engineered PWRTAPE keeps you locked in, ensuring that the boot is not restrictive in terms of width.

This feature enhances the comfort and adaptability of the Puma Future 7 Ultimate, making it a top choice for athletes and the wide footed!

#3. The Timeless Classic: adidas Copa Mundial

The adidas Copa Mundial isn’t just a football boot, it’s a testament to the timeless appeal of simplicity and quality. Even in 2024, when football boots are brimming with advanced technology, the Copa Mundial’s influence is still profoundly felt.

Whoever said that newer is always better clearly hasn’t experienced the Mundial.

Making its debut in 1979 and designed for the global stage at the 1982 FIFA World Cup in Spain, the Copa Mundial was the epitome of innovation. Its unique features included a fold-over tongue, cushioned midsole, and moulded studs for superior stability and traction.

adidas Copa Mundial. Available to purchase at

What makes them stand out? They’re the perfect match for players seeking a wide-fitting boot with a classic aesthetic.

The secret lies in its premium Soft Kangaroo Leather upper. This material adapts to the shape of your foot, earning a reputation among players worldwide as one of the most versatile boots on the market. It’s particularly suited for those with wide feet.

However, it’s worth noting that due to its traditional construction, it may take longer to break in and may not be as responsive as modern football boots. But don’t let that deter you. It’s a boot that players swear by, and if you haven’t tried a pair, we highly recommend you do – especially if you have wide feet!

#2. Nike Phantom GX 2

Securing the second spot, we present the latest sensation, the Nike Phantom GX 2. After much deliberation between the GX 2 model and the recent Phantom Luna 2, we’ve chosen the GX2 as the winner.

Its appeal lies in its wider opening, a feature of its lower-cut model, which simplifies the process of slipping your foot into the boot.

Nike Phantom GX2 Football Boots. Available to purchase at

Arned with ample width, extending from the heel to the midfoot and forefoot, it offers a noticeable increase in flexibility compared to the first-generation GX model launched early last year.

However, players with wide feet might find the toe box a bit snug. While it is wider than most, it does provide a snug fit. If this isn’t to your liking and you prioritize comfort above all, stay tuned for our top pick!

#1. Nike Tiempo Elite

Topping our list at number one is the legendary Nike Tiempo Elite, a game-changer for players with wide feet who are eager to elevate their performance.

Making its grand debut in 1994, just in time for the World Cup, the Tiempo quickly rose to fame and became an instant classic. It has since earned the admiration of football greats such as Ronaldinho, Cesc Fabregas, Francesco Totti, Andrea Pirlo, and Sergio Ramos.

Nike Tiempo Football Boots. Available to purchase at

Its appeal lies in its exceptional versatility, comfort, and durability, delivering top-notch performance regardless of weather or playing conditions.

In the past, Tiempo boots were primarily crafted using premium Kangaroo leather. However, the transition to the synthetic Fly Touch Plus technology has been seamless, allowing the boot to adapt and conform to your feet effortlessly.

It’s important to note that initially, you might experience a bit of tightness when you first wear them on the pitch. But over time, the boot adapts to offer a perfect fit, providing ample space throughout the entire boot, from the heel to the toe box. This makes them an ideal choice for players with wide feet.

Like what you see?

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The Nike Total90 is an absolute classic! I remember really wanting a pair of these back in the day. The total 90 Laser SE in that striking black and yellow colourway was by far my favourite!

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