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Unleash Lightning Speed with The adidas X Crazyfast

Introducing the latest iteration of adidas’s signature Speed silo—the adidas X + Crazyfast football boot has landed. Get ready to experience lightning-fast speed and exceptional performance on the field!

Celebrating Adizero Heritage

The X+ Crazyfast evokes nostalgic memories of the past F50 adizero football boots, in particular those worn by Messi himself, which were discontinued in 2016 to pave the way for the X line.

BARCELONA, SPAIN – MARCH 06: Past adizero f50 Messi boots displayed at the new adidas Messi Gallery on March 6, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images for adidas)

With its distinct standalone tongue, centralized lacing system, and strikingly sleek design, the X+ model effortlessly captures the essence and familiar aesthetics that we have come to expect from the revered F50 lineage.

Feather-Light Agility: Unleashing Unparalleled Speed

Like to stay nimble on your feet as you side-step your opponents towards the goal line? Prepare to meet your new partner in crime because the adidas X is ‘Crazy Fast’ (see what we did there?)

Overtaking the lead from New Balance and their Furon football boot, the adidas X + Crazy Fast has officially become the lightest boot on the market.

For comparison, a UK size 8.5 + model weighs in on the scales at a mere 174 grams, weighing 20 grams less than the new adidas X.1 laced Crazy Fast and 22 grams lighter than the X.1 Speedportal.

Areopacity Speedskin & Areo Cage

When it comes to shedding weight, it’s no easy feat, especially for a brand with a longstanding legacy of nearly 75 years in the game.

But where there’s technological innovation, there’s a way, and adidas are the holder of the key!

adidas X + FG CrazyFast Football Boots – £250 at

To lose the 22 grams from the previous X Speedportal model, it comes down to the material construction of the upper. With this, adidas unveils an innovative material named ‘Areopacity Speedskin +” that utilises a single-layer of mono mesh covered by Low Opacity TPU Film.

From this, the upper sits on top of another technology branded as the ‘AreoCage +” that incorporates a white cotton-like material that acts like a skeleton of the boot to provide exceptional stability and control.

Enhanced Grip

But the features don’t stop there…

With an enhanced grip-like material featured on the upper, the X Crazyfast provides an optimal ‘close-to-the-ball-feel’ when dribbling, passing or striking that is as easy to slide in and out of as wearing a pair of your favourite football socks.

In their quest for excellence, adidas has expertly engineered an exceptionally thin upper that consistently provides unparalleled responsiveness.

Standalone Tongue & Central Lacing System

The adidas X+ Crazyfast showcases an incredibly lightweight standalone tongue positioned beneath a central lacing system accompanied by ultra-thin laces.

adidas X + FG CrazyFast Football Boots – £250 at

This innovative design not only reduces overall weight compared to its predecessor but also reintroduces a level of adjustability and comfort that has been absent from adidas offerings for quite some time.

Dominating Performance: The Unrivaled Outsole

When looking at the outsole, the X Crazyfast showcases the trusted tooling from the previous Speed Portal model, ensuring unwavering performance. Additionally, adidas has taken it a step further by introducing an aeroplate inlay that aligns with the tried-and-true plate design

adidas X + FG CrazyFast Football Boots – £250 at

Nevertheless, the outsole offers impressive attributes. It incorporates a forefoot curve that keeps you constantly on your toes, providing an advantageous position for sprinting. Additionally, the forefoot is highly responsive, while the midfoot remains stiff yet flexible. This combination allows for optimal agility and quick changes in direction during matches.

Experience the enhanced capabilities of the outsole as you take to the pitch. It offers reliable performance and a strategic design to give you the best possible advantage in your game.

Laced vs Laceless .1

After running through the + model for X Crazyfast, lets talk about the .1 models. For the X Silo we now have .1 Laced and .1 laceless (Previously the X + Model). You may ask what’s the difference between these and the new X + model?

The .1 model’s are an evolution to the X Speed portal, using an engineered prime knit collar instead of a Standalone tongue. The .1 models now also feature the Aerocage & Areopacity Speedskin upper but unlike the + model, it uses a double layer high opacity TPU film.

adidas X CrazyFast .1 Laceless FG Football Boots – £230 at

All X Crazyfast models use the same Speedframe outsole.

Unmatched Fit and Supreme Comfort

When worn on the feet, the adidas X + Crazy Fast is levels beyond the comfort offered on any Speed Portal silo gone before, and it’s clear to see why, just from its revamped shape.

Previously, the Speed Portal was occasionally criticized for its stiff upper that required some time to break in. In contrast, the X+ features a softer and more malleable construction that conforms to the shape of your foot with enhanced precision and accuracy.

The X+ incorporates an improved heel counter that effectively secures and stabilises the heel. In contrast to the heavily padded feel of the previous Speedportal, the X+ features a more streamlined and less padded counter, ensuring consistent performance and support.


All adidas X Crazyfast models are worn true to size if you want the perfect fit, with the X+ model offering unique adjustability thanks to the tongue and lace construction, while the .1 models will offer a more standard fit with the one-piece upper.

Where to pick up the adidas X Crazyfast

Like what you see? You can purchase the latest adidas X+ Crazyfast football boot from today.

In the meantime, stay in the loop with the latest Football News, Guides & Boot Launches at On The Line.

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