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adidas Copa Pure Launch Pack

The wait is over…

The much-anticipated adidas Copa Pure + and Copa Pure .1 have landed and kick off the New Year to a great start with not one, not two, but three exciting colourway options. Yes, three! adidas is spoiling us for choice with these cleats.

Putting the “Class” back into Classic

Since the introduction of the Copa Mundial in 1979, adidas has tirelessly sought to bring the Copa line to the modern game by incorporating the latest technologies and innovations to revolutionize the boot game with a desire to make the modern classic.

Arriving in three different colourways: Black/Pink, All-Black, and All-White, players Pedri, Dybala and Gundogan will soon be set to showcase to the world the Copa Pure’s potential on the pitch.

adidas Copa Pure + FG Football Boots – £250 at

In what appears to be an ode to classic leather cleats and their ability to weather the test of time, it appears adidas have reconsidered what it means to put the ‘Class’ back into Classic with this design.

As Light as a Feather

Weighing in at 48 grams lighter than last year’s Copa Sense + and .1, the Copa Pure+ and .1 sees a 20% weight reduction, which is significantly less than its predecessor, making the boot perform and feel better than most leather silos on the market.

adidas Copa Pure + FG Football Boots – £250 at

As to how adidas have managed to do this, we took a look at the silo’s soleplate to see what exciting new technology the brand would bring to topple last year’s design of their ‘Sense’ range.

The result? A soleplate that reinstates the design of the Nemeziz 17.1 that we saw launch back in May 2017.

adidas Copa Pure + FG Football Boots – £250 at

Whilst many players, including us here at On the Line, felt a new soleplate design was in the works, the decision of adidas to revert to the soleplate design of the Nemeziz 17.1 could prove to be a wise decision.

Nicknamed the ‘Torsionframe‘, the decision to re-use this style of soleplate arguably not only makes the boot lighter, but shows adidas’ willingness to hone in on previously successful designs and give them an all-new form factor.

Known for its exceptional flexibility and comfort, the soleplate of the Nemeziz 17.1 could be just what the Copa Pure + and .1 need to combine optimum flexibility in an all-leather form factor.

Boot Material

Where the boot truly comes into its own is adidas’s decision to swap out K-Leather in favour of the more sustainable Calf Leather, placing the boot in the same category as other leading competitors and the vast majority of leather cleats currently available on the market.

adidas Copa Pure + FG Football Boots – £250 at

Whilst some may see the change in material as a backwards step, it is the more viable option, what with the sale of K-leather restricted from being sold in some parts of the world- California being one!

Besides, the buttery smooth upper improves the fit considerably over the Sense, which tends to possess a very tight and restrictive feel that leans towards the uncomfortable- especially for wide-footed players!

Triple Density Foam Pods

One of the most exciting new features of the Copa Pure cleats is adidas’s decision to incorporate Triple Density Foam Pods into their design.

Patented by adidas as the ‘Pure Touch-Fusionskin X Triple Foam Density‘ pods, the Copa Pure for 2023 has quilted lines for superior ball control and comfort that pays homage to the Mundial.

In breaking down adidas’s decision to use ‘Triple Foam’, it’s clear the sports giant hasn’t left a stone unturned when considering the boot’s practicality on the pitch. The three different shapes and densities of the leather found on the Fusionskin become flexible and cater for a variety of needs of the player.

adidas Copa Pure + FG Football Boots – £250 at

To the middle of the boot, a low density, yet soft pad, provides a quilted design in a key touch zone, whereupon impact with the ball, the area flattens to offer a larger surface area of leather to help with control.

On the lateral side of the upper, we see high-density padding being used to increase stability within the boot, with a focus to keep the player’s foot locked down, whether dribbling, tackling or striking the ball into the back of the net.

As we move to the in-step of the boot, adidas have opted to apply super thick padding in key control zones as a means to help players maintain control of the ball, whilst making passing a breeze thanks to a highly comfortable padded layer.


In coming to the crunch, the Copa Pure + model retails for £250, whilst the laced .1 model comes in at £50 cheaper at £200.

Whilst both silo price points have seen an increase of £20 from last year’s Copa Sense+ and Sense .1, we feel adidas’ dedication to reviving a classic take on modern boots is one that rival brands Nike and Puma are likely to copy in future.

Where many may see the decision of new technologies as a viable means to improve football boots, we must remember what made the classics so great.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

Like what you see? Explore the full Copa Pure range and grab yourself a pair from While stocks last!

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