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adidas Launch “The Solar Energy Pack”

Get ready to eclipse the pitch with the Solar Energy Pack for 2024, as adidas’ latest boots ooze with 90s nostalgia.

The Predator at 30

Kickstarting 2024 on an absolute high, we’re witnessing the rebirth of one of the most legendary football boot designs ever – the Predator 24.

Marrying the retro vibes of the 90s with a modern twist, the Predator 24 is here to celebrate the 30th anniversary with a jaw-dropping design and a featherlight feel.

The Foldover Tongue is Back: A Tribute to the Iconic Predator

Remember that iconic foldover tongue? It’s back, paying homage to the strikers of a bygone era and symbolizing a whole generation of football prowess.

The colourway is a nod to adidas’ three-stripe heritage, inspired by the classic red, black, and white, but now, with a refined “Solar-Red” touch to commemorate 30 years of Predator dominance.

From 1994 to 2024: The Evolution of the Predator

To celebrate this milestone, the initial launch before Christmas was a limited edition of only 1,994 pairs, honoring the year of its debut in 1994. 

This exclusive offer was a huge success, as fans and collectors rushed to get their hands on a piece of history. 

But the Predator 24 is not just a nostalgic tribute. It’s also a cutting-edge innovation that sets the standard for the future of football boots.

As the flagship boot of the adidas Solar Energy Pack, the Predator 24 takes the spotlight in 2024, proving it’s still the monarch of the pitch. 

Blending the DNA of past Predator releases like the OG Predator ’94, the Predator Rapier of ’95, and the Predator Touch of ’96, the Predator 24 emerges as a masterpiece of elegance. The distinctive fold-over tongue and the tri-color palette of solar red, white, and black showcase the boot’s remarkable features.

The lightest Predator ever!

As we have seen, the Predator 24 breaks the record for being the lightest Predator in history, thanks to adidas’ dedication to innovation and the use of high-quality materials in every part of the boot.

The laceless model weighs in at a mere 195 grams, while the laced version is just slightly heavier at 206 grams (UK Size 8.5). This significant weight reduction is a clear demonstration of adidas’ dedication to performance enhancement.

But it’s not just about weight. The Predator 24 boasts a state-of-the-art Hypoknit 2.0 upper, a Control Frame 2.0 soleplate and a new featherlight, full-length outsole, making it a technological marvel!

Control Frame 2.0

Breaking away from the traditional split soleplate design seen in earlier versions of the adidas Predator, the debut of Control Frame 2.0 introduces a soleplate adorned with triangular studs, complemented by two central bars.

This revolutionary configuration not only ensures a lightweight sensation but also establishes a stable and responsive foundation for both the midfoot and forefoot.

The result? An exceedingly comfortable experience, providing optimal flexibility on the field.

HybridTouch 2.0

Unlike the Predators of old that was made entirely of k-leather, the 2024 version offers a new approach with a synthetic material that feels like suede, but also has the flexibility of leather that provides a perfect fit that easily shapes to your foot, and covers your key contact zones.

Striking has never been more enjoyable!

The Return of the Rubber Fins: “Strikeskin”

The OG Predator’s infamous rubber fins were the result of Craig Johnston’s brilliant idea, inspired by how a table tennis ball curves and spins when hit by the bat.

This unforgettable innovation is not lost on adidas, who brings back the Predator for 2024 with their improved ‘Strikeskin’ technology.

The upper has new rubber fins that are smooth yet textured, giving optimal grip for players who love to score goals or control the game with more spin and precision.

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Crazily Fast adidas X

The X Crazyfast is back with a stunning new look for 2024. The “Team Solar Yellow/Core Black/White” colourway is a dazzling combination that will catch everyone’s eye.

With the same advanced boot technology as the previous Marine Rush edition, the adidas X Crazyfast is the ultimate choice for the fast and furious players on the pitch. It’s hard to imagine a more impressive pair of boots than these!

Purely Copa

Last, but certainly not least, the adidas Copa Pure 2 Elite is back, and looking better than ever before!

There’s only one way to describe its beauty – timeless.

It sports a captivating “Team Solar Yellow/Core Black/White” colourway, a signature of the Solar Energy Pack, with a touch of solar red that adds elegance and flair, accentuating the shape of each adi-stripe and brightening the soleplate.

And the off-white ivory upper that contrasts with the black branding? A work of art, if you ask us!

Like what you see?

Grab the latest adidas Solar Energy Pack from today!

Hurry, while stocks last!

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