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Puma Launch the “Phenomenal Pack”

Stand out on the field, leave the ordinary behind and enhance your game to a phenomenal level with FUTURE, ULTRA, and KING—football boots that redefine the norm.

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#1. Puma Future

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#3. Puma King

Puma Future Phenomenal Pack, Featuring the Latest Puma Ultra, Future & King Football Boots.

Fueled by the Phenomenal

Fueled by cutting-edge technology and vibrant colour updates, these boots are crafted for players with bold moves and an even bolder personality.

Picture the brilliance of Neymar Jr, the finesse of Fridolina Rolfö, the flair of Jack Grealish, the skill of Xavi Simons, the speed of Kingsley Coman, and the precision of Julia Grosso. Imagine yourself. Step into a world of phenomenal football where you set the standard.

Welcome to a new era of play, where being exceptional is the rule, not the exception.

Puma Future: “Phenomenal” Precision

Embrace the future of football and bid farewell to the past – Puma is about to redefine “phenomenal”.

In the seventh evolution of the iconic Future range, Puma is breaking new ground with the release of their latest boot pack.

What better way to kick off 2024 than with a revamped Future that has been re-engineered from the ground up (and yes, we mean literally from the toe).

Puma Future 7 Ultimate Football Boots

Strutting a one-of-a-kind colorway that screams individuality, the official shades of the “White/Black/Poison-Pink/Bright-Aqua/Silver Mist” pack bring an electrifying vibe to the scene.

As we gear up for the imminent debut of the all-new Future, get ready to witness football powerhouses like Neymar, Grealish, Suarez, Maddison, Jess Carter, and Julia Grosso make a statement on the pitch.

Power up with PWRTAPE!

Bid adieu to the ‘Zig-Zag’ design of yesteryear’s Puma Future. Brace yourself for the exhilarating, reimagined positioning of Puma’s iconic PWRTAPE technology.

The shoe now sports a dynamic “Y” shaped structure on the upper, taking the game to a whole new level with not just one, but two layers of PWRTAPE. This double dose of innovation delivers unparalleled lockdown and stability, leaving its predecessor in the dust. 

Want to see how it performs on-pitch? Check out our full review of the Puma Future 7 Ultimate now, where we give our verdict!

Upper of the Puma Future 7 Ultimate.

PWRPRINT: Control Redefined

Renowned for its unmatched control and precision, the latest version of PWRPRINT technology has made a comeback, and it’s more extraordinary than ever before!

The 3D grip textures, thoughtfully located at essential contact points on the field, provide an added layer of confidence during gameplay. These textures are strategically designed to align with your natural ball control and striking movements.

PWRPRINT technology on the Puma Future 7 Ultimate Football Boot.

FUZIONFIT360: Stability Re-imagined

Without a doubt, the FUZIONFIT360 upper in the 2023 Future Ultimate revolutionized the game. It not only provided unparalleled stability, lockdown, and support, but also allowed players complete freedom of movement on the field.

Now, with the 2024 version, the Future 7 Ultimate, Puma elevates this groundbreaking technology even further.

By flawlessly merging FUZIONFIT360 with the enhanced PWRPRINT grip textures and PWRTAPE, they’ve engineered one of the most secure and comfortable fits ever witnessed on a Future boot.

The secret ingredient? It’s a blend of varying densities and mesh patterns, strategically positioned to offer stability, support, and a precise ball sensation where it’s most crucial.

The extra stretchy knit guarantees an adaptable, more supportive fit, facilitating greater freedom of movement.

And we can’t overlook the PWRPRINT on the lateral and medial sides – a transformative feature for added support during swift changes in direction.

The Return of the Dynamic Motion Soleplate

Beneath the boot, the cutting-edge Dynamic Motion System outsole seamlessly integrates an advanced stud configuration, expertly designed to strike the perfect equilibrium between support, traction, and dynamic agility.

Soleplate of Puma Future 7 Ultimate Football Boots

Strategically harnessing high-performance materials, Puma has masterfully orchastrated a design approach that is geared towards maximising energy return, while keeping weight to a minimum, contributing solely to the boot’s lightweight design.

Puma Ultra: Unlocking “Phenomenal” Speed

While the limelight of the Phenomenal Pack belongs primarily to the Puma 7 Ultimate and its revamped design and tech, it’s safe to say the Puma Ultra blows all speed-silos out of the water with its “Poison Pink/Puma White/Puma Black” colourway.

Donning a mainly pink profile, with a contrasting white Formstrip and black trim towards the heel of the boot, it’s clear Puma aren’t holding back with the Ultra’s aesthetics and packs a serious punch!

Get set as we anticipate the likes of Griezmann, Walker, Giroud, Coman and Rolfo to don the latest Ultra in the coming weeks!

Puma Ultra from the Puma Phenomenal Pack.

Unapologetically “Ultra”

Crafted for unparalleled speed, the Ultra Ultimate storms into 2024 featuring a next-gen knit construction that’s not only lightweight but intricately woven to flex and adapt to your every move.

Whether you’re executing lightning-quick starts, deftly dribbling the ball, or strategizing the perfect goal against your rivals, this design has got you covered.

Puma Ultra upper from the Puma Phenomenal Boot Pack.

Oh, and let’s not overlook the fact that the “Phenomenal Ultra” is now more durable than ever, courtesy of its reinforced 2D ripstop upper.

Puma Ultra heel close up from the Puma Phenomenal Boot Pack.

Packed with PWRTAPE!

Sporting a revamped upper that ingeniously incorporates Puma’s iconic PWRTAPE technology directly into the boot’s structure, players can now enjoy the perks of precisely targeted support that seamlessly aligns with the natural shape and movement of the foot.

Puma Ultra's PWRTAPE from the Puma Phenomenal Boot Pack.

Experience stability like never before, all while reveling in the unmatched comfort and feather-light feel that sets this year’s design apart.

The Resurgence of the Ultra’s Signature Speedplate

In line with the other exceptional boots in the Phenomenal boot pack, the soleplate from the previous generation of the Ultra makes a triumphant return – and you know what? That’s definitely not a drawback.

Ever heard the saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?

And why would they? Especially when their speedplate, crafted from their signature lightweight PEBA material, hit the sweet spot between stability and propulsion that the likes of Grealish, Coman and Garcia swore by.

Puma Ultra Soleplate from the Puma Phenomenal Boot Pack.

Puma King: “Phenomenal” Control

Introducing the Phenomenal Puma King in the electrifying Electric Lime/Puma Black/Poison Pink colorway, set to grace the feet of Simons, Kovacic, and Engen in the upcoming weeks!

Puma King from the Puma Phenomenal Pack.

With the latest colorway stealing the spotlight, the Puma King proudly embraces the tech of the last generation while preserving the iconic features that made its predecessor a legend – all without compromise.

With its 0% Leather, this boot achieves 110% king status through its K-leather construction, 3D DNA textures, and lightweight design, establishing itself as the ultimate control boot!

Puma King Soleplate from the Puma Phenomenal Pack.

Like what you see?

Head to now to grab the latest Puma football boots and be a part of this groundbreaking chapter in football history.

Hurry, while stocks last—because in this new era, being exceptional is the rule, not the exception.

Step onto the field, leave the ordinary behind, and embrace the phenomenal.

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