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 Mitre Reveals the New FA Cup Football for 23/24.

Since 1995, the Mitre Ultimax has been synonymous with game-changing innovation. Now, as the 2023/24 FA Cup kicks off, Mitre proudly reintroduces its iconic Ultimax ball, marking a triumphant return to the football arena!

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#1. History of the FA Cup

#2. Mitre’s Legacy

#3. The inspiration behind the ball

#4. Behind the Seams (Mitre’s Tech)

Mitre Footballs - FA Cup 23/24

History of the FA Cup

In a groundbreaking move in 2018, Mitre shattered the norm by creating their inaugural FA Cup football, dethroning the industry giant, Nike, as the official ball supplier for the Football Association.

This historic triumph not only underscored Mitre’s unmatched expertise but also signaled a new era in football equipment.

Renewing their partnership for another three years, Mitre stands tall, having decisively toppled Nike, promising a future of unparalleled sporting excellence.

1964-Mitre’s Legacy Begins

In the vibrant era of the swinging sixties, when the legendary Denis Law proudly championed Mitre as its official spokesperson, the stage was set for a football revolution.

Mitre, a name synonymous with innovation and precision, embarked on a journey that would etch its legacy in the heart of football history.

It was in the iconic year of 1966 that Mitre seized the spotlight, becoming the official ball supplier for none other than the prestigious English Football Association.

From that moment, the fate of the FA Cup Final was sealed – it was to be graced by the unmatched quality of Mitre footballs for the next four exhilarating decades.

1995-The Birth of the “Mitre Ultimax”

Soon came the year 1995, and Mitre were on to a groundbreaking design with the release of the ‘Mitre Ultimax’, to become the official match ball of the Premier League. At the time, it was a popular choice among football players and lovers of the game.

9 Aug 1997: Mitre Ultimax football before the FA Carling Premiership match between Blackburn Rovers and Derby County at Ewood Park in Blackburn, England. \ Mandatory Credit: Graham Chadwick /Allsport

Known best for its exceptional durability, accuracy, and consistent performance on the field that pushed the parameters of what was possible, the Mitre Ultimax series epitomised the cutting-edge technology of its time, with a design that was set to meet the demands of the most professional matches.

The Mitre Ultimax was one of the most iconic and celebrated footballs to grace the English game and the first ever ball to be recorded at speeds of over 100mph.

And guess what? The Mitre Ultimax is back, and better than ever!

Ultimax is Back for the Emirates FA Cup 23/24!

Drawing inspiration from its iconic Mitre heritage, the brand unveils its newest football innovation: the “Ultimax Pro.” This cutting-edge addition to their lineup is set to revolutionize the game, immersing players in the action like never before.

Creative Direction

Inspired by the vibrant spirit of football, Mitre presents a contemporary twist on the classic delta design, blending nostalgia with a sleek and stylish form.

Imagine the scene: passionate fans waving their matchday flags and scarves in the stands. That’s the essence of football, and Mitre brings it to life with Ultimax Pro!

Through incorporating new Mitre brand colours and the tone of red that is synomous with the mens’ FA Cup, alongside an all-new blue variant for the women’s FA Cup, Mitre nail the aesthetic.

But, it’s not just about looks!

Let’s Talk about Tech!

With a revamped aesthetic, comes revamped technology, and it’s hard to find fault with the Ultimax Pro.

Heighten your game with ‘Hyperseal’

Utilising a thermally bonded construction, the Mitre Ultramax Pro features a stitchless design that’s as slick as your skills thanks to its zero water absoption capabilities and exceptional shape retention that is second to none!

After all, it shouldn’t come as a suprise when you consider how the 95′ variant was able to exceed speeds of 100mph!

Say hello to ‘Hyperfoam’

Discover the game-changing magic of Mitre’s ‘Hyperfoam’—it’s not just soft, it’s a total game-changer. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill foam; it’s the secret sauce that kicks your game up a notch.

Hyperfoam gives you the perfect balance—soft and smooth for those finesse moves, but also lively and responsive when you need to bring the heat. It’s that behind-the-scenes wizardry that turns a simple kick into a work of art!

Go with the ‘[Hyper]flow’

Dive into a new era of football with Mitre’s groundbreaking Hyperflow Technology.

The Ultimax Pro ball, designed with precision, defies norms with unparalleled flight accuracy and consistency. Every kick, pass, and shot becomes an art form, blurring the line between ordinary and extraordinary.

Patch up your game with Mitre’s Patch Bladder technology!

With its revolutionary Patch Bladder design, boasting strategically placed polyester panels over a Butyl Bladder, this ball takes sports performance to the next level.

Get ready for a consistent and electrifying bounce, ensuring every play and control is as sharp as your skills.

Less Panels? Fewer seams! Seamless.

Embracing a revolutionary four-panel design, this ball promises remarkable performance.

With fewer seams, expect unparalleled flight stability, granting players the power to shape the game like never before.

Paired with its unmatched durability, Mitre ensures it can withstand the toughest of challenges, making it the perfect companion for the Emirates FA Cup.

Anu’s Review:

Let’s take a look at Anu’s review of the new FA Cup football in action!

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