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Nike Launch The “Peak Ready” Pack

The Nike Ready Pack has landed.

The stage is set, and the players are poised – the question remains: are you prepared to dominate the field like never before?

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#1. Nike Tiempo 10

#2. Nike Mercurial

#3. Nike Phantom GX

#4. Nike Phantom Luna

#1. Nike Tiempo 10: Mastering “Peak Touch”

Experience the revolution with the Nike Tiempo 10 from the Peak Ready collection.

Tailored for players who command the game with the slightest touch, the Tiempo 10 epitomises mastery in gameplay, delivering the coveted “Peak Touch” on any occasion.

Its unique White/Black/Teal colour scheme is a statement in itself, reflecting the core essence of Nike’s uniqueness – the Swoosh.

Engineered for excellence and crafted for unparalleled comfort, Tiempo 10’s secret lies in the exclusive FlyTouch Plus technology.

Found on the upper, this technology features a soft and lightweight synthetic material that mirrors the qualities of real leather.

The teal-coloured upper not only looks sleek but also enhances the wearer’s finesse, promising enhanced comfort and precision.

Additionally, the innovative FlyKnit technology, reintroduced in the Tiempo 10 after its successful debut in the Ready Pack, ensures a revamped fit and feel.

Thin foam pods inside the boot provide exceptional cushioning, seamlessly blending with the vibrant teal backdrop. Conical studs on a uniquely speckled soleplate guarantee consistent traction and stability, allowing you to pivot and turn with the finesse of a professional.

#2. Nike Mercurial: Speed Meets Precision

Enter the realm of speed and precision with the Nike Mercurial, a masterpiece inspired by the finesse of world-renowned players like Mbappe, Rashford, Kerr, and Ronaldo. The Mercurial, more than just a boot, is an engineering marvel designed to unleash your potential for speed, agility, and dominance.

Prepare to propel your game with Vaporposite + technology, a seamless blend of textured chevron mesh lining and refined FlyKnit material. This innovation ensures unparalleled ball control even in the most intense moments of the game.

The revolutionary Air Zoom x Tri Stud Soleplate propels you forward with unmatched speed and precision, thanks to strategically placed flex grooves that infuse your steps with a natural spring, mirroring the dynamic motion of the ball.

The Tri-Stud soleplate, a testament to Nike’s innovative prowess, facilitates lateral movement, making directional changes effortless and leaving defenders bewildered.

#3. Nike Phantom GX: Precision Redefined

Unleash your on-pitch potential with the Nike Phantom GX, where innovation meets excellence, and performance transcends boundaries.

The GripKnit technology, a dynamic blend of knitted yarn and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), delivers an unparalleled ball-to-boot experience. The textured grip seamlessly woven into the boot enhances control, accuracy, and on-pitch precision, allowing you to dazzle on the field like never before.

The soleplate, adorned with galaxy-like white flecks and distinctive Tri-Star studs, redefines multidirectional movement. Pivoting, turning, and sprinting in any direction become effortless and seamless, giving you the edge you need to dominate every game.

#4. Nike Phantom Luna: Excellence Redefined

Crafted not just for players, but for the unstoppable forces on the field, the Nike Phantom Luna sets a new standard for domination on the pitch.

Its Cyclone 360 Plate, framed against a vibrant teal backdrop accented with a daring splash of purple, guarantees lightning-fast cuts with unwavering confidence. This not only reduces the risk of injuries but also promotes unmatched responsiveness, ensuring players can move with unparalleled agility and speed.

Complementing this innovation, the Asym Fit technology ensures these boots cater to diverse foot shapes, delivering exceptional comfort and tailored support for every player.

By eliminating distractions and maximizing stability, these boots empower players to unleash their full potential on the pitch without any compromises, allowing them to dominate the game on their own terms.

Are you ready to rewrite the rules of the game?

Dive into the future of football with Nike’s Peak Ready Pack today. Lace up, embrace the power beneath your feet, and let your game speak volumes.

Experience the pinnacle of performance, precision, and style – because on the pitch, greatness knows no limits.

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