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Puma Launch the Future 7 from the Creativity Boot Pack!

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and dynamic street pitches of Santos, where talent is honed through small-sided games and creativity is the key to success, the Puma Creativity Pack is a tribute to the origins of Brazilian Forward, Neymar Jr.

Inspired by Neymar

Just as Neymar Jr. has evolved from a street footballer to a global icon, this collection mirrors his journey. It celebrates his unique playing style, honed on those same streets, his quick-witted strategies born from the fast-paced games of his youth, and his diverse tactics that consistently outmaneuver the defence.

This pack is more than just a tribute; it encapsulates the essence of Neymar Jr’s football journey, from the streets of Santos to the global stage, reflecting the path that has shaped him into the player he is today.

The question is, where will creativity take you next?

A Brief History of the Future

Ever since its introduction in late 2017 with the Puma Future 18.1 “Netfit” football boot, the “Future” series has been a game-changer. Its innovative design offers superior stability in a lightweight package, with a primary focus on customizable fit, truly redefining the rules of the game.

Consider players like James Maddison, Thiago Silva, Jack Grealish, Xavi Simons, and the main man himself, Neymar Jr – all of whom have adopted the Future series as their primary gear on the pitch.

While it’s tempting to reminisce about the Future’s illustrious past, it’s worth acknowledging that Puma has made significant advancements in refining their Future boot.

Seven years of relentless innovation have led to popular models ranging from the Future 18.1 to the iconic Z 1.1 and Future Ultimate, culminating in the latest Future 7 Ultimate.

This journey underscores Puma’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in their product line, and the ‘Creative’ boot pack of February 2024 is no exception.

Graphically Geometric

The saying that creativity knows no bounds might have some truth to it, and it’s safe to say that Puma certainly knows how to push the envelope when it comes to their designs!

A quick glance at their colourway choices for last month’s “Phenomenal Pack” and “Eclipse Pack”, and now this stunning geometric rendition, allows you to truly appreciate its unique characteristics and allure.

Puma Future 7 Ultimate from the  2024 Puma Creativity Pack.

Observe how the vibrant oranges, deep reds, striking yellows, and subtle sky-blues dominate the brilliant white upper, creating a canvas for winning creativity that begins with you!

Close up of Puma Future 7 Ultimate's PWRTAPE from the  2024 Puma Creativity Pack.

Boot Tech

Marking the 7th generational milestone in the Future series, the “Future 7 Ultimate” from the Creativity Pack has been fine-tuned to present more than just a boost in aesthetic, but in performance too.

Close up of Puma Future 7 Ultimate's FUZIONFIT360 technology from the  2024 Puma Creativity Pack.

Through combining Puma’s signature FUZIONFIT360 upper, PWRPRINT texturing and 2 layers of PWRTAPE, the Future prides itself on delivering a snug, supportive fit that delivers unparalleled freedom of movement and stability.

Close up of Puma Future 7 Ultimate's PWRPRINT technology from the 2024 Puma Creativity Pack.

Pair this with the return of the Future 7’s signature Dynamic Motion System outsole that delivers unrestricted 360 degree manueverability and defenders will never again be able to stand in your way.

Close up of Puma Future 7 Ultimate's Dynamic Motion Outsole technology from the  2024 Puma Creativity Pack.

Like what you see?

You too can get creative with your playmaking by investing in a pair of Puma Future 7 Ultimate football boots from the signature Creativity boot pack at Lovell Soccer.

Hurry, while stocks last!

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