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The Best Blackout Football Boots of 2024

Get ready to eclipse the pitch as we delve into the hottest blackout boots of the season, brought to you by the world’s top brands!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it!

#1. Nike Phantom GX II Elite LV8

When Nike released these bad boys back in January as the first installment of their iconic Nike Shadow Pack, we couldn’t help but marvel at their visual appeal.

Simple, yet sophisticated, the GX II took all of the features found in the 2023 GX and combined them with the first-generation Phantom Luna to produce a boot truly encompasses the best of both worlds.

Nike Phantom GX II Elite LV8 Firm Ground Boots – NOW £199 (Was £249.99) at

Whether its the incorporation of Nike’s performance enhancing Gripknit material at key contact zones, or the improved Flyknit yarn within the upper, there’s few boots that deliver such precision and accuracy upon contact with the ball as the GX II Elite.

Gone is the tried and tested tri-stud soleplate found on the first gen GX, and in its place Nike situate their game-changing Cyclone 360 Soleplate that was originally debuted on the Phantom Luna to produce a boot that delivers next-level rotational traction.

A strategically placed stabilising bridge also takes centre stage for enhanced stability and agility, making split-second take-offs a breeze, allowing you to focus on the game without distraction.

#2. adidas Predator 24 Elite

We couldn’t contain our excitement when we heard the news that adidas was set to launch the nostalgic pred in their signature ‘Nightstrike’ colourway, and now its here we can’t rate it enough!

adidas Predator 24 Elite Low Firm Ground Football Boots – NOW £220 at

Jam packed with the latest tech from a Hybrid Touch 2.0 upper that promotes exceptional flexibility, to refined rubber fins for enhanced grip and spin, and signing off with a renewed soleplate branded the “Control Frame 2.0”, adidas has left no stone unturned in their revival of the classic Predator profile!

For players looking for a nostalgic twist on a blackout boot that performs above and beyond the competition, there’s nothing quite like the adidas Predator 24 Elite…

#3. New Balance Tekela V4+ Pro

New Balance sure know how to entice when it comes to blackout boots, and the Tekela V4+ Pro is of no exception.

Weighing in at a mere 180 grams, the Tekela sits as one of the lightest silos on the market and is packed with features that are guaranteed to give you the competitive edge.

New Balance Tekela v4+ Pro football boots. Available to purchase at
New Balance Tekela V4+ Pro Low Firm Ground Football Boots – £220 at

Through utilising a lightweight Hypoknit upper with a low-laced closure system, New Balance has perfected the ultimate fitting boot, that is capable of accomodating the wider footed, while also bringing players closer to the ball than ever before.

Signing off with its unique nylon outsole that dons a conical stud configuration, alongside TPU angled rim studs at the forefoot makes multi-directional traction on firm ground surfaces effortless

New Balance Tekela v4+ Pro football boot soleplate. Available to purchase at

#4. Puma Future 7 Ultimate

Another sensational boot that set our hearts racing upon release, the Puma Future 7 Ultimate from the Puma Eclipse Pack harnesses the features that made last gen’s silo so successful and refines to them near-perfection.

While last gen’s aesthetics were certainly questionable as Puma decided to strap their PWRTAPE tech to the side of their boot like an oversized plaster, this year’s design sees the innovative tech refined.

Puma Future 7 Ultimate football boots from the Puma Eclipse Pack. Available to purchase at
Puma Future 7 Ultimate Firm Ground Football Boots – £170 (WAS £209.99) at

Now sporting a ‘Y’ shaped structure on the upper, Puma utilises not just one, but two layers of PWRTAPE for enhanced lockdown, to promote a feeling that enacts a second-skin upon striking the ball.

PWRPRINT technology then seeks to utilise 3D grip textures at key contact zones to help players seize control of the ball, assisting with natural ball control and striking movements when called for.

Puma Future 7 Ultimate Soleplate from the Puma Eclipse Pack. Available to purchase at

#5. Nike Mercurial Vapor Elite

If you’ve had the chance to glance over what we felt were the best blackout football boots of 2023, then you may be surprised to see this silo make a return to our 2024 listing.

We were too, but hey, just because Nike haven’t released an updated blackout Mercurial doesn’t meet this boot can’t stand amongst the greatest silos out there.

Don’t believe us? Just ask Ronaldo, Mbappe, Neymar or Hazard…

Nike Mercurial Vapor Football Boots from the Nike Shadow Pack.Available to purchase at

While you may be thinking that a boot from last year likely means outdated tech, we instead feel that sometimes you can’t improve upon perfection.

But hey, that’s only because the launch of all Nike’s boot packs this year has only seen a change of colourway rather than tech!

As a result, what makes this boot so special is its tried and tested 3/4 Air Zoom unit situated within the mid and forefoot that works to promote efficient energy return, while the Vaporposite + upper fuses textured chevron mesh with Flyknit to help players stay in control when the pressure cranks up.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Football Boots soleplate from the Nike Shadow Pack.Available to purchase at

#6. adidas X Crazyfast

When it comes to speed-silos, there’s hardly any competition for the X Crazyfast, after all, it’s all in the name!

Casting a shadow over its predecessor, the addias X Speedportal, the X Crazyfast silo features state-of-the-art technology to take the game to the next level.

adidas X Crazyfast Football Boots from the adidas Nightstrike Boot Pack.
adidas X CrazyFast.1 Firm Ground Football Boots Adults – NOW £175 (Was £219.99) at

Equipped with a lightweight Carbon Fibre Speedframe, Agility Speed Cage, PrimeKnit collar, and a High-Speed Stability System, the X Crazyfast isn’t just setting a new standard for performance boots, it’s redefining it.

And if you’re still not convinced, just ask Lionel Messi, Mohamed Salah, or Ángel Di María. This is their boot of choice!

adidas X Crazyfast Football Boot Soleplate from the adidas Nightstrike Boot Pack.

So, if you’re looking for a boot that’s not just well-rounded but also capable of taking a beating on the pitch and still outperforming the rest, look no further than the adidas X Crazyfast. Because sometimes, you just can’t improve upon perfection.

Like what you see?

Rest assured, there’s a world of options just waiting to be explored!

We’re head over heels for these boots, but we understand that they might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

But don’t worry, Lovell Soccer has got you covered with an extensive selection of blackout football boots. They cater to all tastes and budgets.

So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a budding amateur, there’s a perfect pair just waiting for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and find your perfect match!

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