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The Best Euro 2024 Football Shirts (So Far…)

Anticipation is mounting for the UEFA Euro 2024, and we’ve compiled a selection of what we believe to be the most impressive football shirts set to grace the tournament.

Without further delay, let’s explore these exceptional designs in detail!

#1. Germany Away

In an exciting move to resonate with the evolving generation of German football enthusiasts and to honor the rich diversity of the nation, adidas has introduced an unprecedented Tri-Colour Germany Away Shirt.

This official colourway features a captivating Semi Lucid Fuchsia/Team College Purple hue, embellished with crisp white stripes, brand logos, and the team badge.

What truly sets it apart is the gradient design, seamlessly blending dark purples into lighter shades, reminiscent of the iconic 1994 Away shirt.

However, instead of the traditional flag colours, this innovative palette embraces inclusivity, symbolizing unity among players and fans alike.

It’s a bold statement that not only pays homage to the past but also embraces the spirit of progress and togetherness.

#2. England Away

Let’s dive into this one, shall we?

England’s away kits have often stolen the spotlight, but who would’ve thought they’d shake things up this much with a bold purple hue for the Euros? And let us tell you, it’s not just good – it’s jaw-droppingly good!

Just take a moment to soak it in.

That rich plum purple, paired with the shimmering golden accents of the three lions and Nike swoosh? It’s a match made in kit heaven. Simple, yet undeniably striking, this away shirt isn’t just setting the bar – it’s redefining it for all away kits out there!

Props to Nike!

#3. Italy Away

Get ready for a lesson in the timeless adage “less is more” with the Italy Away Shirt for 2024!

It’s a blast from the past, reminiscent of something straight out of the archives. In fact, if you told us this shirt was decades old, we’d be inclined to believe you (well, except for that telltale adi logo, of course!).

Simple yet undeniably elegant, the Italian flag takes center stage, its bold colours proudly displayed. The addition of the blue collar adds a touch of sophistication, elevating this shirt to a truly timeless piece.

And let’s not forget the thoughtful inscription “L’ITALIA CHIAMO” on the back of the neck, a nod to the national anthem that adds an extra layer of significance.

Kudos to adidas for a job well done!

#4. England Home

Prepare for some controversy as Nike unveils its playful take on the St. George’s Cross with this eye-catching kit, earning its place on our list with a fusion of classic white and dark navy hues, accented by striking maroon-red detailing for a touch of sophistication.

The specially constructed collar steals the spotlight, seamlessly blending a classic v-neck collar with a polo collar for a unique and innovative design element. Paired with sleek navy-blue and light red striping, this kit delivers a sensational sign-off that’s bound to turn heads.

It’s coming home!

#5. Belgium Away

Well, brace yourselves for an unexpected twist in design inspiration with this one!

In a nod to Belgian culture, adidas has embarked on a collaboration with the globally renowned comic series Tintin by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. And why not? It’s an ingenious move that infuses a touch of whimsy and nostalgia into the mix.

We’re particularly enamored with the concept, and what really seals the deal for us is the collar – a direct homage to Tintin’s iconic attire as depicted in the beloved comics.

If we had to nitpick, our only reservation lies in the choice of brown shorts to accompany the shirt, which, in our opinion, veers a tad too close to novelty territory rather than the sleek look expected of an international Away kit.

Keep an eye out for Kevin De Bruyne – with the right hairstyle, he could easily pass for Tintin’s doppelgänger!

#6. Belgium Home

Is this the greatest Belgium Home Shirt of all time? Well, it’s definitely up there!

Step aside, “Red Devils” – for a limited time only, Belgium is embracing a new moniker: “The Crimson Devils,” courtesy of this striking kit!

Reportedly drawing inspiration from Belgian contemporary architecture and luxury fashion design, adidas has truly delivered on their promise of creating a “Modern, elegant, and premium” Home and Away kit collection.

In our humble opinion, adidas has hit the nail on the head with this design. The depth of colour and the subtle variations in tones perfectly capture the essence of the national flag.

We’re eagerly anticipating seeing this kit take center stage at the 2024 Euros – it’s sure to turn heads and make waves on the field!

Like what you see?

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