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Puma’s Revolutionary ‘Breakthrough Pack’: The Future of Performance Enhancing Footwear?

Get ready to redefine limits ahead of the highly anticipated 2023 Women’s World Cup, courtesy of Puma’s brand new Ultra boot from the cutting-edge Breakthrough Pack.

Setting Our Sights on the Women’s World Cup

As the countdown to the 2023 World Cup intensifies, with the event set to take place in the land Down Under, the global spotlight turns towards the highly anticipated ninth edition of the prestigious FIFA Women’s tournament.

With only a month remaining until kick-off, all eyes are focused on the world stage, where excitement and anticipation reach unprecedented levels.

In honor of the invaluable contributions made by women in football, Puma proudly unveils the groundbreaking ‘Breakthrough Pack’ featuring a captivating range of colourways. This remarkable release not only showcases Puma’s unwavering dedication to empowering female players worldwide but also serves as a tribute to the remarkable journey of women in football.

By offering a diverse selection of unifying colour options, Puma reinforces its commitment to supporting and empowering women in the sport on a global scale.

Puma Ultra Ultimate

Kicking off the Breakthrough Pack, we have Puma’s latest take on their signature Ultra silo, delivering an enigmatic display of precision-engineered materials in a revamped ‘Puma White/Fire Orchid’ colourway that exudes World Cup brilliance.

From first impressions, it’s clear to see why the Ultra is set to be the boot of choice for a vast number of athletes at this year’s women’s world cup.

With revamped graphics and intricate detailing, Puma takes us back to its track heritage, situating the iconic Puma Formstrip at the heart of the design, with an additional Formstrip logo featuring on the instep.

A neat improvement on an already sleek-looking silo if we say so ourselves, and with the complementary PWRTAPE proudly presented on the heel, it’s a subtle reminder of Puma’s dedication towards innovation.

Ultraweave Upper

If you’re already acquainted with the Puma Ultra, chances are you’re familiar with the game-changing ULTRAWEAVE technology designed to keep players agile and light on their feet. Puma’s visionary approach aims to provide an unparalleled experience for athletes, ensuring optimal performance on the field.

Building upon the foundation of the Puma Ultra, the brand has taken a revolutionary step forward by completely re-engineering their lightweight ULTRAWEAVE upper material for this particular model.

Drawing inspiration from the match shirts worn by Puma teams, known for their exceptional breathability and featherlight construction, this new iteration incorporates the same cutting-edge knit technology.

Puma’s dedication to providing players with an unrivaled combination of lightweight design and enhanced breathability is evident in every stitch of this remarkable footwear.

Goodbye to PWRPRINT?

Where before Puma’s signature PWRPRINT technology would reside on the upper, it is nowhere to be seen, but while some may feel this to be a drawback of the design, it provides a buttery smooth and streamlined finish that embodies the concept of speed.

The Power of PWRTAPE

Unlike the previous iteration of the Ultra Speed Boot, where the PWRTAPE material was primarily located on the heel, Puma has made a strategic choice to utilize this performance-enhancing technology as a supportive skeleton for the upper.

By integrating PWRTAPE in this manner, Puma provides players with a heightened sense of natural stability, enabling seamless and confident multidirectional movement on the pitch. This innovative design element enhances the overall performance and agility of athletes, ensuring they can perform at their best in any direction.

However, Puma’s dedication to innovation goes one step further…

On the scales, the Ultra weighs approximately 209 grams for a size 8 fitting, resulting in a 19-gram increase over the 190 grams of the previous model and an additional 37 grams heavier than the Ultra 1.4.

But while some may see this to be a backward step, it’s got more to do with Puma’s dedication to finding the perfect weight-to-strength ratio, situating performance at the heart of the Ultra’s design.


In looking at the outsole, Puma uses the same tooling as seen in the previous generation, again opting for the reliable dual-density SPEEDPLATE outsole.

After all, it only makes sense when you consider how the outsole is inspired by Puma’s track running spike trainers and their ability to deliver “next-level” speed.

What is a ‘dual-density’ speedplate’?

For those who are new to the Puma Ultra speed boot, the dual-density speedplate refers to a distinctive feature of the outsole that employs two distinct types of plastics. The shinier component exhibits a softer texture, while the matte finish offers a firmer feel. This ingenious design element plays a crucial role in enhancing performance.

The softer plastic allows for improved rebound, facilitating easier push-off from the outsole, while the firmer plastic ensures efficient energy return. The combination of these materials provides players with an optimal balance of responsiveness and energy efficiency, allowing them to perform at their peak.

Fit & Comfort

Moving on to the fit & comfort of the boot, the Ultra is similar to previous models in that the popular padding situated within the heel is back, but with a few slight tweaks to the design.


In a bid to find the perfect balance between incorporating innovation and keeping the boot lightweight, Puma has reduced the padding ever so slightly that it is near-impossible to detect how it fits and feels.


In looking at the tech incorporated inside of the boot, Puma has stuck to their roots with the lightweight & removable NanoGrip insole making a welcome return that is guaranteed to keep your foot locked down to the max.


The collar is also executed differently, with a curved cut that replaces the classic rounded wider fitting seen on the previous Ultra model for an improved sense of lockdown and stability that is difficult to match.

Narrow/Regular Fit

Engineered for a regular to narrow fit, the Ultras are perfect for players with an average or narrow foot shape, but not so much for the wider footed.

There is also a slight change in the execution of the lacing system where the laces have been brought inwards, making them characteristically narrower.

But what is great about the construction isn’t just its exceptional lockdown, but the fact they fit true to size. Rejoice!

Puma Future

Just like the Puma Ultra, the new Future Ultimate model rocks the eye-catching “Puma White/Fire Orchid” colour combo. It captures the clean white base that sets the stage, with the signature PWRTAPE strip on each side of the boot sporting those flashy red hues.

The studs also receive a pop of red, and even the branding follows suit with the same colour. As for tech upgrades, there’s not much new here—it sticks to the tried-and-true design of its predecessor and we can’t fault it!

Where to Buy the Puma Breakthrough Pack?

If you’re looking to get your hands on the latest Puma Breakthrough Pack and want to explore more than just the Puma Ultra, but also the latest Future & King, you can get your hands on the entire range by visiting

Let us know your thoughts and opinions on Puma’s latest Boot Pack. We’d love to hear from you!

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