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The Puma Future Ultimate -A Supercharged Boot Pack

The 10th iteration of the Puma Future has landed.

Introducing the all-new Puma Future Ultimate from the Supercharge Pack– a refined blueprint of last year’s Future Ultimate which sees a significant improvement in how the boots fit and perform over their predecessor.

Set to be showcased on the pitch by the likes of Neymar, James Maddison, Thiago Silva & Gemma Bonner in the coming months, it’s clear the sports giant isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

After all, why would they? Not now the ‘Future’ of boot design is here…

Colourway & Sizing

Arriving in an invigorating Blue Glimmer/ Puma White/Ultra Orange colourway, with Puma branding detailed in white, it’s safe to say the Puma Future Ultimate Supercharge paints a momentous first impression.

Designed with the wearer in mind, Puma for this year’s Supercharged Silo has pulled out all the stops to put one past rivals Nike and adidas with the introduction of a silo specifically designed for not just men, but women too!

Rejoice ladies! No more cramming your feet into men’s sizes in the hope they’ll suffice!

Whilst sports brands arguably have a long way to go in giving recognition to female players, Puma this year makes it their priority to create cleats specifically designed for the female foot.

To make this possible and calculate a precise fit for the wearer, Puma has based the Future on

“the volume and instep height of the anatomical shape of a women’s foot for a high-performance fit and feel.”

A fantastic step in raising awareness for the need of more sports brands to cater for women’s feet!

Puma Future .1 FG Football Boot – £195 at

You can explore the full Men’s and Women’s range here.

Comfort – FUZIONFIT360

In taking a closer look at the boot’s construction, Puma has integrated the latest FUZIONFIT360 technology into the dual mesh upper that complements the PWRTAPE to provide a stretchy knit material for an adaptive and supportive fit to aid lockdown.

With this, 3D textured elements have been thoughtfully placed in primary contact zones within the forefoot to enhance the player’s grip on the ball, whilst making passing, dribbling and striking a breeze.

Puma Future .1 FG Football Boot – £195 at

Although we can’t get enough of the new 3D texture, it’s important to note that the addition of grip hasn’t been overdone with these boots, unlike on some boot models, such as the adidas’s Predator Edge.

After all, if Puma were to decide to place too much 3D texture on their boot, it would result in a completely different feel and fit than what the Future is renowned for.

Here at On The Line, we feel they have incorporated just the right amount, and it’s important to consider how the previous Future had no 3D grip texture whatsoever! A welcomed improvement.


You’re probably wondering what that ‘zig-zag’ design is all about…

That’s known as PWRTAPE.

According to Senior Product Line Manager of Teamsport Footwear, Florian Nemetz

“PWRTAPE is based on strain data collected from measuring strain forces on the upper of the boot during a variety of key football movements that include accelerating, running, cutting and kicking.”

To current and past wearers of Puma, PWRTAPE has already been seen on the likes of the Puma Ultra, and now for the first time, makes its mark on the Puma Future.

Designed to provide the player with an exceptional lockdown of the foot, the PWRTAPE stretches and curves at key areas on the boot, where the boot is susceptible to bend and cause strain/discomfort for the player.

Coupled with a flexible TPU composition in the forefoot, Puma helps players switch up their game when things get heated.

Could PWRTAPE be the ‘Future’ of Puma’s success in shaking up the football world?

We think so!

Puma Future .1 FG Football Boot – £195 at

Dynamic Motion System Soleplate

We’re no strangers to the Dynamic Motion System soleplate. Previously seen on the Future Ultimate model of last year, it’s clear Puma has made a clever decision to reinstate an already-successful boot tech into their design.

Delivering the player enhanced stability, improved agility and better traction on the pitch, boot-tech doesn’t get more sophisticated than this.

Thanks to a Dual-Density Motion System situated within the outsole of the boot and a PEBAX material composition toward the heel, the Future Ultimate helps improve stability, whilst offering its wearer excellent energy transfer when making contact with the ball.

Following the decision to incorporate the Dynamic Motion Soleplate, we see a significant change in the shape of the studs over last year’s predecessor.

In place of half-moon studs, we see the Future Ultimate don diamond shaped studs to the back and middle of the boot, with arrow shaped studs toward the forefoot, offering the player greater traction and maneuverability on the pitch.

A considerable improvement!

Puma Future .1 FG Football Boot – £195 at


Overall, the Puma Future Ultimate is one of the best-fitting boots on the market. Whilst not inducing a feel as if your feet are super-glued to the insole, the stretchy knit upper provides exceptional movement when you need it most.

Combine these comfortable characteristics with the sports giant’s patented PWRTAPE and FUZIONFIT360 boot tech and consideration of women’s sizing and we have a real contender in being the best boot pack to launch this year.

On sale for £195 at launch, the Puma Future Ultimate sits at a reasonable price point when considering rival brand adidas’s recent launch of their Copa Pure range retails at £200 for the laced .1 model and £250 for the laceless + model. We discuss the Copa Pure range here.

Like what you see? You can grab a pair of the Puma Future Ultimate for pre-order at

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