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adidas Drop the “Energy Citrus” Pack

Get ready to level up and add some zest to your game with the Energy Citrus Pack from adidas, featuring the latest X Crazyfast, Predator 24 and Copa Pure II in a series of colourways that’s guaranteed to get your tastebuds tingling!

So, what are you waiting for?! It’s time to peel away your inhibitions and squeeze out every ounce of your on-pitch potential.

Let’s get to it!

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#1. adidas X Crazyfast

#2. adidas Predator 2024

#3. adidas Copa Pure II

#1. adidas X Crazyfast – Solar Red/White/Solar Yellow

First up, it’s the adidas X Crazyfast.

Adidas has taken a bold step with this one. They’ve flipped the script on their classic X design from the Solar Energy collection, giving it a revitalised new look that accentuates the boot’s unique features.

The upper part of the boot, crafted from a dual layer of low-opacity TPU film known as “Aeropacity Speedskin +”, has undergone a colour transformation from solar yellow to a vibrant solar red. The soleplate and sock-liner follow suit, adding a dash of excitement to the mix.

Word on the street is that the adidas X boots from the Citrus Pack could be the final edition before the much-anticipated return of the F50. It seems adidas is determined to make a lasting impression with this eye-catching colourway!

So, keep your eyes wide open! The adidas X Crazyfast from the Energy Citrus pack is about to take the football world by storm, gracing the feet of the game’s greatest, from Rafael Leão to Mohamed Salah and even Messi!

#2. adidas Predator 2024 – Team Solar Yellow/Black/Solar Red

Next up, we have the adidas Predator 2024 in a striking Solar Yellow/Black/Solar Red colourway, and while following suit as all boots within the Energy Citrus pack, its colours are inverted, however that isn’t all…

For the eagle-eyed fans and lovers of the classic Predator of old, you might be scratching your heads thinking you’ve seen this colourway before, and you’d be right!

At its very core, the colour combination stems from the original Predator Accelerator Electricity from 1998, which was again re-released in 2018 with their Accelerator re-make.

adidas Predator Accelerotor “Electricity” 2018 re-release

However, while the Predator 24 undeinably takes inspiration from the iconic Accelerator Electricity model, it also takes inspiration from the Predator 18 ‘Energy Mode’ and combines the two to produce a modern take on such an iconic colourway.

Marking yet another return to the Predator 24, adidas situate the highly popular fold-over tongue in contrasting black and yellow, while the three-stripes on the upper are inverted for a look that’s as punchy as it is clean.

Expect to see the likes of Bellingham, Pedri, Russo and Gabriel Jesus in a pair of Citrus Burst Predators in the coming weeks!

#3. adidas Copa Pure II – Shadow Red/White/Solar Yellow

Adidas, in a daring departure from the conventional, introduces the Copa Pure II in a striking Shadow Red/White/Solar Yellow colourway. This audacious choice of colours not only distinguishes it from the rest but also serves to accentuate every curve of the boot, making each feature stand out in a truly unique way.

Whether it’s the innovative Fusionskin upper, the Primeknit collar, or the TorsionFrame soleplate, each element is highlighted to perfection. Adidas has truly hit a home run with this design!

Get ready for a spectacle as we anticipate football stars like Declan Rice, Bernardo Silva, Alexis Mac Allister, and all other current wearers of the Copa, to soon switch to these sleek silos. Stay tuned!

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