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Is the Puma Future 7 Ultimate the Best Boot of 2024?

Discover the Puma Future 7 Ultimate for 2024, the newest and most advanced boot from Puma. We visited Puma HQ in Germany to learn about the innovative technologies, features, and design that make this boot stand out from the rest. Don’t miss this exclusive review of the hottest boot of the year!

Pack Inspiration, Players & Aesthetics:

Before we delve into the tech side of things, let’s just take a moment to applaud Puma’s commitment to design as the Future marks its 7th generational milestone.

On first impression, the striking white and pink colourway, set to be a running theme with the launch of the Puma “Phenomenal Pack”, is just that…phenomenal.

While likely not to everyone’s taste, as these colours can be hard to fuse together, it’s safe to say it certainly packs a punch!

But it’s not just about looks, though. Renowned players like Jack Grealish, Neymar, Kai Havertz, James Maddison, and Jess Carter have already embraced the “Future”, and will be set to don the latest silo in the coming weeks.

And the best part? Now you can too!

Weiging in on Performance

Putting the Puma Future to the scales, the weight comparison between the 2024 model and its predecessor reveals a notable evolution.

The previous model, in a UK 8.5, tipped the scales at 230 grams. In the latest generation, we observe a modest 1.74% reduction, with the boot weighing in at just 226 grams.

Okay, while the weight difference may not be groundbreaking, Puma’s commitment to providing a snug fit that prioritises comfort takes precedence over a marginal reduction in weight.

It’s a philosophy we can certainly get behind!

PWRTAPE: Fine-Tuning Lockdown Technology

Say goodbye to the questionable PWRTAPE placement and design of the 2023 model, and hello to a more refined look and feel on the 7 Ultimate , that utilises not one, but two layers of PWRTAPE across the midfoot.

It’s purpose? To provide players with better lockdown and stability than any Future model gone before.

Is it an improvement over the 2023 model? We’d say yes, most definitely, and we’ll tell you why:

While the PWRTAPE technology in the previous model effectively collaborated with the inside lining for improved lockdown, it often seemed more like an aesthetic feature than a functional one.

However, with the 2024 model, Puma’s strategic adjustments to its placement undeniably mark a substantial improvement that keeps your feet on form!

PWRPRINT: Precision in Ball Control

Excitingly, Puma has taken a page from the playbook of other top brands by injecting the 2024 Future model with the dynamic flair of 3D Grip Textures, otherwise labelled as ‘PWRPRINT’.

This move, likely inspired by game-changers like the adidas Predator and the heightened control zones of the New Balance Tekela, promises an exhilarating boost to on-field performance

Strategically placed at key contact zones, we feel the 3D grip textures provide an added sense of on-pitch confidence as their positioning is has been optimally placed where you’d expect to control and strike the ball.

FUZIONFIT360: Polished to Perfection

There’s no denying it – the FUZIONFIT360 upper in the 2023 Future Ultimate was a total game-changer. It not only delivered ultimate stability, lockdown, and support but also granted players absolute freedom of movement on the field.

Now, with the Future 7 Ultimate (the 2024 version), Puma takes this innovative tech and kicks it up a notch. By seamlessly integrating FUZIONFIT360 with the revamped PWRPRINT grip textures and PWRTAPE, they’ve crafted one of the most snug and supportive fits ever seen on a Future boot.

What’s the secret sauce? It’s a combination of different densities and mesh patterns strategically placed to provide stability, support, and precise ball sensation where it matters most. The extra stretchy knit ensures an adaptive, more supportive fit, allowing for increased freedom of movement.

And let’s not forget the PWRPRINT on the lateral and medial sides – a game-changer for added support during those rapid changes in direction.

The return of the Dynamic Motion System Outsole

Staying true to the previous generation, Puma maintains the Dynamic Motion System Outsole on the 7 Ultimate. While a dash of spice might have been exciting, we can’t fault Puma for sticking to the mantra of ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

After all, the outsole delivers a good amount of flex on the forefoot and has a super solid midfoot which really allows you to be aggressive with your movements if you need to.

Overall, it’s a solid outsole!

Fit & Feel: A Perfect Fusion

Right out of the box, the boot’s fit and comfort are truly exceptional.

After putting a standard size 10 to the test, the true-to-size fit proves to be spot-on, and for those eyeing the latest Future 7 Ultimate, sticking to your usual size is our recommendation.

The revamped FUZIONFIT360 upper adds to the versatility of the boot, accommodating both narrow and wide-footed players with ease.

Coupled with the flexibility of the Puma Future’s option to go laceless or not, the fit becomes a personalised experience!

Should you wish to maximize the boot’s clamping ability and lockdown, keeping the laces in is a wise move – but, of course, that’s just our take!

Anu’s take on the latest Puma Future 7

It’s time to see how these boots perform on the field! Watch Anu’s review below, where he explains everything!

Pricing & Where to Buy

Let’s dive into the pricing details.

If you’re eyeing a pair of these, the PUMA Future Ultimate comes with a price tag of £200. This aligns closely with adidas’ Predator line and is notably more budget-friendly than Nike’s current Phantom GX.

For those with an admiration for the Puma Future but a budget that doesn’t stretch to the ultimate model, fear not! PUMA offers alternative price points that still deliver top-notch tech at a more wallet-friendly cost.

Mark your calendars – the PUMA Future’s release at Lovell Soccer is set for January 18th. A big shoutout to PUMA for giving us a glimpse inside their German HQ.

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2 replies on “Is the Puma Future 7 Ultimate the Best Boot of 2024?”

what’s the difference between puma future 7 ultimate, pro and match( besides price ofc)? It’s really hard to find any info

Hi Chris,

Many thanks for reaching out! I agree, it’s a tricky field to navigate and a there is rarely a place where this information is readily available, but I’m here to help!

To break it down:

#1. Future 7 Ultimate:

Features a FUZIONFIT360+ upper and 3D Grip Textures at key contact zones.
Uses the Dual Motion System Soleplate with a mix of high-performance materials for assisted energy return.
It is slightly lighter than the Pro model.

#2. Future 7 Pro:

Replaces the FUZIONFIT360+ Upper with a ‘FUZIONFIT+ Upper’ that uses a single piece of lightweight mesh for stability, support, and ball sensation.
Lacks the 3D Grip textures found on the 7 Ultimate, and instead uses a raised mesh for pro-level ball grip and control.
Features the Dynamic Motion System soleplate found on the 7 Ultimate, but lacks the mix of high-performance materials.
Features the PWRTAPE technology, but this is down to a single layer for the Pro. It has dual layers like the Ultimate if you opt for the Pro + model.

#3. Puma 7 Match:

Lacks the PWRTAPE found in the Pro and Ultimate and is given only ‘support tape’.
Lacks the 3D Grip Textures or raised-mesh found on the Pro & Ultimate models and is swapped out with ‘Print details at key contact zones’.
The Fuzionfit upper is completely absent, and is replaced with a lightweight mesh upper and embossed details instead of 3D grip textures.
Interestingly, the Dynamic Motion System outsole is present on all models whether the Future 7 Ultimate, 7 Pro, or 7 Match.

I hope this makes the differences between the models clearer! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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