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New Balance Launch the Furon V7+ and Tekela V4+

Speedsters, strikers, and on-pitch visionaries, rejoice! The latest New Balance Furon 7+ and Tekela 4+, have arrived to redefine the rules.

Are you ready to revolutionise your playmaking?

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#1. New Balance Furon 7+

#2. New Balance Tekela 4+

#3. New Balance 442

#1. New Balance Tekela V4+ – “Touch, Perfected”

This one’s for the playmakers, the visionaries and the orchastrators. The one’s who control the tempo and can change the outcome of a game with just a single touch of the ball.

Introducing the New Balance Tekela 4+, the boot engineered for the players who can see three moves ahead and then some!

Re-engineered “Hypoknit” Upper

For the player who craves an uninterrupted boot to ball experience, New Balance’s Tekela 4+ sets a new industry standard for excellence.

Utilising a re-engineered mesh upper, the Tekala 4+ wraps seamlessly around your foot like a second skin, to deliver a close and intuitive feel for the ball that places you at the heart of the game’s outcome.

Complete with a low-laced closure,the V4+ ensures a snug and secure fit, while the collar delivers essential support and stability that is inherently synonymous with the NB brand.

Fuel your game with “Fuelcell” Inserts

Unique to the New Balance V4+, the incorporation of an innovative insert branded ‘FuelCell’, is here to redefine the possibilities of comfort and propulsion on the field.

Taking inspiration from their track-running heritage, where the innovative “Fuelcell” tech first featured on the SuperComp Elite v3 running shoes, New Balance now bring it to their V4+ football boot.

FuelCell offers a fusion of comfort and propulsion, maximising energy return for quick sprints and darts on the pitch. Whether you’re locking or detaching from firm-ground surfaces, it feels smooth and effortless.

But what is FuelCell exactly? It’s a lightweight foam that provides a high-rebound cushioning and responsiveness. It’s designed to make you feel like you’re flying on the field, giving you an edge over your opponents.

Lightweight Nylon Outsole + Angular Studs = Optimal Traction

Tired of your boots weighing you down? Look no further. The Tekela V4+ is the perfect choice for you.

Fuel your thirst for on-pitch domination with the innovative lightweight nylon outsole, available exclusively on the Tekela V4+.

Feel the difference of a nylon outsole that has conical studs and TPU angled rim studs at the forefoot, giving you superior control and stability on firm ground. With the Tekela V4+, you can move with confidence and precision every time, any time.

#2. New Balance Furon V7+ – “Speed it Up”

Get ready to set the pitch ablaze, speed demons!

Introducing the New Balance Furon 7+, the weapon of choice for players ready to seize every fleeting moment and leave defenders in the dust.

Whether it’s slicing through defenses with a precision through ball or unleashing a rocket of a shot, the Furon 7+ is your ticket to accelerating your game.

Form-Fitting Canopy + Off-Set Lacing = Optimal Strike Zone

A perennial favourite for those who thrive on precision at breakneck speeds, the Furon V7+ is not just an evolution; it’s a revolution in football footwear.

Introducing the groundbreaking ‘Form-Fitting Canopy,’ a game-changer that ensures your foot is cocooned in a lightweight embrace, providing enhanced lockdown and stability precisely where you need it — at top speed.

Engineered to not only lighten the load but elevate your game, the V7+ delivers a lightweight midfoot for enhanced lockdown.

But that’s not all! With offset-lacing sharing the limelight, clean strikes become second nature, unburdened by unnecesary weight, guaranteeing a seamless on-pitch experience that ensures your movements are fluid, your shots are lethal, and the pitch becomes your canvas.

Feel the difference as you weave through defenses, secure in the knowledge that every stride is met with unshakeable support.

Nylon Outsole x V-Shaped Studs

Tired of watching your rivals speed off while you deal with unpredictable conditions? Frustrated by the constant worry of twisting your ankle because your current boots just can’t keep up?

Well, your struggle is over.

With a nylon outsole rocking a V-shaped stud setup, making swift moves, quick starts, and dashes towards the goal-line has never felt so easy.

Get on board with the revolution, embrace the New Balance Furon V7+ today.

#3. New Balance 442

Since its debut in 2019, the New Balance 442 has firmly established itself as a go-to choice for professional ballers seeking both style and performance. Seamlessly blending durability and stunning aesthetics into a compact form factor, New Balance is back with their latest iteration of the iconic 442 boot, replacing the ‘Orbit Pack’ colourway of 2023.

Crafted with attention to detail, the 442 V2 Pro FG boot epitomizes excellence. Its premium leather upper exudes quality and durability, while the elite nylon plate ensures unmatched performance.

Where can I buy the latest New Balance Football Boots?

Snag your New Balance Furon 7+, Tekela 4+, and 442 at today!

Move fast – these game-changers won’t wait around!

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