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 Nike Drop the New Phantom GX/Luna 2 for 2024!

Prepare to unleash your inner beast with the Vortex of Victory, where chaos is your ally and glory is your destiny.

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#1. What are Nike’s plans for 2024?

#2. Nike Phantom GX 2

#3. Nike Phantom Luna 2 Elite

Feel the power of the storm with the new Phantom GX 2 & Luna 2 Elite football boots, featuring a dazzling Green Glow/Black colourway that will hypnotise your opponents. These boots are not just eye-candy; they are loaded with cutting-edge features that will boost your performance and unleash your potential.

The Vortex Pack is here to shake things up, leaving behind the Mercurial and Tiempo. The question is: Are you ready to join the Phantom revolution?

What are Nike up to for 2024?

Back in 2009, Nike made a huge leap in the evolution of their iconic Mercurial boot with the introduction of their ‘Superfly’ variant.

Boasting a smooth ‘High-Cut’ design, also called ‘Dynamic Fit’, the Mercurial Superfly delivered a snug fit that sought to enhance the feeling of striking the ball, as if going barefoot.

Now, in 2024, Nike is at it again with their stunning GX 2 & Phantom Luna 2 Elite football boots, where the two highly popular boot models have fused their innovative boot technologies into a unique form-factor that gives the best of both worlds, with one key difference… boot cut!

That’s right, the Nike Phantom GX 2 is the “Low-Cut” boot option, tailored for maximum mobility & quick multi-directional movement.

While the Phantom Luna 2 Elite is the “Mid-Cut” option, providing comfortable compression around the ankle and increased stability.

What makes the Phantom boot models similar to the Mercurial range is that they both offer different boot cuts to suit different playing styles and preferences. 

By doing this, Nike has created a diverse and versatile range of boots that cater to the needs of every footballer.

Phantom GX 2 (“Low Cut”)

Introducing the second generation of the Nike Phantom GX, the “low-cut” marvel of this season’s hottest collection, and the boot that’s been making waves across the football world!

Picture this:

You’re in the zone, effortlessly maneuvering past defenders and creating opportunities. The ball is at your feet, and you’re in complete control. It’s the Phantom GX 2 Elite, the boot that propels you into an unstoppable force.

Loaded with phenomenal features, from an upgraded Nike Gripknit texture on the upper to a revamped Cyclone 360 soleplate inspired by the success of the Phantom Luna, and a distinctive LV8 design, Nike presents you with exceptional features that elevate your ability to control and strike the ball with precision.

Embraced by some of the most elite players on the planet—such as Haaland, Enzo Fernández, Foden, Rodrygo, Gavi, and Camavinga—it is set to be the boot they swear by for unmatched performance.

Revamped Touch

With an updated thumbprint texture across both boot models (otherwise known as ‘Nike Gripknit‘), the uppers creates a sticky surface for better ball manipulation, with an aesthetic that throws us back to the legendary Total 90 Laser II, the boot that changed the game forever.

Pair this with the Gripknit’s unique sticky coated and high-tenacity yarns and the welcome addition of raised grooves in key contact zones and Nike has delivered a pair of boots that combine innovation, performance, and style.

Re-imagined Comfort

One of the most appealing features of the Nike Phantom line is the heel cut, which provides a snug and cozy fit for your feet.

Unlike other boots that require a break-in period, the Phantom models are comfortable straight out of the box, saving you from the hassle of blisters and discomfort in the heel area. 

Goodbye Tri-Star Studs, Hello Cyclone 360 Soleplate!

Sporting the return of the Cyclone 360 soleplate, a feature inspired by the previous iteration found on the Phantom Luna 1, Nike has boldly bid farewell to the 13-stud configuration seen in the previous generation GX. Consequently, both of the Phantom models now have the same soleplate design.

The GX2 therefore marks a significant upgrade in performance with its snappier and more responsive soleplate, which allows for faster acceleration and smoother turns. It is also a welcomed update that provides greater traction and reduces injury risk by distributing pressure evenly across the foot.

Phantom Luna 2 Elite (“Mid-Cut”)

The Nike Phantom Luna, which had previously been a women-specific football boot, now becomes gender neutral and will share the same fit and technologies as the Phantom GX other than the Dynamic Fit collar.

Boasting identical cutting-edge features and commitments as the Phantom GX 2, the Luna 2 Elite stands as a valuable addition to the lineup.

Its mid-cut profile makes it perfect for players seeking a secure fit that ensures their feet stay securely anchored throughout the entire 90 minutes, all while providing a sock-like sensation that immerses you even deeper into the on-field action!

Looking to snag the latest Nike Phantom Football Boots?

Look no further than, where the Phantom GX2 Elite LV8 is up for grabs at just £245, and the Phantom Luna Elite 2 can be yours for £265.

Act fast – while stocks last!

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