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The Top 5 Best New Football Boots in 2023

Welcome back to On The Line, where we don’t just write about football, we live, breathe and play it until we’re blue in the face!

Okay…that might be because the winter nights are here and we can’t quite hack playing out under the floodlights like we thought we would, but still without our boots, we’d be nothing!

In 2023, we had a bunch of awesome memories and unforgettable moments on the field. Plus, there was a load of cool new tech, fresh looks, and the comeback of the most hyped-up boots of the year.

So, let’s have it! Here’s our pick of the top 5 football boots of 2023.

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#1. Nike Phantom GX Elite

#2. adidas Predator Accuracy .1 Low

#3. adidas Copa Pure 2+

#4. Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite

#5. adidas X Crazyfast +

#6. Mizuno Morelia Neo IV Elite

#1. Nike Phantom GX DF Elite

As we kicked off 2023, Nike shook things up with the new Nike Phantom GX, giving a fresh vibe to the iconic Phantom range.

The first look was in a ‘Pink Blast’ style, mixing light blues, lively pinks, and bold blacks & whites. This was a major switch from the classic GT design we saw during the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Design: 5/5

Arguably one of the best and sleekest looking boots of 2023, the Phantom GX bares a profile and aesthetic that has all the markings of a future classic.

Performance: 5/5

While it’s easy to get lost in the nifty neologisms of terms such as Nike’s ‘Gripknit’, ‘Tri-Studs’, ‘Dynamic Fit’ and the like, Nike’s innovative tech found within the GX takes ball control and striking to the next level.

In particular the Gripknit upper makes ball control a breeze, whilst the tri-stud soleplate delivers an optimal balance between stability and agility that we’ve found difficult to beat!

Don’t just take our word for it either, ask Phil Foden, Jack Grealish and Erling Haaland…

Comfort: 5/5

Out of the box, comfort is top-tier, with little to no break-in time required, and the fit and feel of the GX is without a doubt the best that nike has ever delivered in the Phantom series.

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Anu’s Review:

Take a look at our Phantom GX Playtest from the start of the year, where Anu had nothing but rave reviews!

#2. adidas Predator Accuracy .1 Low

For many, the Predator Accuracy series marked a long-awaited return to the iconic look and feel of the Predator of old, where the wraparound three-stripe graphics harkened back to an era of football excellence.

Think Zidane, Beckham, Piero and Gerrard, all players who swore by the Predator’s exceptional performance and distinctive charm that promised nothing but next-level performance.

While attempts were made to make the classic modern with the introduction of the Predator Mutator and Predator Edge, the distinctive charm was lost, that is until the Predator Accuracy made its way onto the scene.

Design: 5/5

Blending together the design of the legendary ’98 World Cup Predator with the finesse of the Precision Euro from 2000, the Accuracy model went above and beyond our expectations, to remind us: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Performance: 5/5

Engineered for the thrill seekers in the midfield who without their exceptional control, those goal defining moments would be nothing, the Predator Accuracy is the players choice.

Donning a unique Hybridtouch upper, lace construction and rubberised elements that cover a larger surface area than ever before, the Predator Accuracy situates you at the very heart of the action.

Comfort: 4/5

For narrow-footed players, the wide-fitting sole means it is likely too spacious for the majority of players with narrow feet.

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Anu’s Review:

For an in-depth review of how the adidas Predator Accuracy performs on the pitch, check out Anu’s take!

#3. adidas Copa Pure 2+

As the second iteration of the highly popular ‘Copa Pure’ range released earlier this year, adidas pulled out all the stops to refine the features that made the boot exceptional in its own right.

Taken under the wing of several esteemed players, from Declan Rice to Pualo Dybala and Manuel Neuer, the adidas Copa 2+ is a popular choice among elite players thanks to its unmatched performance, reliability and durability at the professional level.

Design: 4/5

It’s hard to find fault with a boot that is capable of fusing the latest tech with a traditional design that is as timeless as the Copa Mundial of 1979, but we feel adidas have done it here!

Performance: 4.5/5

Don’t let its classic profile fool you.

Under the hood, the Copa Pure 2+ is unmatched. From a one-piece PrimeKnit upper that offers exceptional lockdown to the low toe box that really gets your foot tucked under the ball for a perfect strike, the Copa is exceptional.

However, it’s worth noting, that despite being the lightest Copa model yet, weighing in at just 218grams (UK Size 8.5), it’s not the lightest boot when weighed up against the likes of the Phantom GX & Predator Accuracy.

Comfort: 5/5

With a build quality to rival the latest Tiempo 10, the Copa Pure 2’s are seriously comfortable.

Thanks to the use of calf leather in the forefoot and towards the midfoot of the upper, these boots are soft to the touch straight out of the box.

Pair this with the padded heel and Fusion Skin upper, and you’re on your way to receiving a tailored fit that’s as supportive as your teammates when you

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Anu’s Review:

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#4. Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite

Perhaps one of the most anticipated boots of 2023, the Nike Tiempo 10 didn’t dissapoint as a follow on from the iconic Tiempo 9 series.

First making its way onto the scene early summer of 2023, the Tiempo Legend 10 Elite promised a revamped look and feel that was not only exceptional in regard to its features, but also in terms of its much-improved fit, feel and ethical considerations.

Design: 5/5

In 2023, Nike made a significant shift in their Tiempo series by introducing the ‘Flytouch Plus’ upper, a more sustainable alternative to the traditional K-Leather used in the preceding Tiempo Legend 9.

Despite this change, the Tiempo continues to be recognised as one of the most legendary boot series in football.

Performance: 5/5

If the Tiempo 10 is worthy of gracing the feet of Van Dijk, Courtois and Alisson then it’s enough for any player looking to take their skills to the next level.

Equipped with distinctive features such as a Flytouch Plus upper, ACC technology, and strategically placed micro-dots for superior ball control, the Tiempo 10 is unquestionably one of our top picks from Nike’s boot lineup this year.

Comfort: 5/5

Without a doubt, the Tiempo 10 is one of the most comfortable boots on the market, praised for its optimal fit, cushioned feel and exceptional breatheability that is hard to beat.

Oh… and let’s not forget to mention its exceptional break-in period, these boots are practically ready to hit pitch straight out of the box thanks to its unique FlyTouch upper which seamlessly moulds to the shape of your foot.

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Anu’s Review:

For an indepth review of the Tiempo 10, and to see how the iconic boot model performs on the pitch, look no further than here!

#5. adidas Crazyfast +

Replacing the tried and tested adidas Speedflow that won the hearts of Mo Salah, Karim Benzema and Heung-Min Son, the latest iteration, the Crazyfast + has made waves since its release in July 2023, and for good reason too!

Embarking on a mission to redefine the concept of speed, the “Crazyfast” boot model is a Winger’s dream.

But hey, it’s not just limited to the fastest players on the field, it’s a staple choice for Goalkeepers too. Think Luke Shaw, Benjamin Pavard and Guglielmo Vicario.

Design: 5/5

Taking inspiration from the iconic Solar Gold adidas F50 Adizero Messi boot from 2014, these boots are a feast for the eyes.

The Crazyfast +, with its ultra-thin, semi-transluscent upper, provides an almost ethereal experience for players, making them feel as if they’re floating on cloud nine.

Justifiably so, considering its feather-light weight of just 175 grams for a UK size 8.5, it’s no wonder players feel unburdened and swift on their feet.

Performance: 5/5

With state-of-the-art features like the Carbon Fibre Speedframe, Agility Speed Cage, PrimeKnit collar, and High-Speed Stability System, the X Crazyfast is setting a new standard for performance boots.

This season, it’s the top pick to bring your A-game to the field!

Comfort: 4/5

Thanks to its thin Aeropacity Speedskin upper that features additional padding around the heel and toebox, a feature even more pronounced in the FG version, the Crazyfast + is exceptionally comfortable for such a lightweight boot.

Pair this with adidas’s signature Aerocage and reap the benefits of enhanced lockdown and support that makes quick lateral movements a breeze!

Louis’ Review:

Check out Louis’ review of the X+ Crazfast as he puts them to the test!

#6. Mizuno Morelia Neo IV Elite

Did we say top 5? Yeah, we might have lied about that one…But then again, it’d be impossible to miss this one off of the list!

Known best for their impeccable craftmanship, no brand does it quite like Mizuno, whose commitment to quality is unmatched.

With only very minor changes made to the Neo IV over its predecessor the Neo III, it’s just a clear depiction of how difficult it is to improve on something that’s already considered exceptional.

Design: 4/5

Sleek, stylish and sitting at a more affordable price point than some of the boots mentioned above, its design is timeless.

With a sleek wraparound forefoot, prominent mizuno branding and flexible soleplate that is capable of withstand the most rigorious training sessions/matches, Mizuno have nailed it with this one!

Performance: 5/5

Tailored for the japanese foot which tends to be wider and more flat-footed than the standard European’s, the Mizuno Morelia Neo IV Elite is ideal for those looking for a wide-fitting boot.

Pair this with its lightweight, flexible and barefoot feel, and the Neo IV situates you at the heart of the game, where every pass, dribble and strike is as precise as you intend.

Comfort: 4/5

Donning a one-piece upper that blends both synthetic and kangaroo leather, the Morelia Neo IV Elite is praised for its comfort.

True to size, and capable of providing a wealth of comfort thanks to its thin and flexible materials, it’s hard to find fault, however some users have reported that the Beta version of this model can be a little unforgiving.

Did your favourite boots make the cut?

Let us know in the comments your thoughts on the best football boots of 2023. We’d love to hear from you!

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