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Nike Launch the ‘Mad Brilliance’ Pack Ahead of UEFA Euro & Copa America

As we eagerly await the 2024 UEFA Euro and Copa America, Nike shifts gears with their latest boot pack, moving from the “Rising Gem” collection—which celebrated the brilliance of emerging stars—to an international stage teeming with “Mad Brilliance.” (See what we did there?)

With the club season wrapped up and all eyes on the international tournaments, Nike unveils their iconic Mercurial, Tiempo, Phantom, and Luna football boots in bold shades of pink, marking the first such release since the Nike Luminous Pack launched back in April 2023.

Building on the momentum of their “Mad” range—which began with ‘Ready‘, evolved into ‘Peak Ready‘, and culminated in the “Mad Ready” boot packs—Nike continues their tradition of excellence.

This latest iteration promises to dazzle on the feet of pros, combining cutting-edge technology with striking aesthetics. Get ready for a summer of unforgettable football and unparalleled style.

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#1. Nike Mercurial

#2. Nike Phantom GX & Luna

#3. Nike Tiempo

Nike Mad Brilliance Pack featurin ghte latest Nike Phantom GX II, Phantom Luna II and Mercurial Superfly.

Available to purchase at

Nike Mercurial

Nike has truly outdone itself with the mesmerizing two-tone pink gradient of the Nike Mercurial, leading the pack with all its mad brilliance.

It’s safe to say they are absolutely striking, boasting not only a powerhouse performance on the field but also a jaw-dropping design that’s set to turn heads.

The accentuated gem detailing, a fan-favorite from last season’s Rising Gem Mercurial, makes a triumphant return, adding a touch of brilliance to the already stunning design.

Nike Mercurial Superfly from the Nike Mad Brilliance Boot Pack.

Adding to the drama, Nike’s iconic “AIR” branding and swoosh are emblazoned in a bold, deep black, providing a striking contrast that further amplifies the boot’s visual impact.

Nike has flirted with pink before, with unforgettable releases like the Vapor 6 Solar Pink” and more recent editions like the “Mbappe Rosa” and “Superfly 9 Luminous“.

However, the Pink Foam on the Mad Brilliant Mercurial takes it to a whole new level.

Nike Phantom GX II & Luna II

Next up, we have the Nike Phantom GX II and Luna II that inverts the gradient pattern of the Mercurial, for a finish that is not only clean, but fluid, experimenting with the colour of sunset pink that transitions into light pink as you look to the heel and sockliner.

Nike Phantom GX II from the Nike Mad Brilliance Boot Pack.

Availalable to purchase at Lovell Soccer.

In keeping with the Swoosh tradition, Nike carries on the legacy of embossed diamond detailing reminiscent of the iconic Phantom Venom Elite Future Lab boot from 2020, daring to make a statement that’s both daring and distinctive.

Officially dubbed the “Sunset Pulse/Black” colourway, the Phantom GX II & Luna II promises to captivate with its bold brilliance in the weeks to come.

For those inclined towards a high-cut silhouette, the Phantom Luna II is your go-to choice, while the Phantom GX II offers a sleek low-cut alternative.

Nike Phantom Luna II from the Nike Mad Brilliance Pack. Available to purchase at Lovell Soccer.

Nike Tiempo 10

Last, but certainly not least, Nike concludes their Mad Brilliance Pack with a renewed take on the Tiempo lineage, sparking a refreshing aesthetic that marks the first ever pale pink Tiempo.

Nike Tiempo Legend 10, from the Mad Brilliance Pack.

Available to purchase at

More in keeping with the aesthetics of the Mercurial and its “Pink Foam/Black” colour scheme, the Tiempo features more concentrated pinks towards the heel, before transitioning into the lighter pink forefoot for a clean finish.

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 soleplate, from the Mad Brilliance Pack.

Available to purchase at

Like what you see?

You can purchase the latest Mercurial, Tiempo, Phantom GX II and Phantom Luna at now!

With Elite and Takedown versions available to suit all budgets, get ready to show off your Mad Brillaince to the pitch this Summer!