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The Best Football Boots for Strikers 2024

Whether you’re creating opportunities, stretching the defense or planting one in the back of the net, we know you work hard to turn chances into goals!

That’s why we’ve curated a list of our Top 5 Football Boots for Strikers, because even the best players in the world would be nothing without their boots!

So, without further ado, let’s have you performing at your best!

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#1. adidas X Crayfast +

#2. Nike Phantom GX II

#3. Puma Ultra Ultimate

#4. adidas Predator Elite

#5. Nike Mercurial

#1. adidas X Crazyfast+

First up, we have the adidas X Crazyfast from the Citrus Energy Pack .

Engineered for speed, adrenaline junkies and the like, the X Crazyfast+ is a staple boot for strikers looking to gain the competitive edge over their rival’s defences.

adidas X Crazyfast+ on-pitch. Available at

The Pros (+)

Responsive in design, we feel adidas’s incorporation of their lightweight “Aeropacity Speedskin+” technology is exceptional, enabling a weightless sensation to the boot, all while delivering the highly sought after barefoot sensation that strikers crave.

Close up of adidas X Crazyfast+ on-pitch. Available at

When pairing this with how adidas has engineered the Crazyfast’s soleplate, we felt the decision to include a TPU insert within the soleplate is simple, yet highly effective, enabling for optimal energy return when advancing towards the goal-line.

adidas X Crazyfast+ soleplate on-pitch. Available at

To top it off, the aggressive stud pattern makes multi-directional movement effortless and is one of the cleanest stud-configurations of any adidas boot at this time.

The Cons (-)

While we love the lightweight construction that the adidas X Crazyfast + has to offer, we felt the Aeropacity Speedskin + comes at a cost of comfort, and sometimes even support….

But hey, we can’t have it all, and in our opinion they’re a lot more supportive than the Crazyfast Elite Laceless variant, and for a boot that offers this level of minimilism in their construction of the upper, we really can’t complain.

Heels of adidas X Crazyfast+ on-pitch. Available at

If anything, the lack of cumbersome material and bulky ankle supports helps us stay focused on the game and on scoring goals, without the worries of an excessively tight football boot.

Boot Spotted – Darwin Núñez!

Check out Darwin Núñez sporting the latest X Crazyfast + from the Energy Citrus Pack!

Darwin Nunez rocking the adidas X Crazyfast + Football Boots on-pitch

Key Takeaways:

+ Aeropacity Skin Upper makes this one of the lightest boots on the market for a distraction-free game.

+ The soleplate is snappy and highly responsive

+ Aggressive Stud Pattern makes multi-directional movement a breeze.

– Could benefit from delivering better lockdown in the mid and forefoot.

– Not suitable for individuals with very wide feet.

#2. Nike Phantom GX 2

Making waves since its debut back in January with the Vortex Pack, the Phantom GX2 has quickly risen to become one of the most popular boots of 2024, and its clear to see why!

Erling Haaland holding the latest Nike Phantom GX 2 - the first signature Haaland Boot.

Having synthesised the design of last generation’s Phantom Luna with last gen’s Phantom GX, Nike have hit the nail on the head with this one, paving the way forward for a range of boots that parallels the infamous Mercurial range, with a focus on one thing – strikers!

Packed with innovative tech from its Gripknit technology on the upper for enhanced ball control to its Cyclone360 soleplate, Nike has left no stone unturned to revamp and improve their already successful Phantom range.

The Pros (+)

When taking these bad boys to the pitch, we instantly noticed how superior the Phantom GX II felt over the first generation GX.

While we loved Nike’s incorporation of their Gripknit tech in the first iteration of the GX, the GX II is miles beyond, with greater emphasis on delivering exceptional touch in all conditions through the upper which is stickier thanks to its raised ribs.

Nike Phantom GX 2 Haaland Edition. Available to purchase at

To the heel, Nike has also made noticeable changes, with the heel adding an extra level of comfort that is more cushioned than the GX I, in turn providing better support and exceptional lockdown.

Gone is the popular 13 stud tri-star configuration, and in its place Nike insert their “Cyclone360” soleplate, which when put to the test we felt delivered exceptional rotational traction, improved pivoting and was suprisingly comfortable.

Cyclone 360 Soleplate from Haaland's Phantom GX 2 Elite.

It seems their marketing campaign to deliver “more precision…more agility and more comfort” rings true!

The Cons (-)

While it’s tricky to find fault with the GX 2, it’s worth noting that the overall fit of the boot has changed from the first gen model which might be of concern for those with narrow feet, as the wider fit of the GX 2 can lead to more bunching in the upper, especially around the midfoot.

Heel of Haaland's GX 2 Phantom Football Boots

If you’re a wide-footed player, you’ll likely be unaffected by this!

Boot Spotted – Erling Haaland!

Check out Haaland repping his signature Phantom GX Elite Football Boots!

Erling Haaland wearing the Nike Phantom GX 2 Legend Football Boots in red.

Key Takeaways:

+ Gripknit material is vastly improved thanks to its raised ribs.

+ More accommodating for Wider Feet than the first gen.

+Improved heel liner makes for excpetional comfort.

+ 360 Cyclone Soleplate reduces rotational traction signficantly, without being overly grippy.

-Not ideal for players with narrow feet, with bunching around the midfoot.

#3. Puma Ultra Ultimate

Since its grand unveiling in August 2020 as part of the visually stunning “Chasing Adrenaline” pack, the Puma Ultra has been making waves in the football world!

Seamlessly blending Puma’s rich track heritage with the demands of the football pitch, the Ultra has ushered in a new era in boot design where speed isn’t just a feature – it’s the very soul of the design!

Puma Ultra Ultimate from the Forever.Faster Boot Pack on-pitch. Available to purchase at

The Ultra, with its iconic ‘Formstrip’ gracing the upper, has rapidly ascended to the pinnacle of speed, earning it the undisputed crown as the king of velocity in the football boot kingdom!

The Pros (+)

Stepping onto the pitch with the latest Puma Ultras, it’s clear that Puma has gone above and beyond to ensure this boot fits like a glove. The ULTRAWEAVE upper provides an incredibly lightweight feel, making you forget you’re even wearing boots!

Puma Ultra Ultimate from the Forever.Faster Boot Pack hanging from the goal-posts. Available to purchase at

From the get-go, the material is impressively flexible and thin, making our first wear a walk in the park as the boot effortlessly softened and adapted to our foot shape.

The first touch of the ball was nothing short of crisp, thanks to the razor-thin upper. The PWRPRINT grip texture on the upper delivered a barefoot sensation that arguably rivals, if not surpasses, the adidas X Crazyfast+ we reviewed earlier.

Pairing this with the Ultra Ultimate’s adaptive PWRTAPE, shots felt ultra-responsive (pun absolutely intended)! The adaptive tape provides tension and snapback during strikes, with no excess material to dampen the connection with the ball, ensuring optimal power delivery.

And let’s not forget one of our favourite features – the Nano Grip texture on the insole of the boot. This makes a significant difference, especially if you’re not already wearing grip socks, reducing any slippage between the sock and the insole.

The Cons (-)

While the Ultra is a game-changer in many ways, it’s important to remember that it might not be the perfect fit for everyone, particularly those with wider feet.

Slipping into these boots for the first time, it’s clear that they can be a bit of a challenge to put on. The shoe opening is notably smaller than its predecessor, and along with the toe box and midfoot, they can feel a tad restrictive and less comfortable compared to other speed boots on the market.

The heel, too, is arguably on the shallow side and less anatomical than previous Ultra models. And let’s not forget, if you’re prone to getting stepped on, the lack of protection means you’ll definitely feel it!

But let’s face it, this is a speed boot we’re talking about – it’s all about the need for speed! So while it might not tick every box, it certainly delivers where it counts!

Boot Spotted – Antoine Griezmann!

Check out Antoine Griezmann donning the latest Puma Ultra Ultimate speed boot silo from the Puma Forever.Faster pack

Key Takeaways:

+ ULTRAWEAVE Upper feels extremely light on the feet and molds seamlessly to the shape of your foot.

+ PWRPRINT grip textures provide a more natural feel while dribbling and striking the ball.

+Shots feel ultra-responsive thanks to the adaptive PWRTAPE which provides excellent tesnion and snapback through strikes.

-Not suitable for players with wide-fitting feet due to the restrictive fit and narrow midfoot.

-Arguably less comfortable than some other speed boots out there as a result of the restrictive fit.

-Lack of protection means you’re susceptible to injury if you get stepped on.

#4. adidas Predator Elite

The boot that needs no introduction, the adidas Predator has served countless professional footballers over the years across multiple World Cup tournaments and Champions League finals.

From Beckham to Zidane, you’d be hard-pressed to find a player who hasn’t given the Predator a go at least once in their lifetime!

Now marking its 30 year anniversary, the release of the adidas Predator Elite is once again set to redefine the rules of the game.

The Pros (+)

Boasting the status as the lightest Predator to date, weighing in at just 206g for a UK size 8, the Predator Elite stands alongside most speed boots, a feat in itself for a boot that is often considered a “power boot”.

Utilising a Hybrid-Touch 2.0 upper, adidas has made leaps and bounds over the Predator’s predeccessor – the Accuracy- to deliver an upper that instantly noticeable as being softer, thinner, and less padded to promote an optimal sensation on the ball that enhances player performance.

In taking these to the pitch, we found these boots were true-to-size and the Predator offers a reliable solution for wide-footed players thanks to its roomy toe-box.

With the welcome addition of refined rubber elements throughout the upper, shots and passes felt more controlled and the flush tongue is comfortable, with minimal interference felt between the boot and the ball.

The Torsion Frame 2.0 feels steady underfoot and is highly flexible making launches off firm-ground surfaces a breeze!

The Cons (-)

There’s little to find fault with when it comes to the adidas Predator Elite, but where we might advise is that the boots are suitable for players with wide feet, but they can fit more snugly than some expect, which could be an issue for players who prefer a looser fit.

Boot Spotted – Paulo Dybala!

Check out Paulo Dybala sporting the latest Preds from the adidas Energy Citrus Pack!

Key Takeaways:

+ True to size fit.

+ Lightest Predator to date makes this “Power Boot” a “Speed Boot” contender.

+ Suitable for players with Wide-Feet.

+ Ball-to-boot sensation is the best of any Predator to date.

– Can be a snug fit for wide-footed players who prefer a looser fit.

Nike Mercurial

If you’ve been a football aficionado over the past 25+ years, you’ve undoubtedly spotted the Nike Mercurial gracing the feet of some of the world’s most prolific players! The likes of Ronaldo, Mbappe, Lewandowski, Kerr and Rashford have all sported this iconic boot.

Now, hold onto your seats because the 15th generation Vapor (Low-Cut) and the 9th generation of the Mercurial Superfly (High-Cut) series is here!

The Pros (+)

Straight out of the box, these boots are without-a-doubt the lightest boots in Nike’s collection, and the most weighteless Mercurial boots to date.

Upon first impression, the Vaporposite+ upper is extremely thin and provides a true one-to-one sensation between the boot and the ball that is hard to match as the upper wraps around the entire foot without any visible seams.

Upper of MDS008 Mercurial Superfly CR7 football boots.

Complete with the Mercurial’s signature grippy mesh, we found the boot tech worked well to provide better control of the ball when dribbling. While not as noticeable as the Puma Ultra’s PWRPRINT, we’re still impressed!

To the soleplate, Nike’s ‘Air Zoom’ technology makes a return, and provides next-level feedback when pushing off firm-ground surfaces, and the soleplate is snappy, ensuring excellent power transfer and stability.

Soleplate of MDS008 Football Boots in Green.

We also prefer the Superfly 9’s High-Cut Sock over the Vapor 15 Elite’s Low-Cut variant as it provides improved ankle stability, comfort and enhanced bit that can’t be beat!

The Cons (-)

That’s right, you guessed it! Like many other speed boots, the Mercurial has a narrow fit which can be uncomofrtable for players with wide feet, as it may cause pressure points or discomfort around the midfoot.

Heel of the Nike Mercurial MDS008 Football Boots.

While it’s hard to find fault with the Air Zoom pocket on the soleplate, it’s difficult to distinguish whether or not this revamped soleplate is actually much of an upgrade over the Aerotrak Soleplate found on last gen’s Superfly 8 and Vapor 14.

Other factors to consider is that the new stud layout is more targetted for multi-directional traction than straight-line speed which may be a determining factor if you’re a striker on a mission!

Boot Spotted- Mbappe!

Check out Mbappe donning the latest Mercurial Superfly 9 Elite football boots from the MDS008 Boot Pack!

Mbappe wearing the Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 Football Boots from the Mercurial MDS008 Boot Pack.

Key Takeaways:

+ Vaporposite+ Upper impresses to deliver a true one-to-one sensation between the boot and the ball.

+ Air Zoom Soleplate is snappy and highly responsive, delivering exceptional feedback when pushing off past the opposition defences.

+ The High-Cut sock of the Superfly keeps you stable and provides slightly better lockdown than the Vapor 15.

– Unsuitable for wide feet due to its restrictive fit.

– Less breatheable than expected

Like what you see?

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