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A Comprehensive Review of the adidas Copa Timeline (2017-2023)

Ever since its inception into the sporting world in 1979, the adidas Copa range has come to stand as an elite boot in its own class, promising a no-nonsense classic design that delivers out of this world performance on the pitch.

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#1. adidas Copa Pure II (October, 2023)

#2. adidas Copa Pure I (January 2023)

#3. adidas Copa Sense (2021)

#4. adidas Copa 20+ (October, 2019)

#5. adidas Copa 19+ & 19.1 (January 2019)

#6. adidas Copa 18.1 (November, 2017)

#7. adidas Copa 17.1 (January, 2017)

Evolving Elegance: The Copa’s Journey from Tradition to Modernity

With the recent release of the all-new adidas Copa Pure 2 from the Marine-Rush-Pack, we’re taking a trip down memory lane, back to 2017 when the Copa bid farewell to its traditional design, embracing a more contemporary and sophisticated look and feel.

This transformation encapsulates everything that has made the Copa legendary, promising a blend of nostalgia and modernity that truly captures the essence of this iconic boot.

This is one not to miss!

#1. adidas Copa Pure II +(October, 2023)

Presenting the latest addition to the lineup, the adidas Copa Pure II+ football boots from the “adidas Marinerush Pack” have undergone a significant transformation by removing the laceless + model option, signaling a return to the essence of tradition: laces!

Immersed in a vibrant Lucid Blue/Cloud White/Solar Red colour palette, the Copa Pure II+ stands out as a masterpiece on the football field. Its design seamlessly blends style with aerodynamic precision, ensuring unparalleled performance throughout the entire match.

adidas Copa Pure 2+ FG Football Boots – £250 at

Drawing inspiration from the iconic adidas Adipure 11 Pro football boots released in 2012, the colour scheme of the Copa Pure II+ pays homage to that era. This refreshed look not only captures the essence of the past but also promises exceptional performance on the field.

adidas Copa Pure 2+ FG Football Boots – £250 at

Featuring a refined Fusionskin leather upper, the Copa Pure II+ offers an enhanced “close-to-the-ball” feel.

The addition of newly placed rubber textures branded as ‘Haptic Print’ feature on the instep of the boot, and ensures precise touch and control, whether you’re passing, dribbling, or scoring against your opponents.

adidas Copa Pure 2+ FG Football Boots – £250 at

With acclaimed players such as Declan Rice, Paulo Dybala, Manuel Neuer endorsing the Copa boots from the Marinerush pack, we eagerly anticipate seeing these boots put to the ultimate test on the field!


#1. What is the difference between the Copa Pure 2+ and the Copa Pure 2.1?

The Copa Pure II+ series comprises two distinct models tailored to specific player needs. The Copa Pure II+ 2+ model features a laced one-piece PRIMEKNIT collar, ensuring a secure fit and stability. It is ideal for players seeking robust support.

In contrast, the Copa Pure II+ 2.1 model boasts a unique textile collar, providing easy wearing and removal, especially favoured by players with wider feet.

While both models share the same sole plate for excellent traction and a haptic print for added style, the 2.1 model offers slightly less lockdown in the heel area, providing a looser feel.

The 2.1 model strikes a balance between fit and usability, making it a popular choice for players valuing both comfort and convenience.

Ultimately, players can choose between the stability of the 2+ model and the user-friendly design of the 2.1 model, aligning with their individual playing style and preferences.

#2. What is the weight of the adidas Copa Pure 2?

The adidas Copa Pure 2+ weighs 218 grams (UK size 8.5), whereas the Copa Pure 2.1 is slightly lighter, weighing 215 grams.

#3. Is the adidas Copa Pure 2 good for wide feet?

Absolutely! The adidas Copa Pure 2 is exceptionally well-suited for wide feet. Its leather upper is designed to mold and expand, offering a glove-like fit that ensures unparalleled comfort.

#4. Is the adidas Copa Pure 2 good for midfielders?

The adidas Copa Pure 2 is ideal for midfielders. These boots are specifically crafted as control boots, making them perfect for players in the midfield position. However, they are versatile and suitable for any position, depending on your personal preference.

Whether you’re a midfielder looking for precise ball control or a player in any other position desiring comfort and performance, the Copa Pure 2 is an excellent choice tailored to your needs.

#5. Which footballers wear the adidas Copa Pure 2?

As of now, several esteemed players, including Declan Rice, Paulo Dybala, and Manuel Neuer, will be wearing the adidas Copa Pure 2 on the field. Their choice underlines the boot’s popularity among elite players, emphasizing its performance and reliability at the professional level.

#6. Is the Copa Pure better than the Copa Sense?

The Copa Pure outshines the Copa Sense in several aspects.

Firstly, it’s more lightweight, offering enhanced agility and speed on the field. A significant improvement is the resolved issue in the heel area, which in the past could cause blisters, pressure, or pain – ensuring a more comfortable playing experience.

Additionally, the Copa Pure maintains the rich Copa heritage by incorporating more leather into its design, capturing the essence of classic football boots.

Furthermore, the iconic adidas three-stripe branding on the Copa Pure 2 signifies its authenticity and quality. Overall, the Copa Pure 2 stands as a superior choice, combining lightweight design, comfort, heritage, and style, making it the preferred option for players seeking top-notch performance and aesthetics.

Anu’s Review:

+ One Piece Prime Knit construction makes you feel compressed and locked in

+ New Heel Construction is super comfortable

+ Soleplate gives plenty of traction and is the same as last generation

+ Low toe box allows you to get under the ball when striking

+ Premium texturing on the instep of the boot nice touch but doesn’t make a noticeable difference

+ Weighs 218 grams (UK size 8.5)

+ Light leather boot makes you feel nimble while playing

#2. adidas Copa Pure (January 2023)

In what seemed like a tribute to the elegance of classic leather boots during the Copa Pure’s launch in January 2023, adidas redefined what it meant to infuse ‘Class’ back into the Classic design.

The Copa Pure showcased a significant weight reduction of 48 grams, making it approximately 20% lighter than its predecessor, the Adidas Copa Sense.

adidas Copa Pure+ Firm Ground Football Boots Adults – NOW £175 (Was £249.99) at

The reintroduction of the ‘Torsionframe’ soleplate, reminiscent of the design from the Nemeziz 17.1 released in May 2017, not only contributed to shedding substantial weight but also showcased adidas’s ability to refine a previously successful design into a fresh, innovative form.

While adidas often intertwines elements from past boot designs, the most significant change in the Copa series came with adidas’s shift towards sustainability. They replaced K-leather with Calf-leather due to concerns about animal cruelty associated with K-leather production.

adidas Copa Pure+ Firm Ground Football Boots Adults – NOW £175 (Was £249.99) at

Although some viewed this change skeptically, it undeniably represented a more environmentally responsible choice. This shift resulted in a supple and smooth upper, a notable improvement from the Copa Sense, which some users found tight and restrictive due to its stitchless design.

One of the most exciting features was the incorporation of Triple Density Foam Pods by Adidas into the design.

adidas Copa Pure+ Firm Ground Football Boots Adults – NOW £175 (Was £249.99) at

These pods, embellished with quilted lines, not only enhanced ball control and comfort but also paid homage to the heritage of the Mundial series.This innovative feature not only improved performance but also celebrated the legacy of classic football boots

Anu’s Review

+ Copa looks like it has its identity back with the 3 stripe branding on the lateral side.

+ 28 grams lighter than the Copa Sense.

+ Calf Skin leather upper instead of the K-Leather found on the Copa Sense.

+ Calf Leather performs in the same way you would expect from K-Leather.

+ Recommends for wide feet.

+ Fits true to size.

Same Torsion Frame Soleplate as the adidas Nemeziz from 2017.

#3. adidas Copa Sense (2021)

Celebrating a legacy spanning more than four decades, the introduction of the adidas Copa Sense football boot in 2021 continued the success story of its predecessors, the Copa 19+ and 20+, with an entirely re-vamped design that sought to put a modern spin on the”classic” football boot.

With K-Leather making yet another return, due to its exceptional durability, lightweight construction and fantastic moisture-wicking properties,the Copa Sense promised a revamped aesthetic, with the return of a familiar feel.

The innovation in the adidas Copa Sense lay in the introduction of the all-new Fusionskin Technology. This groundbreaking technology seamlessly integrated a laceless PRIMEKNIT collar with a K-leather forefoot, creating a smooth and seamless interaction between the ball and the boot.

Complete with ‘sensepods’ that were anatomically placed around the heel, the foam material would fill the cavities of the foot like a second-skin that promised premium performance, without compromising on lockdown.

Editor Review

+ Flexible soleplate in forefoot and stable in the midfoot, improvement on the Copa 20.

+ More Aggressive studs than the 20+ model.

Sense Pods forces heel to push against them, resulting in more heel pressure than you would expect

Two black ‘soft studs’ don’t offer any added benefit.

20 Grams heavier than the Copa 20+ makes the boot heaviest on the market. So not a boot for you if you’re looking for a lightweight feeling

Recommend going half a size up as the fit is restricting.

Upper needs some time to break in.

Not good for wide feet.

Feels like the Copa model has lost its heritage.

#4. adidas Copa 20+ (October, 2019)

Puzzled by the lack of noticeable differences from the adidas Copa 19+ (apart from the various colourway options), we were left scratching our heads when adidas unveiled the Copa 20+ in October 2019.

The Copa 20+ seemed like a familiar package, inheriting a range of features from its predecessor – a K-Leather upper, Ortholite sockliner, foam heel pads, and a soleplate that remained unchanged from the Copa 19, complete with its conical studs.

Indeed, the adidas Copa 20+ appeared to offer little beyond a new colour scheme, leaving us wondering about the scope of the update.

Yet, as the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Editior Review

+ Still a great boot that has lots of leather padding.

+ True to size.

+ – Biggest change is added curved line texturing on the upper which is neither a negative nor benefit to on-pitch performance.

Almost identical to the Copa 19.

#5. adidas Copa 19+ & 19.1 (January 2019)

In a year marked by remarkable innovation, the adidas Copa 19+ emerged as the epitome of groundbreaking design and sophistication. Crafted with precision and care, this boot not only redefined but elevated the standards of comfort and performance on the pitch.

Forged from the finest K-leather, the adidas Copa 19+ bestowed an unmatched touch upon the ball. Its leather, both soft and enduring, wrapped around your foot, forging an unbroken bond with the beautiful game.

Gone were the traditional laces, replaced by a supple Primeknit collar that embraced your foot like a second skin, ensuring a distraction-free fit and an immaculate striking surface. With each step, your foot felt cradled, empowering your every movement with enhanced control and finesse.

Beneath, the boot flaunted a supple yet robust Exoframe outsole, adorned with conical studs carefully placed for supreme traction and stability.

In terms of design, the Copa 19+ exuded elegance. Its canvas featured the iconic three stripes to the inside of the boot with a unique wraparound look, a nod to its rich heritage, with a modern twist.

Aesthetically captivating and timelessly classic, it paid tribute to adidas’ enduring legacy in football, celebrating the essence of the sport in every stride.

Anu’s Review

+ Never seen before Laceless Model.

+ K-Leather upper really soft and responsive.

+ New Fusion Skin technology is permeable meaning it won’t soak upper water in wet conditions.

+ Flexible Soleplate in the toe box area and more stable in the midfoot for good stable traction.

+ Super comfortable boots.

+ Big contender for best laceless boot on the market.

+ Lockdown good for a laceless boot.

+ True to size.

#6. adidas Copa 18.1 (November, 2017)

Behold the adidas Copa 18.1, a true testament to the harmonious blend of heritage and innovation in the world of football footwear.

Crafted from sumptuous K-leather, this boot promised not just comfort but a natural, almost intimate connection with the ball. Your foot nestled within the soft embrace of this luxurious material, it molded seamlessly to your unique shape, ensuring a playing experience that felt tailor-made just for you.

But the Copa 18.1 was more than just a leather marvel; it was a masterpiece of design and engineering. The absence of traditional laces was compensated by an ingenious internal X-ray Vamp cage, delivering unparalleled support and stability.

A stretchy knit collar completed the package, ensuring your foot was securely cocooned without the fuss of traditional laces, providing you with a pristine striking area for unmatched ball control and finesse.

Underneath, a lightweight and flexible outsole adorned with strategically positioned conical studs offered a grip that felt gravity-defying.

And then there was the design – a nod to tradition with the iconic three stripes and adidas branding. It wasn’t just a boot; it was a statement. A classic black, red, and white color scheme evoked a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of the timeless adidas aesthetic that had graced football fields for generations.

In a world where style met substance, the adidas Copa 18.1 reigned supreme, catering to the needs of playmakers, strikers, and defenders alike. It was more than just a football boot; it was a companion, enhancing your skills, and amplifying your style.

Stepping into the future of football footwear, the adidas Copa 18.1 was where tradition met innovation in every kick, every run, and every goal.

#7. adidas Copa 17.1 – “Black/White/Red” (January, 2017)

In a daring stride toward a more contemporary aesthetic for the classic ‘Copa’ series, the adidas Copa 17.1 introduced a modernised version of the beloved Copa boot. This transformation highlighted significant achievements in adi engineering, preserving the essence of what made the Copa legendary while infusing it with a contemporary flair.

The standout feature was adidas’s innovative compression fit tongue, ensuring a snug and secure fit that brought players closer to the heart of the game. And adidas undeniably lived up to the promise with this innovation!

The Copa 17.1 boasted a SprintFrame outsole equipped with conical studs, enhancing traction and facilitating easy attachment and detachment from firm ground surfaces. This revolutionary design set a new benchmark for those in search of a straightforward football boot.

Crafted with a premium kangaroo leather upper, complemented by Foam pads and an OrthoLite sockliner, the Copa not only excelled in performance but also prioritised comfort and tactile feedback for the players who needed it most!

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